CMLL Puebla: 2017-11-13 

Puma bomb

Recapped: 11/29/2017


Joker & Sombra Diabólika beat Astro & Meyer  
(13:06 [6:32, 3:29, 3:05], 2/3, ok, via

Arkalis, Black Tiger, Tigre Rojo Jr. beat Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Sangre Azteca  
(15:19 [5:43, 5:16, 4:20], 1/3, n/r, via

La Vaquerita & Lady Maravilla beat Dalys & Reyna Isis
(17:14 [6:41, 6:36, 3:57], 2/3 DQ, n/r, via

El Malayo, Puma, Tiger beat Johnny Idol, Lestat, Rey Cometa  
(17:08 [7:14, 3:58, 5:56], 2/3/, ok, via 

Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Valiente beat Rey Apocalipsis, Sam Adonis, Terrible
(14:25 [5:59, 3:18, 5:08], 2/3, ok, via 

Volador Jr. © beat Negro Casas for the NWA World Welterweight Championship
(15:25 [3:42, 1:11, 10:32], 2/3, good, via

  1. Negro Casas scorpion (3:42)

  2. Volador bridging inside cradle (1:11)

  3. Volador backcracker (10:32)

What happened: 

triple dive

Sam Adonis and Rey Apocalipsis are substitutions. Apocalipsis is a late enough one that he only has his sombrero and serape, no gun or Adelita.

The rudas are disqualified rather suddenly for excessive violence (hairpulling and punches?). It came off like a bad planned finish rather than the referee calling an early end to it.


Astro nifty headscisosrs and armdrag

Volador/Negro Casas proved they could have a good match without Negro Casas taking death bumps a 50 year old guy probably shouldn’t be taking 9on b-shows? at all?) There was worked at a generally fast pace but without all the dives you’d expect from Volador match. They still had near falls, and they had the crowd most into any of the matches all night. I would’ve loved to see Casas kick out of the back cracker, and kept on going until Volador won some less traditional way; it was missing a little more to make it a strong recommend for me, but it’s a fine use of time.

Lestat & Malayo looked fine if not noteworthy in their chance at a higher match. Rey Apocalipsis, on short notice looked out of place and awkward trying to fit in here. No one was really clicking; it took Marco punching Sam out of nowhere to wake up the crowd, and it was a lot of standard stuff the rest of the way.

The crowd was so dead for the Cometa/Puma trios match, especially early on. I’m not sure if the bad finish in the women’s match killed it or they just weren’t coming thru well, but it was weird watching a match that quiet. It never gets much better, and it hurts what’s otherwise a decent if not spectacular match. Cometa & Puma remain smooth working with each other on the seemingly rare occasions when they do.

Astro’s found a way to do a lot of cool armdrags in this opener. Both Meyer and Astral had a fun run of offense in the second fall, and then the rudos put a stop to that. They actually weren’t so bad, and there’s probably a pretty good match between these teams some place with less limitations.

Casas/Adonis on 01/01, CMLL cage match on Christmas, DTU & Alberto lineups

Adonis splash

CMLL (TUE) 12/05/2017 Arena México [20minutos, CMLL, Wrestling with GIFs]
1) El Coyote & Espanto Jr. b Retro & Sangre Imperial LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 5 DE DICIEMBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Retro replaced Sensei on Monday. Rudos took 1/3.
2) Fiero, Oro Jr., Starman DQ Hijo del Signo, Nitro, Raziel LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 5 DE DICIEMBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Rudos were DQed in both falls of a two fall match.
3) Fuego, Pegasso, Stigma b Disturbio, Tiger, Universo 2000 Jr. LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 5 DE DICIEMBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Tecnicos took 2/3
4) Niebla Roja, Stuka Jr., Titán b Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 5 DE DICIEMBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Tecnicos took 1/3.
5) Johnny Idol, Okumura, Sam Adonis b Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 5 DE DICIEMBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Johnny Idol replaced Negro Casas on Thursday. Team Rest of The World took falls 1/3, then issued a challenge for the trios titles.
UG took 2/3, UG scissored the ropes to get leverage on a pin. Rush chased Tirantes to the back.

I was half paying attention the main event, but it seemed the better of the two Rush/UG matches. And somehow, UG managed to win both of them. He cheated, but it’s all the same.

The Idol rudo team now seems mostly because they needed a third guy for this idea.

