AAA on Televisa: 2017-11-25 

starting to concerned Super Fly has a death wish

Recapped: 12/08/2017

All matches were taped in Auditorio Instituto Queretano San Javier, Querétaro, Querétaro on 11/03/2017. There was a dark match I wasn’t interested in watching.


Dr. Wagner Jr. beat PaganoHernandez, and Mr. Águila to earn a shot at the AAA World Heavyweight Championship at Guerra de Titanes
(7:31, Wagner flapjack Hernandez, ok, via
Lucha Libre AAA)

Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly © defeated Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker vs  for the AAA World Trios Championship
(10:13, Averno Devi’s Wings Carta Brava, ok,
Lucha Libre AAA)

Rey Escorpión beat Texano Jr., Psycho Clown to become #1 contender for the AAA Latin American Championship
(7:23, Rey Escorpión foul Psycho Clown, ok, via
Lucha Libre AAA)

What happened: 


Psycho enters last, to make it easier for both rudos to attack him as he’s parading around the ring. As with every two rudos on one técnico match ever, Texano & Escorpión get along until it comes time to decide who wins. Psycho gets the advantage when the bullrope spot goes wrong. The match magically turns into a one on one from there.

Finishes sees Escorpión pull Tirantes away after Texano’s hit his finish on Psycho, then circle around the ring to sneak in and foul Psycho as Tirantes looks outside the ring for no reason. Texano throws Escorpión out and covers Psycho for the win. Arturo Rivera says Escorpión is now the challenger for the cruiserweight title, and at least Jesus Zuniga immediately corrects him on that.

Psycho attacks Escorpión the ramp and dives onto him into the crowd, which the cameras struggle to catch – Psycho dives into nothingness. Texano stats to cut a promo in the ring when Fantasma’s music interrupts, and Texano caught off guard by Fantamsa coming thru the crowd to attack him. Tirantes tops Fantasma from using a chair in the attack for some reason, allowing Texano to grab the title and get away.

OGT come out first, get some chairs, and sit waiting for Poder del Norte to come to the ring. Poder del Norte decide to charge the ring. Averno & Chessman kick them, while Chessman just grabs his chair and hits Mocho Cota Jr. with it.

this was dumb when Mesias & Vampiro did it

Late in the match, Carta Brava sends Chessman into referee Copetes to take him out. Mascara de Bronce and Argenis run into attack for no obvious reason, taking out both team. Bengala watches from the stage, then sneaks in to face Cota. Cota turns the tables on him, then runs into Avenro Devils Wings. Super Fly sends Copetes back in the ring to count three.

Poder del Norte go to the back while OGT celebrate their win. After a couple moments, there’s a cut backstage where Argenis, Bengala and Mascara de Bronce are already down and Poder del Norte are standing near them with chairs. Raptor, Aerostar and Drago show up as they cut in, and both sides throw chairs back and forth.

This opener is Mr. Aguila’s surprise return to the promotion (after a cameo at TripleMania.) He’s a replacement for Marty and wrestling as Perros del Mal rep. The match is originally a tag match, but Vampiro makes a four way match before the start, where the winner will get a title shot at Johnny Mundo in 2018 at Guerra de Titanes. They still work it like a tag match, with guys standing on the apron waiting for tags instead of all four people in the ring at the same time.

Hernandez is close beating Dr. Wagner when Hijo del Dr. Wagner runs in and attacks Hernandez from behind. Tirantes looks away from the ring for no particular reason. Wagner wins with a flapjack this time. Mr. Aguila and Pagano get up to fight on the stage, and Aguila throws him off into rows of empty chairs. He gets back up to the ramp after some time, and the Wagners attack him for no real reason. I have no idea.

Polvo de Estrellas, who has not had a televised AAA match since October 25, 2014, is a celebrity acting in a play. Marisela Pena, OGT and the Traidor Clowns are shown coming to the play. This goes a minute. A segment hyping the Xalapa taping goes about 20 seconds.


Psycho dive into nothingness

Three way matches are really tough to make interesting and this didn’t have anything to offer that wasn’t boring the last five times I saw it. Escorpión was the most interesting, but barely soon, and this just seemed to be killing time for that finish. Texano, who thinks he should have the Latin American title, seems like he should be much more upset about being cheated his title chance they he seemed here. The post match made the statement that the match was pointless – Fantasma/Texano is the match that matters, not Escorpion getting a title shot. It was at least good that they ended the show with something beside a Wagner or Psycho feud.

I kinda of liked the trios title match up until the overbooked finish. I guess they didn’t want Poder del Norte to lose again clean, but then they probably should’ve just not booked this match, instead of booking people to run in for not any explained reason. (The técnicos were attacking both teams indiscriminately. It was just an excuse.) Poder del Norte seemed very into this match and showed a lot of energy thru out, and the brawling feel of this match was a nice counter point to last week’s técnico/técnico match. I wish they could’ve aired the same week to better draw out that comparison. One thing I’ve noticed is it seems easier to spot the tropes that are way over done from the outside than for the guys in the match. The stacked up superplex is my current pet peeve, but I’m sure the triple pin attempt by Poder del Norte on big moves following it was supposed to be a climatic near fall. Only, the fans barely reacted, because these matches have taught them they’re never ending with three guys getting pinned at the same time. There’s a lot of stuff used for two count reactions like that which don’t get them because they’ve been used only for those reactions too many times, and I don’t think the crowd ever had a moment where they thought the champs were going to retain their titles.

At least the four way was short. All of Pagano’s moves look so ugly. He and Aguila have a bad looking sequence about four minutes in which makes me wonder what I’m doing. I know Pagano must be over because no one this bad who’s not related to someone would be pushed as hard as he is otherwise. I think Mr. Aguila is a good addition but he didn’t really show anything here that would prove it, and the hug plunge thru table was not so great. Hernandez did a great superman dive, which they showed from as far way as possible. Thinking about all the people AAA didn’t go with as hard as they could’ve and then watching Hijo de Dr. Wagner get a big push is hard.