Pagano & Psycho win the 2017 LWC, Dragon Lee & Titan to NJPW, Dalys still champ

AAA TV (TUE) 10/10/2017 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan [AAA, MedioTiempoSPE]
Attendance: 873
1) Pagano & Psycho Clown b Cody Hall & Quiet Storm [Lucha World Cup, quarterfinal]
9:08. Psycho Clown beat Cody Hall via diving heabdutt.
2) Mil Muertes & Vampiro DQ Kendo Kashin & Nosawa [Lucha World Cup, quarterfinal]
6:09. Nosawa framed Vampiro for hitting Piero with a chair. Vampiro attacked the referee and chokeslammed a (AJPW???) trainee.
3) Marty Martinez & Son of Havoc b Hi69 & Taiji Ishimori [Lucha World Cup, quarterfinal]
8:11. Ishimori blocked a SSP to set up the win. Son of Havoc won best dive in this match.
4) Andrew Everett & DJZ b Aerostar & Drago [Lucha World Cup, quarterfinal]
7:51. Everett beat Drago with a 630 splash. This match was awarded best match.
5) Heidi Katrina, Recca, Taylor Adams b Danny Jones, Diego, Sumire Natasu
13:42. Katrina beat Natasu.
6) Pagano & Psycho Clown b Kendo Kashin & Nosawa [Lucha World Cup, semifinal]
5:14. Referee was taken out and Nosawa fouled Psycho. Vampiro inteferred to hit Nosawa with a chair to set up Psycho’s win.
7) Hi69 & Taiji Ishimori b Andrew Everett & DJZ [Lucha World Cup, semifinal]
Went to a time limit (10 minute.) Ishmori defeated DJZ in 2:11 of the overtime period.
8) King Cuerno b Angélico
11:08 via Thrill of the Hunt.
9) Pagano & Psycho Clown b Hi69 & Taiji Ishimori [Lucha World Cup, final]
6:38. Psycho beat Hi69 with a Canadian Destroyer. Taiji Ishimori, who has been in the tournament every year, won the best wrestler award.

This will air on SamuraiTV next Tuesday and should turn up on AAA TV sometime in the next month.

It appeared AAA used the same belt as last year, since the logos on it were for that year’s teams (TNA, the women’s groups.) Mexican boxing champion Tomoki Kameda presented it to Pagano & Psycho. AAA posted a video of them celebrating their win.

Taiji Ishimori said he was surprised to win the best wrestler award, though disappointed to again get so close to winning the competition and coming up short. Ishimori went out in round 1 in 2015, the semifinals last year, and the finals this year. Maybe next year is his year. DJZ/Everrett vs Aerostar/Drago was the best match, and Son of Havoc won an award that’s usually best dive but appears to be Best High Flyer this time around.

That reported attendance is about half what AAA did last year for their Star Battle show. The photos make it look worse; the bleachers are not even one-third full. Maybe the other side was more full. Last year’s show had Rey Mysterio and Pentagon Jr., this year’s did not because of the choices AAA made. If you want a much more harsh way of looking at it, it’s minuscule to what AAA’s been able to draw with this event in Mexico. This is a sponsor (Victoria) funded event and it seems like they ran in Japan because that’s what the sponsor wanted. If they’re happy wiht the turnout, then there’s no problem with it.

Vampiro did not take a pinfall loss on yesterday’s show. Vampiro did not take a pinfall loss on today’s show. Vampiro chokeslammed a trainee. Vampiro got his revenge. None of this matters. It is leading by example.

I won the prediction contest. That feels wrong.

AAA’s next taping is a week from Friday in Metepec.

CMLL (MON) 10/09/2017 Arena Puebla [CMLL]
1) Joker & Sombra Diabólika b Astro & Meyer LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 9  DE OCTUBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Diabolico and Joker had matching outfits. Rudos took 2/3.
2) Inquisidor & Rey Apocalipsis b Centella Roja & Tigre Rojo Jr. LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 9  DE OCTUBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Centella Roja Jr. replaced Oro Jr. Rudos took 1/3
3) Dalys © b Princesa Sugehit [CMLL WOMENLA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 9  DE OCTUBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Dalys took falls 2/3 to retain. 12th defense
4) Esfinge, Pegasso, Stigma b Cuatrero, Sansón, Virus LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 9  DE OCTUBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Tecnicos took 1/3, the first when the NGD were DQed for throwing tecnicos over the top rope. Esfinge & Stigma challenged to an Arena Coliseo Tag title defense next week.
5) Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. b Hechicero, Luciferno, Mephisto LA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 9  DE OCTUBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Hechicero replaced Ephesto. Tecnicos took 2/3.
6) Rush, Sam Adonis, Terrible b Euforia, Marco Corleone, Último Guerrero [Relevos IncreíblesLA MEJOR LUCHA LIBRE EN VIVO DESDE LA ARENA PUEBLA 9  DE OCTUBRE DEL 2017 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
Team Rush took falls 1/3, Rush beating Marco and challenging him to a title match next week. Marco accepted and punched him.