Guadalajara announced Esfinge did beat Puma for the Occidente Light Heavyweight championship. Esfinge did an interview about winning last night, and going for Puma’s mask next.

CMLL held a press conference to announce matches and promote their new book.

  • Their 85 Years of Lucha Libre book will go on sale Friday. They’re trying to push people to buy it in person at Arena Mexico by offering autograph signings (Satanico & El Halcon will be among those around Friday), they’ll have 3000 books on hand, and it won’t be distributed elsewhere until January. The book is 327 pages, with 260 images, and will be sold for 985 Mexican Pesos, which is about $52 USD. At that price, I suspect it’ll be around for a while and there isn’t any urgency to get a copy from Mexico right away.
  • The Leyenda de Azul returns on 12/22. Leyenda de Plata was not an all tecnico match, so there’s no obvious reason this is all rudo. The participants include Ulitmo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Euforia, Terrible, Hechicero, Mr. Niebla, Rush, Shocker, Sanson, Forastero, Cuatrero, Vangellys, Misterioso, Pierroth, and one more. We don’t know the other one, JCR only listed 15 names.
  • The cage match is indeed on 12/25. The full field is Fiero, Star Jr., Starman, Oro Jr., Pegasso, Cancerbero, Raziel, Hijo del Signo, Nitro, and Templario (so it’s Nitro, Oro and Star Jr. being thrown in here to get to 10.) I think Fiero is doing something ill advised off that top of that cage. Starman and Nitro are the ‘favorites’ to lose.
  • Sam Adonis vs Negro Casas, in a hair versus hair match, was officially set for 01/01. They also had an interview with the Adonis/Okumura/Idol trio, treating them like a big new thing. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for Adonis.
  • The group of luchadors heading to Japan for FantasticaMania will be gone from 01/10 to 01/23. That’s two Fridays. No matches have been announced; that’s come on 01/05 in recent years.

Euforia threw out the first pitch at a Diablo Rojos baseball game this past week, and apparently said he tried out to be a baseball player when he was living in Torreon. I have so many questions: with that size, gotta think he’s playing first base or corner outfield, but what if Euforia was a Randy Johnson like flamethrower? Perhaps not with the throwing motion in that video but maybe.

The Crash’s next show in Tijuana is on 01/28, going about two months between Tijuana shows. That’s the longest break between shows in a year, but it may just be a seasonal thing rather than a post-Konnan change. That last long break was around the same time last year.

The Crash’s postponed 12/10 Tulancingo show will still take place, and is now scheduled for 01/14.

+LuchaTV talked to Rey Fenix as part of this week’s podcast. He sounded certain he was continuing to work with The Crash. (It seems like The Crash got all the key people onboard with their decision to break with Konnan before they announced it.) He seem less certain if he’s coming back with Lucha Underground S4, acknowledging he’s under contract but not being too excited about it. I think, after months (a year!) of that next taping date getting pushed back and back, the wrestlers aren’t really buying in to another season until something gets firmly announced, they’re definitely not giving up work to be available until they have something for sure.

It sounds like Arolucha is doing a lot of advertising locally for their debut taping this week. I don’t sense any buzz for that show online, but it’s going to be fine if they can get people locally to show up.

Aerostar, Drago, Angelico, Mil Muertes, PJ Black and Ivelisse have been announced for a Lucha Underground themed tour of Australia on January 01/18 and 01/20. How strange it is that people know Lucha Undreground in a region that doesn’t legally get it! Anyway, the big news here is Mil Muertes/Mesias is back, but maybe he, Aerostar and Drago are all not on Guerra de Titanes if it’s on 01/20 like I’ve been guessing. Maybe I’m just guessing wrong on the date?

AAA held it’s annual Christmas meal with kids from the La Magia de un Deseo yesterday.

El Divo lost his mask to Tiger in Arena Coliseo Papa Milo.

La Presna talks to Dalys about her big 2017: taking Princesa Sugehit’s mask at the Anniversario and winning the bodybuilding contest. Yea, I’m confused too.

Peridoico la Voz has an interview with Monterrey luchador Furia Azteca.

Box Y Lucha says Los Angeles luchador Pepe Ramriez passed away.

Seattle Mag has a short article on local promotion Lucha Libre Volcánica.


