2017 watch later catch up, part 8 of ∞

this was much better than the rest of his match.

Súper Astro Jr. vs Rey HorusLaredo KidGolden MagicFlamitaJack EvansÚltimo NinjaXtreme Tiger
(Tortas Super Astros @ Arena Naucalpan on 05/24, 11:29, good, via
Videoblog Tortas Súper Astro)

They finally got Golden Magic cheered in Arena Naucalpan. They just needed to give the crowd someone else to be angry about. This entire match was built to big Super Astro Jr. spots and he had a rough night. I appreciate the effort of trying to make a new guy a star, but I’m not sure it would’ve worked regardless: the fans didn’t see Super Astro Jr. at the level as the other guys at the start and his botches in key moments just confirmed their beliefs. His tope was awesome, and he got thrown around well, but he stuck out in this match in a bad way and it would’ve been an easy recommendation without him. It’s a really fun match if you’re looking for multiman action, and the dive train is among the best I’ve seen this year. Production is goofy; they have two cameras, but aren’t big on switching back and forth on them for key moments. Rey Horuz looked like a standout (and his split mask looked cool), Último Ninja looked good, and I wish we’d got more of them and less of Astro.

Ultimo Ninja did some cool things, part 1
part 2

Emperador Azteca, Golden Magic, Terry 2000 vs El Bandido, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Sádico
(AULL @ Arena Lopez Mateos on 06/13, 21:59 over 3 falls, good, via
hector godfreyhector godfrey)

A strong match in front of a very loud crowd. Sadico looked like one of the fastest and cleanest wrestlers around in this match. Bandido, Golden Magic and Emperador Azteca had some moments too. The finishing spot was good, it was just missing a little more drama before the end. And maybe it would’ve been cooler if the crowd dive was on the camera side.

Sadico makes use of the ramp

Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Freelance beat Hijo del Pantera, Internacional Pantera, Pantera I
(IWRG @ Arena Naucalpan on 06/04, 12:05, good, via

This match doesn’t seem much early, as anything good is canceled out by some communication issues. It gets better when Cerebro Negro decides to start punching the heck of tecnicos, then just goes wild in the second fall and end of the third. This is much more a random really hot TV match than a must see year end match. Still, it’s not particularly long and goes crazy for a few moments, an easy use of time. It’s also the year contribution to my (probably misguided) belief that Hijo del Pantera is at least top 50 guy in Mexico who we only see about six times a year.

required Freelance moonsault into the crowd GIF
cameraman had zero idea this was coming

Demus 3:16 vs Impulso
(RCH @ Arena Naucalpan on 06/02, 11:18, good, via

Some matches don’t really have much of a story. This match definitely has a story! Impulso’s plan is to find high places and leap off them onto Demus any chance he gets. Demus has spent the last many years fighting tiny guys who attempt similar things, so sometimes that works out well for Impulso and sometimes it works out very poorly. The match ends perfectly in that story. Not working so perfectly is how obvious Impulso is at blading. He’s actually sort of hilarious transparent at getting his blade ready to cut, then cutting this forehead while the chair is on him. You’re going to see it unless you put both hands over your eyes. Usually there’s a cut away there. This is a pretty fun match while it lasted. There’s a post match brawl to set up a match that isn’t happening (this is RCH’s last show!), so the finish in the match is coming maybe a little sooner than you’d expect.

Impulso into the crowd
Impulso to the floor

Keira & Lady Maravilla vs Alas de Acero & Iron Kid
(Lucha Memes @ Coliseo Coacalco on 05/21, 12:15, great, via

What Happened:

This is an elimination match, which I forgot until the match kept going, and maybe people in the match also forgot until it kept going.

Review: Keyra and Lady Maravilla take a break from destroying each to beat up two of the Kamikazes, who give it back as much as they get. This is the usual Mexican Strong Style match with two women who aren’t doing a lot of flying but more than willing to make it up with suplexes and hard shots. This gets uncomfortable, not just in men slapping women sense, but in the no one seemingly taking much care of each other at times. Iron Kid drops Maravilla really awkwardly, then she gets two bad shots from Alas de Acero near the end, but she gets in shots earlier. The lack of sharpness plays into the out of control feeling of the match, as out of control as some of the dives felt. The match is dinged a little by the initial finish coming out of nowhere, and the second elimination feeling tacked on and unnecessary. Still, unless men versus women violence makes it tough for you to enjoy a match, this is one definitely worth your time.

all kinds of spins
Keyra armdrag
the good part about watching lucha matches much later is you can be certain no one died during them

Yoruba vs Lunatik FlyArezFlyer for the KDR Universal Championship
(KDR @ Gimnasio Hercules on 05/27, 14:23 seen, good, via
Estrellas del Ring)

What Happened:

There’s a lot of versions of this match. The longest version is the Estrellas del Ring one, but they do condense the match at points.


