CMLL on 2017-12-01


Recapped: 12/01/2017


Shockercito & Stukita beat Mercurio & Pequeño Olímpico
(13:45 [4:21, 3:41, 5:43], 2/3 DQ, below average)

Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus beat Astral, Pegasso, Stigma  
(12:28 [8:14, 4:14], 1/2 DQ, ok)

Lady Maravilla, Marcela, Silueta beat Dalys, La Seductora, Tiffany
(13:44 [5:49, 3:55, 4:00], 2/3, below average)

Hechicero, Sam Adonis, Vangellys beat Blue Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa
(17:06 [5:19, 4:33, 7:14], 1/3, ok)

Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero, Terrible beat Marco Corleone, Titán, Valiente  
(11:09 [4:38, 0:35, 5:56], 1/3, ok)

Niebla Roja beat Carístico, Negro CasasVolador Jr.MephistoMisticoShockerDragón LeeEuforiaSansónStuka Jr.Felino for the Copa Jr. VIP
Arena México, 12/01/2017

  1. 07:39 Euforia armtrap armscissors Stuka
  2. 09:35 Dragon Lee hanging double stomp Felino
  3. 14:18 Sansón powerbomb backbraker Dragon Lee
  4. 15:00 Caristica on Euforia
  5. 16:54 DQ Shocker
  6. 16:54 DQ Volador
  7. 18:00 Carístico casita Negro Casas
  8. 19:00 Sansón torture rack Mistico
  9. 23:22 Carsitico pin Sanson
  10. 23:56 Mephisto Devil’s Wings Caristico
  11. 27:45 Niebla Roja inverted campana Mephisto

What Happened:

Mistico had one big spot in the match

Niebla Roja has two bad falls near the end of the main event. There was no Casas/Adonis interaction.

Again, no Kraneo, but Mije comes out anyway in the match Kraneo was booked for (and mostly stood there without doing anything.)

The rudos went after Pegasso’s mask often during the segunda match. Pegasso unmasked Raziel for the DQ. No one else seemed to be added to the match.

Stukita eliminated Pequeño Olímpico, then Mercurio tossed Shockercito over the top onto his partner for the DQ. It appeared this was meant to be the start of a feud.


this was good

This show needed a strong main event to save it. It got anything but that. The Copa Jr. VIP was good in segments – Dragon Lee and Euforia had a great exchange, Volador had some good moments while he was on – but was already tending to disappointing territory before the last few minutes. Niebla Roja took a bad accidental fall on his head to the floor, then an even worse one on his neck in the middle of the ring. I’m not sure if he thought (like everyone else) Mephisto was going for a Devil’s Wings and got a powerbomb, or if he was just completely out of it after the first move. I do know this is the second time this has happened this year, after Matt Taven had near about the same thing happen with him and Mephisto. The goal of this match was to give Niebla Roja a big win, and there’s definitely a story you could tell with him surviving near death to win the match, but they moves were so obviously screwed up (and they’re so bad at improving) that they had to pretend everything was fine and to go the normal finish right away. It clearly was not fine.

It wasn’t fine before that moment. Carístico wrestled as if he was spooked by the WWE being back in town, making more errors than he had since leaving that ring. He still got most of the eliminations, oddly being pushed far ahead of CMLL’s own Mistico now. An awful double elimination spot saw Volador get disqualified for superkicking Tirantes after Shocker slightly pulled him in the way. Tirantes didn’t bother selling the kick, instead ceasing on his spotlight to gesture wildly and make himself the center of attention as always. He later accidentally counted down Niebla Roja for three, which caused the crowd to be a little stronger against the técnico as he was trying to win the match. Sansón got some big wins but also seemed not completely sharp. And CMLL’s transparent ambition to turn Niebla Roja into a Garza – he debuted the stripping spot in this match – is a bit out of a turn off. I guess a borrowed personality is better than none, but Roja’s added nothing new to the concept, and came off as an uninspiring cover band in a wrestling world where two other people (Garza Jr., La Mascara) are already playing those same songs.