CMLL (TUE) 12/12/2017 Arena México
1) Bengala & Sonic vs Espíritu Negro & Yago
2) Flyer, Magnus, Príncipe Diamante vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Metálico, Sangre Azteca
3) Fuego, Oro Jr., Starman vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus
4) Tiger vs Misterioso Jr. [lightning]
5) Dragón Lee, Stuka Jr., Titán vs Cavernario, Shocker, Vangellys
6) Marco Corleone, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Johnny Idol, Okumura, Sam Adonis

Mistico is apparently unavailable, so not title match yet. Kind off odd that they’d put the one other foreigner against the group of evil foreigners, but they’ve had Adonis and Marco on the opposite sides of trios a lot lately.

There’s clearly no reason for all these tecnico/tecnico and rudo/rudo matches except someone is bored. And not bored in a useful way! I can relate.

CMLL (TUE) 12/12/2017 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Magnum & Micro vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
2) Magia Blanca, Robin, Tritón vs Akuma, Espanto Jr., Hijo del Signo
3) Princesa Sugehit © vs Reyna Isis [MEX WOMEN]
Sugehit’s fourth defense, but first against someone not named Zeuxis. (Sugehit/Zeuxis had the last 7 matches for this title.) Isis’ first title challenge ever.
4) Ángel de Oro, Esfinge, Soberano Jr. vs Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón
5) Carístico, Niebla Roja, Rush vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero

I feel like everyone’s more enthused about Isis since her latest return than me, but she’ll get a good chance to do something with that title match. Semimian could be pretty good.

Triton might be back in the DF mix with that booking, but I guess we should wait to see him actually booked in DF to see.

DTU (THU) 12/14/2017 Arena Aficion
DTU 10th Anniversary
1) Arcangel Negro, Gasparin Jr., Irving vs Erwin, Mini Flash, The Black Jr.
2) ?, Angelito Mágico, Genex vs Drolux, Steel Dragón, Tiburón
3) Devitt Rodríguez & Hard Boy vs Billy Gamer & Toto Gamer
4) ?, Ángel o Demonio, Camuflaje, Cerebro Negro, Junior, Súper Mega vs Black Fire, Corsario Negro Jr., Crazy Boy, El Exótico, Hormiga, Kevin
5) Mikey Midas & Myron Reed vs Jimmy & Príncipe Cometa
6) Ovett vs Halloween © [DTU CONSAGRADO]
7) Cobre, Flamita, Lokillo vs ?, Kastigador, Vengador
8) Dezmond Xavier vs Moria ©Drastik Boy [DTU AI]
9) Shlak © vs CíclopeCrazy KingMiedo Extremo [hair, mask, DTU]
Crazy King putting up his mask, Ciclope & Miedo putting up their hair.

DTU’s biggest show of the year is 8 days away, so it’s about time to get a lineup. Semimain looks really interesting (if confusing, since Jimmy just asked for a title shot this weekend.)

Alberto el Patron (SAT) 01/20/2018 Deportivo Morelos, Cuajimalpa, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
1) Saru vs Ángel Del AmorAlfaOmegaLuzbel Jr.Tanque InfernalRiderCanibalWarriorSúper Bufon [Copa Lucha]
2) Hijo De Dos Caras vs Apolo
3) Mini Rey Misterio & Sexy Star vs Lady Sensación & Pentagoncito
4) Misteziz & Tinieblas Jr. vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Psicosis II
5) Dos Caras Sr., Octagón, Solar I vs Canek, Fuerza Guerrera, Pirata Morgan
6) El Patrón Alberto vs Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Cibernético

Alberto held a press conference today to announce the rescheduled earthquake benefit show. The conference itself sounds like it went professionally, with talk of shirts and calendars that are going to be sold to go to Alberto’s new charity. (The website even had a Paypal donate link, though it wasn’t working last time I checked.)

The poster they handed out looked unprofessional. Whoever threw it together used a photo of Black Warrior for (ex-Pequeno) Warrior, a photo of Sabu for Saru, and a photo of Kenny Omega for Omega. They’ve also got Sexy Dulce listed by her old AAA name, and the same with Caristico (who won’t even utter the name Myzteziz in interviews nowadays.) I’m not sure I’d want to put Sexy Star on a charity show, but Caristico’s inclusion is more of a surprise – he and Alberto had a infamously tumultuous relationship in both WWE and AAA, where they couldn’t even be in the same room at the same time by the end. Caristico seems to have calmed down since coming back to CMLL, or at least doesn’t have bad stories leaking out any more, so maybe they fixed their issues. Even though, and even with the extra leeway they give Caristico, it’s a little surprising they’d be ok with letting him work a show with AAA’s Wagner & Psicosis. It’s also a little surprising he’d be ok with doing it in the third from the top match.