There’s a minute or two stretch here where Arez just takes over the match: meets a dive with a chair, finishes that guy off violently, brings the other two back in and takes them out for a while. He’s just missing his own dive from being all you need to see off Arez. He looks dominant when he’s meant to be and on another level than everyone else here. Of course, that means it’s about it for him in a multiman elimination match. The match loses something without him and with it being slowed down for the final two. Even with dead parts being cut out, it feels like it drags a bit to get before the finish. This one does come thru much better in video than it would on GIFs, with a lot of hard chops early on and near the end. Crowd reacts better to the finish than I thought they would.

they don’t call him “Sane Ideas Fly”
Arez spike

Kasai in NGX & DTU, The Crash in Ecatepec, Mr. Electro loses (again)

photo by Black Terry Jr.

NGX (SAT) 12/02/2017 Gimnasio Nuevo León Unido, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr)MedioTiempo]
1) Epydemius b DemenzíaGnostico
Gnostico replaced Alberto Dos Rios
2) Core & Psicótico b Sick Boy & Skam 13 and Dash & Lord Byron
3) Cachorro Zapata & Caifan b Caifan II & Hechicero
Caifan II replaced Difunto, and Hechicero was the surprise lucahdor
4) Ricky Marvin b Último NinjaXtreme Tiger
Ultimo Ninja replaced Funny Boy. Xtreme Tiger hurt a leg.
5) Joe Lider & Jun Kasai b Pagano & Violento Jack

NGX’s 15th anniversary show. Semimains sounds like it went well and the main event had the hardcore stuff you’d expect. There’s two gyms/basketball courts in this building. The Crash ran the bigger one, they ran the smaller one. It didn’t seem like a much bigger turnout than in the other venue, but it is a nicer venue.

The Crash (SUN) 12/03/2017 Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México [+LuchaTV]
1) Black Metal, Látigo, Tiago b Astrolux, Kalibus, Torito Negro
Calibus replaced Pegasuz.
2) Keyra © b Lacey Lane [The Crash Women]
fourth defense.
3) Astrolux, Jack Evans, M-ximo b Bestia 666, Luke Hawx, Mr. 450
Fenix & Flamita appeared earlier in the show (after the opener?) saying Flamita was injured and unable to wrestle, but they would give Astrolux a big chance by taking his spot. Astrolux’s team won, but he was attacked by the Rebelion Amarilla after the match.
4) Daga & Rey Fénix b Skayde & Solar I
Skayde replaced Black Terry (injury.) Fenix challenged Solar and Daga challenged Skayde to title matches.
5) LA Park, Penta 0M, Rey Mysterio Jr. b Carlito, Garza Jr., La Máscara

I guess this is the last show of the previous era, but I’m not sure Konnan was actually at any of the shows this week, and they had already started to tell people he was out. I don’t expect big changes, but everything has kind of taken my a surprise. At any rate, this run of shows went out strong – Ecatpec looked as full as it is on an AAA taping, which a loud crowd.

Rey Mysterio Jr.’s status going forward is one of the bigger question marks. He and Konnan have been close for his entire career, and would seem to stick with Konnan if he’s forced to choose, but who knows at this point. He’s The Crash’s heavyweight champion, and it looks like people with The Crash are subtly making it clear he’s still with them, so maybe people will be allowed to work both. Rey’s next scheduled The Crash show is the 12/15 show in Teziutlan, Puebla.

I’d assume Flamita’s injury is why he missed shows all week, but at least they gave it an explanation this time.

DTU (SUN) 12/03/2017 Arena Lopez Mateos [+LuchaTV, DTU, R de Rudo]
1) Adrenalina Fly & Kevin b Angelito Mágico & Lokilo and Billy Gamer & Toto Gamer and Devit Rodríguez & Hard Boy
Lokillo’s team took the pin.
2) Corsario Negro Jr. b Fly StarBlack Fire
no Dr. Polux.
3) Jimmy b MoriaDrastik BoyMickey MidasCobre
Jimmy pinned Moria, asked for a shot at his DTU Alto Impacto title.
4) Paranoiko & Tóxico b Mr. Cóndor & Rocky Santana and Makabre & Último Gladiador
Paranoiko pinned Mr. Condor.
5) Ovett b KastigadorHormigaExoticoVengadorÁngel o DemonioCamuflajeHalloweenJuniorSúper Mega
People from each side were added every 30 seconds. Cerebro Negro helped out the X-Law team and Ovett got the pin. Draztick Boy & Crazy Boy were also involved. Crazy Boy challenged Ernesto Ocampo
6) Violento Jack b Jimmy Lloyd
7) Crazy King & Jun Kasai b Cíclope & Miedo Extremo
said to be a good extreme match. Kasai pinned Ciclope.