The semimain was the match that got shorted on time because the the rest of the matches were much longer than they needed to be. This was the run of match, made worse because the rudos aren’t good with the most athletic stuff the técnicos can do. Niebla’s backwards fall to the floor is going to hurt him a bunch one day and isn’t getting a reaction now. Monito & Zacarias were the highlight of this match, even while doing their same stuff as usual.

a few seconds of Euforia & Dragon Lee

The fourth match was a fine enough match, but my interest in the show had been pretty well killed by the undercard. It wasn’t helped by Tirantes having one of his more involved performances, but this is one which felt like the peak was everyone attacking Adonis and then it just kept going longer. Some of the better spots were after that moment, but a show that was dragging could’ve used a fast paced match at this point. This would’ve been better on a different show.

The show really dragged for the first three matches. The women’s match wasn’t any good and the crowd let them know. Tiffany is painfully slow. Maravilla did 90% of the work for a headscissors she was in. There were few good moments, and the only positive is they weren’t actually blowing moves.

The second was clearly going two falls, if only because they were going way too long to go to a third one. It was strong build to a Raziel/Pegasso feud, which probably ever lead to a singles match and may not even exist a month from now. Los Cancerberos looked like a well oiled team at parts, which is odd only in that they barely ever get to team as a trio. I was bored during this match.

The minis opener felt like they were trying, but working at a slow pace. Stukita can take over a match at times, but he didn’t have that level of performance here. Mercurio didn’t bite anyone, so that was a plus, but he’s not as quick at the multiple headscissors as Demus. This didn’t separate itself from the average minis match and it wasn’t really clear why they bothered with that DQ finish. It didn’t accomplish much, except start out the show with two in a row.

if you made it this far, here’s Monito

CMLL on 2017-11-10 

Templario’s move needs a name

Recapped: 11/22/2017


Akuma & Templario beat Magia Blanca & Robin  
(11:02 [4:43, 2:56, 3:23], 1/3, good, via

Esfinge, Oro Jr., Pegasso beat Hijo del Signo, Nitro, Raziel
(18:30 [7:23, 5:18, 5:49], 1/3, ok, via

La Jarochita, Lady Maravilla, Marcela beat Amapola, La Metálica, Reyna Isis
(12:19 [5:38, 2:27, 4:14], 1/3, via

Niebla Roja beat Stuka Jr. in a lightning match
(8:03, rolled thru plancha, ok, via

Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas beat Puma, Sam Adonis, Terrible
(12:09 [5:07, 7:02], 1/2 DQ, ok, via

Marco Corleone, Mistico, Valiente beat Cuatrero, Sansón, Último Guerrero
(9:40 [4:20, 2:03, 3:17], 2/3, ok, via

What happened: 

Metalica Stampede

Puma is a late replacement for Shocker, and not really happy about his partners beating up on Negro Casas, but it doesn’t really affect the match. Sam hits Casas with the flag pole for the second fall DQ, then uses the flag itself to choke Casas over the ropes. Niebla breaks the flagpole over Adonis’ back to break it up.


The main event was the usual B-show main event on a Friday. Really quick with each guy going thru their highlights but not ever getting into too deep. Cuatrero and Sansón fit in fine and gave Marco two new tall guys to deal with. Mistico’s reaction came thru positive on TV, a little kinder than in person. The finishing sequence was a nice visual.

Raziel finishes Esfinge

The Casas/Adonis stuff acme thru stronger in this match than the recent ones. I think they’re just getting better at figuring out how to play off each other. Adonis is selling a bit bigger and doing more comedy, Casas seems more engaged. The match itself wasn’t much, there wasn’t a lot here beyond the feud, but it felt more successful. Referee Edgar didn’t seem at all clued into the post match stuff; Adonis has to shove him a couple times to get him to take a bump, Edgar gets back up right after anyway, and tries to break up the choke bit before it gets going. Puma was a definite upgrade to this match: I can’t see Cavernario trying to do the thru the post tope on Shocker.