The two title programs they seemed to set up are actually happening, so that’s good. Sky Team match was alright but nothing must see with them getting back together.

Ephesto was also announced as missing today’s show in Guadalajara. Gran Guerrero will take his place. There’s no reason given.

Princesa Sugehit will get another shot at Dalys on the 10/25 REINA show.

Today’s CMLL Arena Mexico show is muy regular. Main event is Cavernario, Felino and Terrible against Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja and Valiente. CMLL seemed to be setting up a Cavernario/Niebla Roja match, and we’ll see if it got dropped when they decided to have Roja defend his title against Bucanero on Saturday. Drone, Guerrero Maya, and Titan take on Dragon Rojo, Rey Bucanero and Vangellys. Rey Cometa and Polvora in a lightning match should be pretty good. Misterioso, teaming with Sagrado & Distubrio, will steal the mask of Oro Jr., Pegasso or Fuego. There’s a women’s trios, and possibly the first streaming appearance of Flyer in months (but he missed the last match where that was set up.) The show airs at 7:30pm.

Rush won Mucha Lucha Atlanta’s title on Sunday.

Titan & Dragon Lee are the CMLL team in NJPW’s Super Junior Tag Team Tournament. They’ll be taking on Hiromu Takahashi & Bushi in the first round on October 23, which will air on NJPW World and be the main event of that show. The two teams split matches on the FantasticaMania tour back in January. The CMLL team never wins this tournament and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be different this time.

Dragon Lee & Titan will be wrestling in Japan at least from 10/18 to 11/05. The tour includes the two teaming with Kota Ibushi for the first time on a 10/29 show (which will also air on NJPW World.) They team with Lyger and Tiger Mask most of the tour.

DTU says wrestlers from Chicago’s Freelance will be part of a November tour. They announced dates on 11/03 from Tampico, 11/04 Panuco and 11/05 Poza Rica.

LuchaWorld has this week’s Poster-Mania.

This week’s +Lucha podcast has Justiciero as a guest talking about this weekend’s Coliseo Coacalco anniversary show and Rey Bucanero talking his wrestling school.


IWRG (SUN) 10/15/2017 Arena Naucalpan
1) ? vs ??
2) Súper Brazo Jr. vs Tackle
3) Violencia Jr. vs Taylor Wolf
4) Leo, Mike, Rafy, Teelo vs Liderk, Rayan, Spartan, Spector
5) Aramis, Black Terry, Hijo del Alebrije vs Eterno, Ovett, Toxin
6) Black Dragón, Dinamic Black, Dragón Fly vs Diablo Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Imposible
7) Bombero Infernal, Hijo De Dos Caras, Veneno vs Capo Del Norte, Capo Del Sur, Máscara Año 2000 Jr.

This is the Box Y Lucha version; IWRG hasn’t posted the card yet, but it’s likely to change since some of the Ninja Turtles missed this week’s show. Mascara’s two friends actually get in match. So does Liderk, the long forgotten fourth member of Comando Elite who hasn’t been in IWRG in two years (and only popped up in the indies when they needed a fourth man; he’s obviously someone pulling double duty.)

CMLL (MON) 10/16/2017 Arena Puebla
1) Centella Roja & Hijo de Centella Roja vs Ares & El Perverso
2) Lestat & Millenium vs El Malayo & Fuerza Chicana
3) Asturiano, Eléctrico, Stukita vs Guerrero Espacial, Joker, Mercurio
4) Cuatrero & Sansón © vs Esfinge & Stigma [Arena Coliseo TAG]
first defense
5) Carístico, Mistico, Volador Jr. vs Mephisto, Rey Bucanero, Terrible
6) Marco Corleone © vs Rush [CMLL HEAVY]
fifth defense

Rush is going to win this title someday, but I’d be surprised if it happens in Puebla. Marco’s been champion since June, and five title defenses is more than you’d expect in a normal group. It’s much more than you’d expect in CMLL. CMLL gets really into defenses from a specific title for a while and then forgets about it (see Dragon Lee).

Team Legacy Kids winning the tag titles only makes sense if they’ve decided Cuatrero & Sanson already have better things to do than hold the ugly red belts.

AAA (FRI) 10/13/2017 Gimnasio de la Unidad Lopez Mateos, Guadalajara, Jalisco
1) Roberto Paz, Shyru Dragón, Tony Rodríguez vs Caim, Mr. Power, Rudy Santana
2) Angelikal & Hijo Del Vikingo vs Draego & Estrella Oriental Jr.
3) Lanzelot, Rayman, Ricky Marvin vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Makabre
4) Averno & Chessman vs Argenis & Gronda

Full card for the charity show taking place this week in Guadalajara.

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  1. Is there a reason why CMLL wrestlers are no longer on ROH shows?

    I’m guessing Kalisto won the belt on RAW last night in support of the upcoming South and Central American tour which includes some dates in Mexico. Now they can send him on a media tour as a champion and he speaks espanol. Plus his mask got a makeover so they’re probably thinking merch ops too.

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