como estaz 4×15: hell of war

Rob and I finally return to talk about the best match on this Lucha Underground season, CMLL being on hiatus, AAA’s recent shows, and The Crash’s upcoming ones. This podcast goes about 100 minutes, no matter how many times I say it went two hours.

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The audio gets unbalanced later on. I know what’s going wrong now at least, maybe I’ll get it right someday.

Rob’s Mexico schedule:


3 thoughts to “como estaz 4×15: hell of war”

  1. It’s strange to see so many people who hate hardcore/garbage/deathmatches losing their shit over Fox/Killshot

    I don’t see Dorada doing the ex-WWE tour thing. think he’ll head back to CMLL

  2. Danielson probably will be a draw. Sam Adonis’s Trump character got them extra press and seemed to bring at least a few more fans. Danielson wrestling in CMLL would get the same novelty interest at the least, and would helpfully feed narratives about Mexico/CMLL being the best in the world, because even a WWE champion dreams about wrestling there.

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