The lightning match was just a Niebla Roja showcase, coming off as if Stuka Jr. had been a last minute substitute for a rudo than the planned opponent all along. CMLL is weirdly pushing Niebla Roja better after he lost his mask than before it with these sorts of wins, but the match itself, also showed how few things he still does on offense. Stuka didn’t do much himself, but that was the idea.

operacion dragon

The women’s match had more action than usual, especially when the production could keep up with it. The double finish in the first fall looked better in the building, while the cameras missed Maravilla’s suplex. Likewise, Marcela’s double knee drop on Reina Isis looked brutal in person and goes without much notice here. There’s probably a really good match where Maravilla and Metálica forearm each other hard and supelxes each other all over the place that we’re never going to see in CMLL. The dive train seemed screwed up – how did they have three rudas dive before the second tecnica?

The second match was the first one I saw full live, and it seemed like a funnier than expected match. It’s the best difference from seeing a show live and seeing it on tape about two week later. This felt like guys having an ordinary match on the second viewing. Oro’s moonsault looks good, Raziel almost kills Esfinge on his finish, and the match moves faster than usual, but it doesn’t come off near as noteworthy.

Maravilla wipes out the field

I missed most of the opener live, but it came off a lot more fun than the usual opener on video. This was young guys trying stuff, and that’s kind of what I want out of openers. Templario has a lot of offense he hasn’t had a chance to get in other shows, from the looks of it. This was a Fiero-level “next hyped star” performance out of him. Using the ramp for cartwheels is an interesting idea. Magia Blanca continues to slightly improve, and I’m not just talking about ditching the bad looking top. Robin’s probably never getting a push because he’s been an opening match guy for so long but things like his bottom rope springboard con giro are starting to convince me he might have be able to do something. Akuma’s leaping into the ring Destroyer really needs the right opponent to look good.

a long leap on this dropkick

CMLL, Elite and WWE all in Mexico City tonight, Young Bucks/Fenix/Flamita in Crash

indy (THU) 11/30/2017 Arena Coliseo [@OficialRDR]
1) Chapulín Negro, Magnífico, Pilatos b ?, Barrio Latino, Zoom Driver
losing side not confirmed.
2) Alas de Oro & Súper Bólido b Águila Del America & Fuerza Negra
3) Gallero, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000 Jr. b Hijo del Pantera, Hijo del Solar, Súper Astro Jr.
4) Cuatrero, Forastero (CMLL), Sansón b Ojo De Tigre, Pantera II, Súper Astro Sanson, Cuatrero y Forastero vencen a Super Astro, Pantera y Ojo de Tigre (posted by R de Rudo)
5) Blue Panther, Canek, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. b Cien Caras, Máscara Año 2000, Satánico

Couldn’t tell how well this was attended, but it sounded loud when they brought out everyone to honor Ubrought out everyone to honor Universo 2000. Edit: I thought he was there, but I have may assumed wrong.

The Crash (WED) 11/29/2017 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí [El Sabor del Ring]
1) Keyra & Tiago vs Lacey Lane & Pegazus and Christi Jaynes & Zumbi
Lacey Lane replaced Vanilla Vargas.
2) Hijo de LA Park, Jack Evans, Máscarita Dorada vs Black Taurus, Demus, Luke Hawx
Hijo de LA Park replaced Willie Mack, Luke Hawx & Demus replaced Angel Fashion & Mike Mendoza.
3) Bestia 666, Garza Jr., Mr. 450 b Bandido (Indie), Damián 666, M-ximo
Bandido & Damian replaced Hijo de LA Park & Laredo Kid, Mr. 450 replaced Black Taurus.
4) Flamita b Rey Fénix (US) REY FENIX VS FLAMITA (posted by Juan Zárate)
lots of money thrown in.
5) La Máscara, Pierroth, Rush b Daga, LA Park, Penta Zero M LA PARK, PENTA ZERO M Y DAGA VS RUSH, PIERROTH Y LA MASCARA (posted by Juan Zárate)
usual challenges followed.

I haven’t tracked down complete results from Arena Aficion. Turnout didn’t look great; they were co-promoting with DTU and seemed to draw just about the same as DTU does.