Seemed like they drew a good crowd for this show. Kasai goes 2-0 on the weekend.

The X-LAW/DTU stuff seems to have nothing going on for a while, then they jump a head, then nothing going on again. I would probably fail in trying to identify which people are on the X-LAW side and which people are on the DTU side. There should be more on DTU’s upcoming year end show in Arena Afiicon

IWRG (SUN) 12/03/2017 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatoers]
55th Anniversary of Promoting in Mexico State
1) Alas de Acero b Demonio InfernalSkandaLunatic XtremeKanon
Kanon replaced Atomic Star.
2) La Maligna, Lili Dark, Ludark Shaitan b Dulce Luna, Lady Cat, Mary Caporal
La Maligna was the surprise luchadora. Mary Caporal replaced Diosa Atenea.
3) Alas de Acero, Dr. Cerebro, El Bandido b Aramis, Freelance, Imposible
Alas de Acero & Bandido replaced Toxin & Fandango (who had declared IWRG was his new home after his debut last week.) Cerebro pinned Imposible and wants a shot at the Rey del Ring title.
4) Centvrión, Fly Warrior, Séptimo Rayo b Diablo Jr., Dinamic Black, Emperador Azteca
Fulgor I ran into help the rest of Indy Nation. Another masked man joined them for the victory celebration, but attacked Indy Nation instead, then revealed himself to be Bandido. He said he was putting together a trio of himself, Ciclon Ramriez, and Emperador Azteca (ELITE?) to stop Indy Nation.
5) Sharly Rockstar, Trauma I, Trauma II b Rokambole Jr., Villano IV, Villano V Jr. Highlights Rocambole Jr Villano V Jr y Villano IV vs Hermanos Trauma y Charly Rockstar (posted by thegladiatores.com)
This Rokamble Jr. is the former Kaving. Trauma/Sharlie won in straight falls when Sharly snuck in a foul on Villano V.
6) Black Dragón & Rayan L Spector & Teelo and Liderk & Mike [relevos suicidas]
The Comando Elite and the Turtles didn’t want to fight their usual partners. Mike & Liderk escaped the match first, then Spector & Teelo. Black Dragon & Rayan will now face off in a mask match on 12/17.
7) Ray Mendoza Jr. DQ Mr. Electro [hair]
Electro was DQ for accidentally hitting the referee with a chair shot. Sharlie Rockstar argued in favor of his brother to no success.

This is the 7th straight hair match loss for Mr. Electro. I probably should’ve noticed that pattern. I definitely have noticed the pattern of bad IWRG finishes; no one just pins or submits someone without the referee getting involved. Rockstar getting involved could point at the next match; it doesn’t really make sense for Ray Mendoza Jr. to come out of retirement just to win. I guess it doesn’t have to make sense.

Black Dragon is the overwhelming favorite against Rayan. The Indy Nation vs Bandido’s Bandits feud would have me very interested if things were followed up here. (Where did the Capos disappear too?)

Ultimo Guerrero makes the 14th defense of the NWA Middleweight Championship against Rush tonight in Arena Puebla. Neither man appears to fit the definition of a middleweight, but it does not matter. This is their 13th singles match; Ultimo Guerrero leads 9-3, though Rush won the last one earlier this year in Puebla. (It’s the 6th one they’ve had in Puebla alone.) UG & Rush have had some good matches, and are usually a better mix when they work a brawl and with Rush as the rudo. A title match feels like it could lean more to UG’s usual checklist. Rush is a wildcard, which might be a good thing this time. A title change is unlikely. Rush & UG splitting their two matches this week seems very likely.

The semimain has Marco, Valiente and Caristico against Euforia, Gran Guerrero and Sam Adonis in the semimain. Titan teams up with Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja to face Bucanero, Terrible, and Vangellys. The best undercard match look to be Cuatrero, Sanson and Hechicero facing Esfinge, Fuego & Stigma in the third match. Cancerbero & Raziel are with the locals in the early matches, teaming with Perverso, MIllenium and Tigre Rojo Jr. The Centella Rojas face Fuerza Chicana & Guerrero Espacial in the opener. The show will stream at 9pm on CMLL’s YouTube channel as always.

