CMLL on 2017-10-06

all sorts of dive

Recapped: 10/06/2017

All matches aired live from Arena México


Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro beat Fantasy & Acero
(13:54 [6:05, 3:46, 4:03], 1/3, below average)

Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, The Panther beat Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Vangellys
(15:46 [6:01, 2:15, 7:30], 1/3, ok)

Hechicero beat Valiente in a lightning match
(9:03, rolling half crab, good)

Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas beat  Pierroth, Rush, Sam Adonis in a relevos increíbles match
(7:57 [4:41, 3:16], 1/2 DQ, ok)

Dragón Lee, Mistico, Soberano Jr. beat Luciferno, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero
(13:47 [3:07, 3:37, 7:03], 2/3, good)

Carístico, Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone beat  Gran Guerrero, Shocker, Último Guerrero
(10:26 [4:14, 1:58, 4:14], 2/3, ok)

What happened:

Fuego on fire

Leyenda de Plata and the Dia de los Muertos shows were officially announced as coming soon.

Sam and Los Ingobernables beat up Casas after the match and made scissors motions to his hair.

Misteroso tried to snatch The Pantehr’s mask after the match, only for Panther and his brother to take Misterioso’s mask.

Fantasy & Acero replaced Shockercito & Stukita.


all of Valiente

The main event had a couple big spots at the end of each fall but didn’t do a whole lot for me. The match that preceded it was easily better, and lots of this felt like going thru the usual motions for a main event. Gran Guerrero getting lost on a submission was amusing. Diamante’s big moves look impressive. Two Mistico’s running to end the matches was amusing.

The semimain was a lot of fun, and one that got better as the match went on. The rudo team did not look particularly promising, but they were up for everything the técnicos tried and had a few idea of their own. It was really more the técnicos sticking with their usual stuff, but their usual stuff looked superb. The triple dive was really good, Soberano’s finishing tornillo went better this week, and Dragon Lee’s over the top headscissors felt like it came out of nowhere. Definitely worth checking out.

The fourth match was a very one dimensional brawl. It never got much behind that, and the brawling never was so great to make this compelling. Casas wasn’t really selling for Sam like he has in other situations. Cavernario seems like someone who would be fun for Rush to fight, but again he looked so much more into his short exchange with Casas. Pierroth is not good.

Valiente/Hechicero was an enjoyable lightning match. Not the top thing I think they can do, but maybe I’m expecting too much from 2017 Valiente in singles matches. He did his big dives, he took Hechicero’s big stuff, that’s probably a fair expectation. The Valiente special looked great, as did Hechicero’s escape into a German suplex. The moonsault catch didn’t go so great, but I was just delighted Hechicero actually won after not getting the pin on the conjuro.

operation dragon

Sagrado was really good on the rudo team and the match could’ve been better with two better partners. Misterioso’s act is very slight, and Vangellys was offering up low impact spears. Crowd loved Fuego and his headscissors to the floor looked cool. The Panther continues to work on the dragon screws; they’re not great, but just trying to work on something makes him in the upper half here.

The opener was the secret surprise Fantasy appearance of this week. Blessed is not the word I would use to describe the feeling. These are the two least colorful mini técnicos in CMLL and they were no different here. Fantasy is really a super solid guy but even his flashy moves are somehow boring. Pequeño Nitro’s headscissors was a cooler spot than any of the técnicos. Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro didn’t totally mail it in, but they didn’t keep it much interesting when they took control of the match for most of the second fall.

I forgot the name already