The Crash heads to their home base in Tijuana tonight. The announced main event is Daga & LA Park vs La Mascara & Rush vs Bestia & Garza, but the big draw might be the Young Bucks returning to the promotion to take on Flamita & Rey Fenix in the semimain. That’s probably the best match happening anywhere tonight. The Crash runs their angles for their Tijuana audience. The last show had Volador appearing, which we know won’t happen tonight because he’s in Arena Mexico (and that bit hasn’t been followed up anywhere in the last month.) The show will probably be up as handhelds on YouTube over the weekend and on Konnan’s Patreon in the next week or so.

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, there’s three shows of note on the same night. WWE comes to town, Elite resurfaces, and CMLL decides to run another tournament (in response to any of this) tonight.

It’s been 378 days between Elite TV tapings. Elite’s last notable show was November 18, 2016 in Arena Naucalpan; there were some shows branded as Elite shows in the months after, but they’ve mostly ceased to exist then. Luchadors with the promotions would insist Elite was coming back soon for months, and ELITE even announced a undated Night of Champions show at one point, but it appeared the promotion had closed up shop. Word started to go around about their resurrection early November, and they make their return tonight in Mexico City’s Deportivo Pavon.

The new run of ELITE shows are billed as “Street Lucha Libre”, leaning into running smaller arenas by going with a more underground field. They’re also billing these as still being in on TV Azteca. The TV network has said nothing about the promotion coming back to their channel, and the promotion has said nothing about when these shows would air. The old Lucha Azteca page is still there, without hype for a return. I’m skeptical they’re actually going to be on TV, but we’ll have a better idea after this show. This group doesn’t seem to have much of a chance without a TV deal, but that TV deal wasn’t enough to keep them afloat last year either.

The card itself is nothing special, disappointingly normal and looking like many of the indies who focus on ex-AAA/CMLL names. The main event is Cibernetico vs Mr. Electro vs Blue Demon. Cibernetico is the ELITE Heavyweight champion, but he’s never defended it. The semimain is Sharlie Rockstar & Ultimo Ninja vs Zorro and a partner to be named; it’s a little notable Ninja is here and not the Crash, but they don’t seem to be using him in Tijuana. Bandido defends the Elite Welterweight Championship against Extreme Tiger in the best looking match on the show. There are some interesting wrestlers in the undercard, but nothing that jumps out as a match.

If this airs on TV, we’ll obviously see it then. Even if it doesn’t, there’s a good chance someone will be recording it from the seats or ringside. Elite’s already pushing next week’s show in Cuautitlan, though they’re not announcing matches.

WWE also makes it’s annual return to Arena Ciudad de Mexico tonight. AJ Styles defends his world title against Jinder Mahal in the main event. Tye Dillinger, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sin Cara challenge Baron Corbin for the WWE US Championship, which is being billed as Sin Cara trying to win the title in his home town. I think they’re doing the bit where he’s supposed to be the original Sin Cara, who is really from Mexico City. This Sin Cara freely talks about being from Ciudad Juarez and honors Juarez legend’s Cinta de Oro’s with an allusion to his mask, so it’s weird. He also never much wrestled in Mexico City: I can find four matches for him in the city itself before he went to WWE, and tonight will be his fifth match for WWE in Ciudad Mexico. Nakamura’s actually wrestled in Mexico City a lot more than this Sin Cara.

Tickets from this show is 320 to all the way up to 12,780 MXP for the closest seats. (That’s 17 to 686 USD!) The ticket website doesn’t show any full sections, but they look pretty full.  The WWE tour goes to Merida on Saturday, and Monterrey on Sunday.

CMLL has it’s traditional Friday show. CMLL might be running a tournament to get a lot of big names on the card against the WWE. Or they might be running a tournament because that’s just what they’ve done. This is the eighth Friday night show since the earthquake, and five of those have had at least part of a tournament.

Tonight’s contribution is the Copa Junior VIP, a 12 man match with top second generation wrestlers. (At least in theory; Stuka Jr. is Stuka’s brother.) There’s a lot of fun wrestlers involved, and also Shocker is there. There’s no real favorite, because it’s hard to figure this meaning anything, but the match itself could be any good. The one bit everyone’s waiting for is Sam Adonis to somehow get involved in a match he’s not part of, to get Negro Casas eliminated and continue the build to their spot.