AAA on Televisa: 2017-11-11

Wagner off the bleachers

Recapped: 11/29/2017

All matches were taped from Palenque de la Feria, Metepec, Estado de México on 10/20/2017 


Aerostar, Drago, Raptor beat Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly
(8:47, excessive violence DQ, ok, via
Lucha Libre AAA)

Marty Martinez & Texano beat Hijo del Fantasma & Pagano
(12:19, Marty pinned Fantasma, ok, via Lucha Libre AAA)

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown beat Hernandez & Rey Escorpión
(18:37, Wagner Samoan drop Hernandez, ok, via 
Lucha Libre AAA)

What happened: 

tecnico triple dive

Everyone starts fighting before the whistle in the main event, while Zuniga announces Vampiro has now made this falls count anywhere. There’s no reaction to the stip. Wagner and Psycho have surprisingly little problem with each other considering. They do some pinfall attempts in a walkway later in the match to play to the stip, but it’s not taken all that seriously and they still finish in the ring. Wagner kind of no sells a clothesline before he beats Hernandez with a Samoan Drop.

Marty is no longer wearing facepaint, but has part of his beard dyed white. He’s wearing a Marty the Moth shirt and his video says Mart the Moth. His gear says Casuas and he’s announced as Marty the Shaman. Texano still has the Copa Pena and title belt that belongs to Fantasma. Texano is still angry about Vampiro taking him out of that match and feels he’s the rightful champion. Texano’s in the middle of telling the crowd they should only be cheering him when Fantasma dives on him. Fantasma takes the belt thru the crowd to where the announcers are stationed, and leaves it there for safekeeping. Later in the match, after he’s been hit by Fantamsa’s tope, Texano walks to the announce booth and takes the title back. Texano eventually hits Fantasma with the belt and pulls Marty on top for the win. He leaves with the belt.

Noti AAA has Vampiro and a doctor talking with Mesias about his knee injury. They blame the Pagano bat shot to the knee that ended the match at TripleMania for the injury (which would seem to only explain one of the two knees, and seemed to actually hit his thigh, but I’m not a doctor.)

The New Ref is down for what seems like forever after taking a kick to the chest from Averno. OGT manage to hit Aerostar with a chair on a dive, unmask Drago, and hit a chair into a chair into Raptor’s knee over a dozen times. Security comes in the ring before the referee comes up and breaks up the match, though the referee (Negro Rosas) does get up and call the DQ. A highlight is a security guy visibly telling Averno to slap him a couple times before Averno does.


a positive GIF of Pagano every so often to keep you off guard

The main event was hurt a bit by being the third match done in the same style, and not being done in a particularly interesting way. The crowd reacts to the spots they wrestlers want to them to react to, and generally how they’d like to react, but it comes across as nothing special on TV.

The Fantasma/Texano match focused on getting people into that issue, but come off too long and not that interesting in between the angles. Marty & Pagano didn’t really have any chemistry. Pagano’s selling is so bad. He looks like he’s bored when he’s taking German suplexes from Marty here, and just disinterestedly move from spot to spot. To be fair, I was just as bored with this match at times. Marty took a bump from Pagano throwing a drink at him, which as good a way as any to waste time while the attention was on Fantasma & Texano. Crowd got into those two but I didn’t think the action was all that special. This is another finish that doesn’t make much sense with the story they’re telling: Texano is upset about people thinking Fantasma is the rightful champ, so why is he passing off a free pin on his hated rival to Marty? Probably because none of this matters.

The trios match was all about putting OGT strong over as rudos. It was successful at that, even though it wasn’t clear why it was being done – if these guys aren’t OGT’s next técnico opponents, it’s unclear who would be. If they are, the other matches might be better: the rudos took most of this and the técnicos barely got to do anything at the end. Not really sure why they did a ref bump when the match is ending in DQ anyway. The finish came off as if was an injury angle for Raptor, only Raptor was back on the next TV taping as healthy as ever. Something got lost.