The Crash: 2017-08-05 

flying bull

Recapped: 12/01/2017

I have no idea what’s going to go on with The Crash shows and Konnan’s Patreon going forward, but maybe you know by the time this was posted.

(I also started to watch the Mexicali match from the night before posted on Patreon, but bailed when I wasn’t getting much from it. It might have gotten to Good, but it’s nothing you had to see.)


Búfalo Ayala, Fantastik, Viento vs Alastor, Mirage, Súper Caló Jr.
(10:05, good, via

What Happened:

These are mostly Tijuana people (with the exception of Super Calo), and people who are new to me. As best I can tell, they’re not introduced in order of team and many of them are wearing similar colors, so it’s hard to identify them. This is the order they come out.

  • Fantastik is mostly in black, with white and red on the side of his pants.

  • Alastor is in blue and white

  • Viento is in white and black.

  • Bufalo Ayala is purple and black

  • Mirage is in white and black

  • Super Calo Jr. has the Calo mask/glasses in black

Review: A shaky match. These are lower level Tijuana guys than normally used for these shows, and they looked it. They might have been having trouble with the ropes (as they were being fixed as the match was happening), but there were some stuff that was just simple whiffs. There’s some flashy spots, because it is a Crash show, but you can skip this one. It’s tough for to stand out when so many of them are wearing gear that doesn’t sound out. The rudos here do the invisible football spot, and I don’t think you can really do that in a world where Rush is doing that (even if he’s not part of this promotion yet.)


Jonathan & Keyra vs Chik Tormenta & Último Maldito
(9:39, ok, via

Review: Último Maldito versus Keyra was the best fight of the mixed tag, and even then they had parts the crowd wasn’t all that interested in. Chik Tormenta didn’t do many big spots here, and that seems to be what they’re looking for. Jonathan did a little better, but his timing seemed off in the comeback.

this didn’t seem to well for either man

Drastik Boy vs Flamita vs Arkángel Divino vs Black Boy
(9:58, good, via

Review: A big move fight all the way thru. There was obvious more comfort in the Flamita/Draztick and Black Boy/Arkangel exchanges than the cross ones. Arkangel still looked awesome in moments, but there were others where they just didn’t have the best timing. That just feels like a thing of not working together much. Draztick didn’t look that far behind Flamita, though Flamita’s shove of Draztick Boy to set up the Flama Fly on Black Boy was my favorite moment of the match. It broke the rhythm of just two guys fighting in while two guys sit out and felt more like I’d wish these four ways would work. This match comes thru alright on the handheld but obviously would be a better deal professionally shot.

Arkangel headscissors

Último Ninja, Willie Mack, Xtreme Tiger vs Black Taurus (Indie), Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Rey Escorpión (Indie)
(15:23, good, via Patreon)

What Happened: Black Taurus walks out in a Yellow Rebelion shirt and mask, which is the first time I think anyone knew he was meant to be in the group.

Review: [good] This one got better as it went along. The early rudo beatdown wasn’t all that interesting and felt like it went for a while, but the brawl as the técnicos. Ninja and Rey Escorpión are great again each other, and Ninja seems more alive in this match than many of his others, they were the best matchup. Taurus took up most of the screen on his flying moves, which is always cool.

don’t mess up the buns!
this is like half of Tauru’s offense in one GIF

Daga, Jack Evans, Oráculo vs Bestia 666, Black Danger, Garza Jr.
(13:34, ok, via Patreon)

What Happened: Garza offers Black Danger a chance to join the Rebelion tonight.

Review: [ok] The rudo beatdown in the semimain goes on way too long. It’s over ten minutes long with the right going one way, but at no point does it seem like anything’s going to come of it. This also becomes the second match in a row where someone takes a piledriver, is put on a piledriver, and then gets beaten up on it, which a spot that’s already done way too often to be taken seriously. (That match too had a long rudo stretch to start the match that didn’t mean anything.) The crowd does cheer loud at the técnico comeback, but probably just as loud as if it had been six minutes of rudo destruction, or if the técnicos had broken up the unending rudo stretch with a half minute of comeback before being cut off. Those last few minutes redeemed it a bit, but this felt like a chore to watch.

this was almost deadly
Daga into the crowd

Penta Zero M vs La Máscara in a super libre match
(19:33, ok, via Patreon)

Extreme matches usually don’t do a lot for me and this one just seemed like it not a lot until all the interference near the end. Starting with light tubes, doing table spots, doing ladder spots, and then going to just doing moves was an odd progression. It made more sense when they revealed the table Escorpión was making on the outside, but it didn’t feel like they were progressing to bigger spots. They were just doing more stuff until it was time to finish up. Light tube to campana doesn’t work. Mascara winning primarily due to the help of his friends is fine, but the false finishes seemed too much.

a good superkick is apparently stronger than all these chair shots