Marco, Titan and Valiente take on Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero and Terrible in the semimain. Adonis’ match on the card teams him with Vangellys & Hechicero against two of his rivals (Blue Panther & Rey Cometa) along with Guerrero Maya Jr. Tonight’s women’s match is Dalys, Tiffany and Seductora against, Marcela, Sileuta and Lady Maravilla. The tecnica side looks solid there, but not so much the rudas.

The other news on the show might come from the segunda. Cancerbero & Raziel went after Pegasso’s mask in previous matches, and they’re match up again. We’re still waiting to find out who else will be pulled into the 12/25 Infierno en el Ring cage match, and either Astral & Stigma could be added from the tecnico side. Virus will team with his allies on the rudo side. The opener is a minis match, Stukita & Shockercito facing Mercurio & Pequeno Olimpico. The show starts at 8:30 on ClaroSports and Facebook, and it will pop up at some point on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

CMLL’s Soberano Jr., Angel de Oro & Akuma join a bunch of indie names on shows in New York and New Jersey this weekend. These shows were thought off at one time, but appear to still be on.

Lucha Memes 12/25 in Coliseo Coacalco

LuchaWorld has the latest news update.

Segunda Caida reviews some midcard CMLL.

CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2017-11-07 

the soliders from hell seem biased

Recapped: 11/21/2017


Artillero & Grako beat Bengala & Sonic 
(12:31 [5:31, 2:50, 4:10], 1/3, below average, 

Eléctrico, Stukita, Último Dragóncito beat Mercurio, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito
(12:11 [5:26, 2:57, 3:48], 2/3, ok, via

Esfinge beat Disturbio in a lightning match
(6:41, Nudo Egipico, ok, via

Dalys, La Metálica, Tiffany beat Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Silueta
(14:40 [6:49, 3:02, 4:49], 1/3, ok, via 

Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul, Niebla Roja vbeat Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas
(11:15 [5:18, 1:11, 4:46], 2/3, ok, via

Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Último Guerrero beat Dragón Lee, Mistico, Valiente 
(8:21 [2:06, 1:49, 4:26], 1/3, ok, via 

What Happened:

Monito splash

Everything after match two was in the Dia de los Muertos setup, with losers being dragged away.

Terrible and Último Guerrero wrestle the main event in their evil gold outfits, as they’d been working as a solider and the king all night prior. The other guardians had been helping the rudos all night, and come into the Guerrero huddle dance between the second and third fall.


The main event felt like a minimal performance given who was involved, with everyone doing a fraction of what they normally do. The crowd was enough into this show to still be into this match and the rest. Still, there was no urgency to have a great match on today’s show even in those that a halfway decent lineup. This finish was dive run right into the submission. The only point to this match was to get the rudo win so all the guardian could come in and pose with Último Guerrero, and they did that.

Stukita with a slightly bigger splash

Seeing Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja three straight shows is not particularly interesting. It was alright, the crowd was very into Diamante Azul. Shooting Barbaro Cavernario’s fall ending dropkick thru a cloud of smoke is probably the worst Dia de la Muertos related camera choice they’ve made on these three shows. At least they got a replay.

What I learned from the women’s match is Dalys wins a lot. Tiffany looked terrible. Metálico is still working out how to give people the Air Raid Crash or Marcela has no idea how to take it. (She did have an idea to get the win one move later.)

The lightning match was a standard two dive, a bunch of pinfall attempts outing. Disturbio is being booked higher of late, but gets less chance to do the personality stuff that made him stick out earlier. He still reacts to the match, which is more than you can say for Esfinge.

Sonic mortal

The mini rudos realized you can trip Stukita after the second moonsault. This is a great leap in knowledge. The rest of the match didn’t feature any other great leaps of knowledge, was about normal for the minis in this spot, but lacked any excitement. Stukita shows dedication thru a wide variety of masks.

Artillero & Bengala literally walking thru the opener was embarrassing. Grako did nothing worth remembering. I didn’t have trouble identifying Sonic on indie shows but, in this match, his mask looks like Flyer is doing some fusion with Avern. I won’t be checking him out much if he gets stuck in more matches like this, but he seemed fine here.