2017 watch later catch up, part 7 of ∞


he did land flat

Laredo Kid vs Daga
(Martinez @ Turf Zone Arena, Kennedale, Texas on 02/18, 10:07, good, via Martinez Entertaiment)

A fun novelty to see these two, who strangely haven’t crossed paths before and aren’t really running into each other even on the indies this year, have their first ever singles match. Daga’s just out of AAA and still seems not up to be at indie speed – he and Laredo are fast against each other, but it slows down as Daga takes control later – and wrestling as the rudo while playing up to the crowd. The action is pretty good, it doesn’t build like you’d hope, but is perfectly enjoyable in a lightning match sort of context. The other novelty is this is a professional produced lucha libre (well, Texas) video, with a hard camera and one announcer. The announcer tries, but seems young and unfamiliar with these guys.

Daga was happy with that dropkick
Laredo reverse ‘rana

Prayer vs Virus
(Lucha Memes @ Arena Coliseo San Ramón on 03/25, 20:51, good, via +LuchaTV)

This match gave the fans what they wanted to see of Virus, though it wasn’t totally enjoyable to me. Virus wasn’t playing Prayer, but it feels at times look a long one side matches match. Prayer was matching holds with Virus if you counted the number of holds, but it was more like Prayer would get a reversal, and then Virus would quickly reverse it back to his hold for a much longer period of time. The exasperation on Prayer’s face as Virus traps him in a kneebar was amusing, he had enough of this and was just trying to survive, and he still had ten more minutes to go. I liked the stretch muffler/double armbar fight, and I would’ve liked this more if it felt like they were more in danger in this hold than just trading them.

even when Prayer thinks he’s got the advantage, Virus barely moves and he’s able to reverse it.

Toxin Boy vs Arkalis
(Lucha Memes @ Arena Coliseo San Ramón on 03/25, 20:19, good, via +LuchaTV)

A cool move exhibition lacking some substance. Toxin Boy is not the most polished luchador and Arkalis too, so sometimes looked shaky. Arkalis did get to look much more exciting than in his usual Puebla appearances, and he and Toxin were willing to do crazy things. Toxin’ diving senton to the floor turned out to be safer then it looked at first, but it still wasn’t that safe. The bigger problem with the match was the match never really developed beyond turn taking, which kind of limits the excitement. It was also slower than you’re expected, with both guys pausing to play to the crowd that stalls out of the match. The start of the match was an unexpectedly really good exchange of holds, and it still was overall good, but it had potential to be more.

Toxin looked wild

Glenn Calavera & Jerry Calavera vs Corsario Negro Jr. & Drako and Rayo Star & Toxin Boy
(LuchaRama @ Faro de Oriente on 04/08, 11:56, good, via RUDO VISION)

This is clipped, but what we get to see is pretty fun. I came close to recommending it. Corsario & Drako are good as big guys who can throw around their usual smaller opposition, Rayo & Toxin have one of their more solid days in what we saw (though a Toxin corner dropkick does miss by a mile), but the Calaveras stuck out as a great team. They’ve got fun offense that they’re willing to throw themselves around for, but they’re also just as entertaining selling for the opponents. Their dizzy, drunken stumbles stick out in a positive fashion, and it makes them worth watching the entire match long. They have different strengthens – Jerry’s the flyer of the two – and they’ve gotten really good working together in what seems like a short time. This is just a fun big spot match under a tent where everyone gets their moments, but I think the Calaveras probably could put together something on a MOTYC level given the right setting and opponents. I’m ok with these until they get there. The Spanish Fly spot to the floor was crazy, and the finish belongs in the phantom of copout lucha libre finishes.

Corsario Negro Jr. as bulldozer
double team crush
Spanish Fly onto everyone

Hijo de LA Park vs Galactar [US JUNIOR]
(MDA @ Arena Coliseo Monterrey on 05/07, 18:50, ok, via +LuchaTV)

At about 9 minutes in, I’m wondering why this match was on my list. Did I make a typo? Did someone else make a typo? Hijo de LA Park wakes up things with a tope, but it never really gets going for me. Galactar has a couple of nice moments and picks up late as he settles into the rudo role, but the takeaway from this match is how far Park has come as a wrestler. He was a non-entity starting out, but has improved to the point where he can be part of a good match. He can move around the ring better and shows a little bit of personality. The touring schedule he’s had didn’t seem like it would make it easy for him to develop, but Park’s figured some thing out. He came off here as a guy who belonged on shows even without his father, which you can say about a lot of juniors.

skeleton tope
Galactar runs into a superkick

Séptimo Dragón vs EternoSuicidaBelialFreelanceMiedo ExtremoArezEmperador AztecaAtomic StarNinja de FuegoDrastik Boy
(LLB @ Arena Naucalpan on 05/19, 17:34, good, via TKD117)

A fast paced multiman match, only slowing down for usual partners facing off. The action is generally really good, with even the usual cliches (everyone gets in a big move! Time for everyone to dive!) being executed pretty well. Freelance and Suicide steal the match when they’re in. This seems like a match that’d be even better live with the chaos going around Naucalpan. Winner comes out of nowhere; didn’t seem like he was a big part of the match until the end. That may the problem with this match: there’s so many people involved that they can’t do anything justice.

Freelance springboard headscissors into an armdrag
Miedo Extremo and Ciclope do bad things to each other