CMLL Friday night return lineup announced, Heroes Inmortales Sunday


CMLL’s posted their lineup for next week

CMLL (FRI) 10/06/2017 Arena México
1) Shockercito & Stukita vs Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro
2) Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, The Panther vs Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Vangellys
3) Valiente vs Hechicero [lightning]
4) Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas vs Pierroth, Rush, Sam Adonis [Relevos Increíbles]
5) Dragón Lee, Mistico, Soberano Jr. vs Luciferno, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero
6) Carístico, Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone vs Gran Guerrero, Shocker, Último Guerrero

It’s leaning towards a regular show, with maybe the guys in the fifth match bumping out guys (or women) who would be in the second match. Getting the stars work is going to be the short term priority. They’re picking up as if they haven’t been missing for weeks, with the Negro Casas/Sam Adonis feud seemingly heading to a big match on 10/28 or 11/04.

CMLL’s not posted a lineup for Friday yet. They have put up the usual video preview, with Sagrado announcing Ultimo Guerrero, Mistico, Negro Casas, Dragon Lee, Barbaro Cavernario and Soberano for the show. Ovaciones says the planned main event is Caristico, Marco Corleone, and Diamante Azul vs Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero and Shocker.

CMLL’s also put up the Zeuxis/Princesa Sugehit mask match.

Heroes Inmortales is this Sunday. It does not appear to be streaming. AAA clearly told the announcers to push the idea of the show airing on Twitch, so something happened (or didn’t happen) this week. It will turn up on TV starting about two weeks from now.

The full card is here.  The listed start time is 6pm CT, which means 6:40 on AAA’s clock. AAA had said they were doing Hall of Fame inductees at this show prior to TripleMania, but there’s been no mention of those in the leadup. Some thoughts on the matches they did mention.

  1. The Reina de Reinas title has never meant as much to the fans as the person who’s holding it at that moment (usually due to promotional lack of interest.) It would probably mean a lot to Lady Shani to win but would not make her much bigger of a star to the fans if she did it like that. If Ayako is going to available for a while, or even just for the major shows, it’d be better for Hamada to win and Shani to chase for a while. If not, it’s not like Shani’s winning is any worse for that title than it was before. My hunch is Shani is going to win so AAA can say they’re getting it right now, but they would’ve largely missed the point.
  2. Likewise, the Cruiserweight championship doesn’t mean much because AAA’s given up on caring about it for months (years?) at a time. I feel the opposite of the women’s title situation here: Hijo del Vikingo should win it right away, to immediately establish him as someone fans need to pay attention too and not just one guy in pack of new names. There’s no one really to chase and AAA needs all the new names it can get. Mascara de Bronce seems more likely to win, but it would be counterproductive given how much he’s been destroyed on TV – it would make the Cruiserweight Title a jobber title, and there’s no need for that. Either way, the multiman match should be exciting, and Mundo losing a title here probably tells the tale for the rest of his title matches.
  3. There’s more interesting possibilities with Poder del Norte as trios champs – AAA has limitless combinations of tecnicos they could throw together as a team to face them – and I think they’re getting it as a reward for their mask loss. It would mean that no one’s in that Golden Opportunity had anything work out for them: Venum lost the mixed tag title match, Lanzelot lost in the Copa TripleMania, Raptor would lose his trios title match, and Mascara de Bronce never even got his shot.
  4. The Latin American Title match is the hardest one to pick. Texano & Fantasma don’t especially need it, though it would add to the importance of the championship if it was part of a feud that heated. Psycho Clown doesn’t really need it, and should be focusing on whoever wins the last title match. It could be a La Parka prize, it could be something sent to Impact as part of the cross over promotion. Escorpion and Marty are both doing a lot right now and wouldn’t be outrageous winners. I have no feel for this at all.
  5. Rey Wagner beating Johnny Mundo, giving AAA a setup to do another Wagner/Psycho match at Guerra de Titanes, seems like the easiest way to go. (It also leaves Mundo up to face Vampiro, or Mundo to just go home, or maybe both.) These two don’t seem like they’d mesh well on paper, but the crowd is going to be into Wagner anyway. Mundo should be able to hide in the other two matches but they’re asking a lot out of him.
  6. Lucha cage matches are dumb. Dome cage matches are dumb. I presume Ricky Marvin is losing because any other outcome would be dumb.
  7. Joe Lider has not won a match on AAA TV since April. I don’t think that’s changing, but it seems a pretty strong hint that AAA had no plans to put Lider on TV until their attempt at doing a draw/non finish at TripleMania bombed. Lider’s there to do stuff no one else would agree to do, and to let this feud keep going until Guerra de Titanes.

It’s another slow weekend. Today’s shows include

Sunday has

AAA Japan announced a bunch of matches for the 10/09 Lucha Underground show in Tokyo, prior to the World Cup

This show is expected to air as highlights on SamuraiTV. It’s unclear if it’ll air any other way.

In something just announced a couple days ago, Dulce Garcia (Sexy Star) has a boxing match tonight. It’ll air in Mexico on Televisa Deportes. She’s facing a 0-1 fighter who just fought about six weeks ago. People who know boxing say Dulce was unimpressive in her first match and needs to do better this time.

Lucha Underground has Catrina and Ivelisse promos for their match next week.

Rio Grande’s The Monitor has an interview with Penta Zero M before his match there against Ultimo Ninja & MechaWolf on 10/21.

Powerbomb.TV has a Puma King promo for his 10/22 match against John Silver.

Segunda Caida reviews a couple lucha matches from eariler this year.