Atlantis return plans, Naito & Takahashi one night in CMLL, Castillo del Terror

Today is IWRG’s annual Castillo del Terror show. IWRG shows are usually Wednesdays, but it’s a day late so the death of someone’s mask can align with the Dia de los Muertos. This cage match has been most notable for the way the results have happened rather than the results themselves. The 2015 cage match had el Golpeador accidentally fall of the side of the cage too soon, which should’ve meant intended winner Golden Magic lose his mask. IWRG went with the idea Magic won and Golpeador lose anyway, and the fans blamed Magic instead of Golpeador or the promotion. IWRG “fixed” this issue in 2106 by having Zatura dive off the top of the cage, sell an injury, and then everyone else left at the exact same time. Who knows what they’ll try in 2017.

the people in this cage match, grouped by chances they’ll lose their mask

Nope: Trauma I, Leo, Black Dragón, Aramis, Diablo Jr., Warrior Jr.
Long shot: La Mosca, Capo Del Norte
Maybe: Spartan, Violencia Jr.

Those young guys are going to be behind forever and are some level pushed. La Mosca is probably going home to Argentina at some point so losing his mask in this wouldn’t be as big deal, though still seems unlikely. The Capo gimmicks fit the mold of short term IWRG gimmicks where they’ll just stop existing after three months, but that time isn’t up yet. Spartan & Violencia fit the usual loser mold, recognizable figures from IWRG past who suddenly start showing up about a month before this match.

Arena Lopez Mateos has Rush & Pierroth against the LA Parks today.

At the end of yesterday’s Informa, CMLL announced Tetsuya Naito & Hiromu Takahashi (Kamaitachi) will be returning to CMLL for one night only, Sunday November 12th. (NJPW confirmed this later that night.) I believe they’re wrestling in the UK the days prior and the next NJPW tour starts day later – this is sort of a long layover in Mexico City on their way back home. Sunday CMLL shows are not streamed; even this upcoming Sunday show, the special Dia de Muertos show, has not been mentioned to be streamed. Naito CMLL matches have turned up on NJPW World at times, and it’s probably a better chance it’ll eventually turn up there than CMLL breaking from their normal practices.

In Japan, Naito’s been arguing the World Tag League, that next tour, is boring and so he has to make up for the poor effort of NJPW by creating his own drama. (NJPW fans seem to agree the WTL is boring.) Naito teases a big surprise partner every year as that missing hype. Two years ago, it was probably supposed to be Sombra, but it turned out to be EVIL since Sombra went to WWE. Last year was Rush’s return to NJPW. Rush makes the most sense again this year. Pierroth would be bad but hilarious. A new Ingobernable would be big news, especially since Rush has seemed to be pretty set on Los Ingobernables in CMLL being only him and Pierroth since La Mascara was fired. I don’t expect big things in the match itself because of the setup, but there’s a chance of a notable angle out of it.

Mr. Cacao will be on the 11/14 Tuesday show, and only that show. You’ll get to see that one

Atlantis talked with PubliMetro yesterday, which was billed as his first interview since being injured. His knee operation was on July 30th, and he’s hoping to return to the ring in late November or early December. He’s targeting a 2018 debut for his son; Atlantis wanted to help train him, and can’t do it until he’s healthy. Atlantis also teases a big project to be announced near the end of the year and to take place next year.

The director of Mexico’s Cineteca Nacional, the national institute in charge of preserving and honoring Mexico films, was asked if the organization would be honoring El Santo for his 100th birthday. The director said no, because Santo’s movies are bad. He acknowledged they were popular and made money, but felt they had no artistic value. You can imagine how well that one’s going over. Update: The reaction was strong enough that Cineteca Nacional is backing away from the statements of director and talking about honoring el Santo after all.

It’s way under the radar, but Volador Jr. is in the main event with recent AAA Llave a la Gloria winner The Tiger in Monclova today.

Wrestlers for The Crash will be on 12/25 show in Salon Citlali. Penta, Fenix, Latigo, Astrolux, Flamita, Arez, Black Terry and Skayde are among those on the poster; this is probably just using people who are already in Mexico City on that day.

Soberano hopes to be the first King of the Underworld.

Dave the Clown was the guest on this week’s Zona Ruda.

Segunda Caida resumes it’s watching of Lucha Underground again. More characters have been killed off in their reviews of this show than actually on the show at this point.

A new episode of Lucha Talk is up. I wish I could take credit for the title.

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