Sam Adonis is off Sunday’s Arena Mexico card, because he’s working in California. Dragon Lee & Mistico are also working that same show in California, but haven’t been removed. Sensei must be out hurt, because he’s off Tuesday (Sensei in), and Saturday (Magia Blanca in).

LuchaWorld has the latest news update.

FULL announced a benefit show in Tlaxcala on 01/06.

A Santo exhibition has opened in Puebla. It runs thru January.

The battle rap show is said to have sold out Arena Mexico.

Konnan’s out at the Crash

Konnan’s run with The Crash has ended. He’s no longer with the Tijuana based promotion after being added as the creative lead and onscreen authority figure just over a year ago. The Crash had been telling people who work for them that Konnan was out for days, but it’s unclear if they told Konnan until now. Konnan’s social media account (which is sometimes managed by others) had still been pushing The Crash on social media thru last night’s show in Ecatepec, though he was not seen in front of the crowd on the Tijuana show. The Crash is not running again until the 15th, so they decided to officially announce the change.

The press release isn’t up in Spanish on Facebook, and 411 Mania had the English version.

The Crash Lucha Libre brand is known for the way we treat people and value each and every single person that works in this company. Bettering the economical and habitual needs. Showing the support for each element and giving opportunity to new talent. In this way, the value and professionalism shown between each of its partners. Not being able to comply to the Crash Lucha Libre code of ethic, is something that we do not tolerate in this company. With that being said, We now announce that Carlos Santiago Espada “Konnan”, will no longer be working with The Crash. We thank him for the time and support and wish him the best in his future endeavors. We will be announcing the dates for 2018 with the best matches and our debut in the United States.

The Crash’s Code of Ethic is a new one on me, but it’s a kinder way of saying Konnan screwed up with them something major.

Konnan’s wrestling history is dotted with bad breakups with promotions, but seemed to be on good terms with The Crash. I was there just a few weeks ago in Naucalpan, and he seemed to be happy with what was going on. Usually, it’s Konnan getting annoyed with the promotion he’s working with and starting the break up, but I just say him in Nacualpan about three weeks ago and he seemed to be happy with The Crash. This time, it was the promotion who decided to break up with him. The story I’ve heard is The Crash were caught off guard by Konnan’s new job announcement as the lead writer of AroLucha. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported Konnan informed Impact Wrestling of this new job, and that group gave their approval. The Crash said is saying Konnan didn’t actually tell them of this new job, they found out around the same time everyone did, and they’re not ok with it. Very much not ok with it, apparently.

Arolucha is trying to start a US lucha promotion the same time The Crash is trying the same, and Konnan working for Arolucha could be seen as working against The Crash. Neither are really sure bets to make it in a crowded US market, but The Crash has at least built up some name value and would seem like the better bet of the two if you had to choose. It’s surprising Konnan would choose Arolucha over the Crash, but it’s possible he just thought he could do both and never got to make that choice.

This leaves a lot of questions going forward. The most pressing is Arolucha debut on Sunday; if The Crash had a problem with Konnan working that show, will they have a problem with luchadors who work that show? Will everyone just be allowed to work wherever, or will there be some split of “Konnan’s guys” and “The Crash’s guys” that’ll cause both promotions to change going forward? Start up wrestling promotions have a low rate of success as it is and “Arolucha” doesn’t seem like something worth going to war over, but there’s obviously strong feeling here.

This also seems to change affects The Crash’s relationship with other companies. Konnan was the point person for the relationship with Impact, though only Garza Jr. seems to be working both places at the moment. Does this actually help the CMLL relationship, since it seemed like it was more of a Nacho de la O deal and Konnan’s not beloved by the people of Arena Mexico? Does it even help the AAA/Crash relationship? AAA’s taking their anger out on Fenix and Penta, but it always comes off like they’re really angry at Konnan and those just are the guys they can get to easier. (Or, with no other big promotion to go to in Mexico, does Konnan and AAA mend fences themselves? Or does he just stay out of Mexico for the moment and focus on Arolucha?)

That Arolucha taping is Sunday. I’d suspect we’ll get a Konnan podcast or three before then.

