Lucha Memes MDA: 2017-06-04 

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Recapped: 12/07/17

All matches were taped at Arena Puebla on 06/04/2017. Some of these matches were in my watch pile and I decided I might as well just watch all of them. That might not have been my smartest use of time.


Alas de Acero, Aramis Arez, Belial, Impulso, Iron Kid vs Arkalis, Millenium, Mini Multifacético, Prayer, Rey Apocalipsis, Rey Samuray
(15:53, great, via

Review: [great] Perfect opening match, with enough action to get the crowd going. I actually expected this to be just nuts from the beginning, but the actually let Prayer do some mat work and built the match up to the big movements, took it down a little bit again, and then went completely insane at the end. They didn’t seem to know how to follow the last dive train – what exactly do you do after a shooting star press splash to the floor? – and the guy getting the winning pin had not felt like much of the match until that point. Still, there’s some great stuff while they’re going, and some suicidal stuff late. It was noticeable how much bigger some of the Puebla guys look; Arkalis doesn’t seem like a big guy until he’s in the ring with the Kamikazes. It didn’t affect that match at all, except Arkalis got to do some power stuff.

backdrops into tope con giros seem a bit crazy

Keyra & Lady Maravilla vs Marcela & Princesa Sugehit
(12:33, ok, via

What Happened: This wasn’t on my watch list, I was really confused how I didn’t reflexively put a Keyra/Zeuxis match on this list, then realized it was because Sugehit had replaced Zeuxis and I forgot to note it for five months.

Review: [ok] Even with the change, this was a disappointed match. It started out hard hitting, but slowed down a lot while the CMLL women were in control. They took a lot of the match too, and weren’t really doing much interesting with it. It left the indie women looking toned down as usual. Keyra still got in a solid shot or two, but this was like getting a luck at what a CMLL version of Keyra would be and I’d pass on that. They just didn’t have great great chemistry and the match wasn’t laid out well. Late in the main, Keyra nails Marcela with a dropkick in the corner, and the next spot is Marcela reversing out of a move to drop Keyra for her double stomp. That was followed by Sugehit coming in to accidentally kick her partner a spot too soon. This wasn’t a disaster, but they have to have a better match in them.

Felino & Fuerza Guerrera vs Bobby Jack & Toro Bill Sr.
(9:19, below average,

Review: [below average] This match started with Felino & Toro Bill doing about nothing for two minutes, and later Fuerza stand on the apron as if he was going to do a tope and then do nothing at all. This both felt like every bit of nine minutes and also nothing happening close to nine months. I guess the local guys tried more than the national guys. Avoid.

Sadico & Xtreme Tiger vs Ángel de Oro & Soberano Jr.
(13:18, good, via

Review: [good] match is rougher than I was expecting early on, with Sadico & Soberano not working well together. It picks in the last third, with Sadico wiping out Soberano nicely on a dive and some big head dropping. It’s never close to a great match but it does find the right amount of intensity at the end. Angel de Oro never comes close on his post stunner kick, it’s a spot he needs to trash, but it’s hilariously far away in the end game here.

Sadico dive
this looked brutal

Black Terry & Negro Navarro © vs Blue Panther & Octagón for the Arena Coliseo (DF) Tag Team Championship
(13:19, ok, via

Review: The tag title match was passable but just that. Octagon is Octagon, out of place in a llave battle and in much anything at all, but I didn’t think this was Panther and Navarro’s work against each other. This was a lot of putting on holds, and then letting them go with no particular battle or struggle. It didn’t feel like a fight with the urgency of the other title defenses, but going thru the motions of what people expected to see out of them. Navarro’s mat style helps him because his timing is way off when he actaully needs to take bumps. I’m not sure if he was already not feeling OK on this show given how he disappeared the second half of the year, but he didn’t seem to be moving well. I’m not sure what was supposed to happen double elimination spot, but it didn’t happen right.

Hechicero beat Satánico
(12:16, good, via

ReviewThis is a great mat wrestling brawl early. No one gets more out of a hammerlock than Satanico. His whole body shaking in pain, his face grimacing as he tries to find a way out. Satanico raking the back of Hechicero’s neck was great. Once they get out of that ring and get out of that early stretch, it’s like Satanico’s tank goes empty. Hechicero tries to make it a one man show, taking big bumps were possible. Satanico fires up a little bit late, but I kept waiting for the big fiery brawl back in control and it never really comes. It’s cool we go to see this happens, there’s stuff here to enjoy, and the story of Satanico just not being outmatched is an interesting one in itself, but I wanted a bit more.

Hechicero versus seats

Último Dragón vs Último Guerrero
(11:37, ok, via

Review: [ok] This was better than I figured it would be, but didn’t quite make it to good for me. Último Dragon did more in this match than I was expecting. Dragon going to town on Último Guerrero with chops was fun, and he showed a bit more offense than I was expecting. Finished seemed to come suddenly and was a cheap ending for this sort of match. Everyone rushing out of the building before they could get around to post match challenges suggest they didn’t really care all that much.

UG taking flip bumps is unusual

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