lucha TV preview for weekend of September 22nd

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CMLL streams are off until they’re not. Friday seems definitely out. Arena Puebla usually sends out their poster on Saturdays, so maybe we’ll find out if they’re postponed around then. There’s not a lineup for Tuesday at this point. No idea of IWRG will be running either. It’s going to be weird to go two straight Fridays without a CMLL show. Hopefully it’s only two.

(Guadalajara should air like normal. I really should add Guadalajara to this list, but I’m sure the feed will stop working again as soon as I do.)

CMLL Azteca should air the Anniversario mask matches, if you skipped out on the iPPV. Not sure what they do next week.

AAA was taped weeks ago in Irapuato, and has actually aired started airing on Impact. That’s a difficulty in figuring out these things: it’s tough to tell what’s meant to being taped for the US TV or the Mexico one, or if it’s for both. I assume the show is airing like normal but that may be a bad assumption.

Lucha Underground is airing. I was at all the remaining episodes, a long time ago. The Killshot/Dante Fox is insane, on the level of the first Grave Consequences and the Cero Miedo match. It was an incredible experience live, and one I hope translates just as well to video. You should try to go out of your way to see this match yourself, because I think you’ll end up seeing a half dozen GIFs of it anyway.

CMLL collecting supplies at Arena Mexico, Dia de Luchador


CMLL continues to collect supplies at Arena Mexico, something AAA is also promoting. They’re looking for medical supplies (gauze, antibiotics, syringes) and digging supplies (shovels, hammers, lanterns). Luchadors are taking photos with anyone who drops items off. Daga & Fenix will be doing the same at Blue Demon’s store and the Traumas will be doing the same at Solar’s store in the same neighborhood. Arena Naucalpan will also be collection donated supplies, as well Arena San Juan. NJPW will be raising money for Mexico at their shows, with the proceeds given to the Red Cross. Other wrestlers are helping out around Mexico City and the other areas affected by the earthquake.

All CMLL shows in Mexico City are postponed until further word. Mexico City’s government has asked all sports/entertainment events to be canceled while the city is in a state of emergency. The CMLL arenas have been inspected and are OK to use once the state of emergency is lifted, but there’s no word of when the state of emergency will end. All soccer games and other events scheduled for this weekend have already been canceled. Nothing is confirmed for CMLL at this point; it figures they’ll probably also not run this weekend but, if the government says people can start running shows sometime this weekend, they’ll probably start running that day. I wouldn’t expect them to be running any shows until Tuesday, but nothing’s been ruled out.

There’s been no talk about Arena Puebla. That area was closer to the epicenter and there’s video of buildings damaged in the same area of the city as the arena. It sounds like the building itself was OK, but I wouldn’t plan on them holding a show on Monday.

AAA’s taping this Saturday in Hard Rock Riveria Maya sounds like it’s still on. That area was far away from the unaffected by the earthquake. AAA had heavily promoted the vacation trips for months. It’ll go on, but probably a different atmosphere.

DTU’s next few shows happened to be scheduled in places unaffected by the earthquake, so they’ll go on tonight in Xalapa and with their other Veracruz show this weekend. They’ll be collection donations for the victims. Indie promotions in Cancun are running a lucha libre marathon, entry free with a donation of food. A lot of other shows around lucha libre are doing similar things.

Today happens to be Dia de Lucha Libre in Mexico. The holiday was set up by the work of the since deceased Brazo de Oro with the Mexican senate, with the idea of making it an annual event. The concept of luchadors has a different meaning this week, as Apolo Valdes writes about, but it seemed like CMLL had already forgotten it before the earthquake.

WWE sent out a survey to current and former network subscribers about possible additions to the network. The possibility of a lucha libre tournament was mentioned, but so were dozens of other ideas; it looks like they were including every idea they had, even those which would be unlikely to pull off. A lucha libre tournament seems like it fits in that category; it has so little chance of happening. WWE doing a lucha libre tournament seems like a style disaster, but it would give fresh exposure to lots of people who would never ever otherwise get it.

This week’s WON says Konnan pitched an idea for Rey Celestial to be the new La Parkita when he was in AAA, but he could never get it approved.

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