1992 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

I added 1992 lucha libre lineups, mostly from the cities Torreon and Gomez Palacio (and an increasing amount from elsewhere), to the luchadb database over the last week. They’re integrated the different pages of this site, and they’re also just available here. This is a slow continuing project to mine the El Siglo de Torreon archive for lucha lineups and results. We’re six weeks away.

year events
1985 150
1986 154
1987 152
1988 176
1989 189
1990 169
1991 175
1992 183

I’m really surprised the number is up, because there were problems by the end of the year. The total amount of lineups must be up, but the actual number of visual cards seemed really down. There seems to be a seasonal reductions at the end of the year, but the Thursday Arena Olimpico Laguna card stops getting posted in the lineup (and there’s rarely an article on those), and Sunday shows disappear. I’ve started 1993 already and it’s even more dim.

posters per year
1990: 114
1991: 81
1992: 64
1993: 14

Maybe I’ll probably will find stumble on a few more, but hopefully they’ll have write ups. These are always going to be missing events, but it’s going to be missing more events.

Maybe the overall total doesn’t go down because the paper is more consistently covering a wider area. The El Siglo de Torreon paper now contains local mini papers for Durango and for Saltillo among others. There’s often a weekly article for a show for Arena Oberos or another local building, though the cards aren’t listed complete.

1992 is the first year of AAA, which runs often in the area (including that Arena Olimpico Laguna lineup) and shockingly seems to have the steadiest shows of the bunch. Some shows with CMLL talent completely fall apart with people no showing, and they’re looked at having a bad year.

Curiously, the Andrade brothers – Brillante, Diamante and Zafiro – are wrestling in their new masked gimmicks prior to AAA’s existence. Unless Pena was planning on bringing them in long in advance, it comes off that they changed characters on their own to give themselves a fresh look in the area. Their father, El Moro, had changed to being the masked Mr. Atlantic sometime late in his career seemingly for those reasons. He passes away during this calendar year.

There’s not a lot of local news. The future Ultimo Guerrero & Luiciferno are tag team champions most of the year. They’re among the top local acts even at this point, and being put in matches with Mysterio & Psicosis says that people thought they were good workers at that point. There’s an alternative universe where Flanagan & Super Punck they get swept into AAA (with new gimmicks, of course) and their careers look play out very differently.

There’s disappointingly little coverage of the start of AAA. There’s not many wire stories, and it seems to catch the wrestling scene in this part of the world by some surprise. Maybe it’s because their guys had been more going to El Toreo; there’s a big story about their short lived TV deal over one, two parts.An article on a new promotion (AAA) forming mostly focuses on where this leaves the national titles. Antonio Pena’s name is not mentioned, but Juan Jose Torres Landa is mentioned as the president of the DF Lucha Commission. A long delay in wire stories turning up in Torreon leads Pena’s name to not come up until a story explaining the plan of the promotion in June. and one about Konnan’s upcoming last show until weeks after it happens. It doesn’t become a bigger locally story until Blue Panther jumps to AAA. Tickets for the first AAA show in Torreon proper sell out two days in advance of the show, though the costs of bringing in national luchadors is going up (plans instead of buses!) and other locations have to compete with local wrestlers.

Earlier, fans, and commission are angry when a 06/13 show advertised with Octagon & Fuerza has both of them no show. This looks like people being brought in thru EMLL who jumped to AAA, but it’s not clear now and it definitely wasn’t made clear to the fans. Televisa is blamed. There’s also issues with people working 3 shows on the same day.

A running story revolves around lucha union head Manny Guzman, who appears to be traveling around the country of Mexico to rally support. He visits Torreon at least once, maybe twice, meeting their local union to try and convince them to stay with him. AAA forms it’s own union which saps Guzman of money and power. The original leaders are said tobe, Secretary General Fuerza Guerrera, Secretary Interior Ice Killer, Treasury is El Magnate (haha) Records is Rambo, Honor y Justice is Halcon, General Coordinator Hijo del Diablo, Women Vicky Caranaza, Techinical Solar I, Public Relations Octagon, International Relations Dory Dixon, Work Jusiticero, Union advisor Tio Sam, and Minis & Micros Goliath. Manny Guzman says the AAA union is not valid and legitimate. The luchadors who left his union will have to pay 10 million pesos to come back into their union – except the stars will have to be 25 million. Guzman says the benefits of being in the union including 2 millions pesos per year for retirement and company support. To my knowledge, this does not happen.

Monclova luchdaor Jose Issac Cortes Martinez, 24, passed away during a match. Cortes passed away in the ring at Deportivo Mario Ayala in Monclova. Cause of death was not immediately known; he was struck in chest and suddenly fell dead in the ring. He was wrestling Baby Martinez (Jose Zaragoza Perez Tutuvieta, 22 years), who was detained by the police until they were sure it wasn’t responsible.

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