Niebla Roja/Gran Guerrero rematch, Rey Mysterio & Hijo del Santo team, KaientaiDojo

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LLT (SUN) 09/17/2017 Cicero Stadium, Cicero, Illinois [thecubsfan, YoDeportes]
1) Chris Michael & Rey b Blue & Dante Dvs
2) Alonzo & Guiterrez b Tony Scarpone & Wild Liger
3) Zafiro (Chihuahua) b Kendra (Illinois)Nataly SensacionCalamity JaneLuna Mágica
4) Love International, Octagoncito (original), Payaso Cocoliso, Vengador Futuro b ?, Destructor, Destructor Jr., Eros
5) Huracán Ramírez Jr. & Tritón b Skayde & X-Fly Skayde & X-Fly vs Huracán Ramírez Jr. & Tritón (posted by thecubsfan)
6) Discovery, El Hijo Del Santo, Rey Mysterio Jr. b Dr. Cerebro, Súper Crazy, Yakuza Discovery, El Hijo Del Santo, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Dr. Cerebro, Súper Crazy, Yakuza (posted by thecubsfan) Hijo del Santo y Rey Misterio Jr. triunfan en Chicago (posted by

Most of the undercard names are totally, totally wrong. But so was the women’s match, where it appeared the lucha talent wanted nothing to do with the local woman and then the lucha women didn’t really work well with each other, and then Zafiro & Sensacion did a promo bit forever that went nowhere and accomplished nothing and I accomplished some reading. Always bring a book or a friend to a indie lucha libre show.

You know what was good in the undercard? I have no idea who “Alonzo” is (and only knew that much because it was on his gear), but he’s stood out as really good. A random Octagoncito appearance was nice to see, and he was leaps and bounds better than the other people in the match. Rey Horus was not seen; he was advertised, so maybe he was still hurt from PWG (but it didn’t stop him from working in New York last week so I dunno.)

Main event was, as best I can tell, the first time Rey Mysterio and Hijo del Santo have teamed up in 16 years – back during Rey’s bucket list CMLL run in 2001. They both gave a fair effort for this level of show (about half full at very expensive tickets); I was surprised to see Santo do the flip senton off the top to set up a tope on the floor spot. People treated Santo like a big deal but Rey was definitely the bigger star for this crew. Super Crazy did a good job of leading things on the rudo side and then vanished the moment the match was over.

He missed them doing a bit with Santo and Cerebro about Cerbero wrestling the match with a mask. Cerebro brought up the five year rule, they talked a while longer, and then they did the 10 second mask match bit with Cerebro running off instead of getting unmasked. Santo objected to someone who lost his mask putting it back on, but he later clarified to Rey that he was exempt. Rey was cool with it.

IWRG (SUN) 09/17/2017 Arena Naucalpan [@TKD_117, +LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Lunatic Xtreme & Skanda b Ángel Celestial & Hijo Del Bombero
Hijo del Bombero replaced Celestial Boy (injury). Straight falls.
2) Pantera I © b Aramis [IWRG IC Light]
second defense. Panthera took falls 1/3 to retain.
3) Eterno b Relámpago © [IWRG IC MIDDLE]
second defense. The power went out during the third fall of this match. Eterno took falls 2/3 to win the title.
4) Imposible © b Súper Mega [IWRG Rey del Ring]
third defense (all vs Mega, last went to a draw). Imposible took 1/3 to retain.
5) Emperador Azteca © b Hijo del Pantera [IWRG IC WELTER]
second defense
6) Black Warrior & Warrior Jr. © b Herodes Jr. & Máscara Año 2000 Jr. [IWRG IC TAG]
first defense. Warriors took falls 1/3 to retain. Herodes & Mascara fought each other after the match. Two mystery men showed up to help Mascara Jr. against Herodes. The power went out a second time early on.

The power outage seemed to be because of the storm, because it likely means most (or all) of this show doesn’t end up airing.

IWRG results have Celestial Boy, instead of Angel Celestial, but Celestial Boy is in a neck brace following an injury on a Coacalo show last week. He may be out a long time.

Niebla Roja gets another shot at Gran Guerrero tonight in Arena Puebla. They’re the main event in a single match, following the mask match on Saturday.  It’s the highlight match of an otherwise normal card.

Caristico, Dragon Lee and Soberano are a good tecnico team, but are facing Kojima, Mr. Niebla and Negro Casas. The NGD face Esfinge, Stigma, Stuka. Sugehit and Zeuxis rematch in a woman’s trio, with Marcela, Lady Maravilla (replacing Skadi), Dalys and La Comandante round out the match. Canelo Casas continues to be MIA, with King Jaguar stepping in for him again to team with Disturbio against Black Tiger & Espiritu Maligno. The Centella Rojas face Guerrero Espacial & Sombra Diabolika in the opener. The show will air at 9pm on CMLL’s YouTube,

Rey Celestial, real name Oscar Leonardo Torres Parra, died after being hit by a car just a few minutes before the Canelo fight started Saturday night. The driver drove away, and the only information they have is the car was white and his rear view mirror. He leaves behind a young daughter. He’ll be buried today.


The Eli Drake/Mascara de Bronce match airs on Impact this week. Impact’s PPV and next set of tapings will be taped in Ottawa, with Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano and Texano scheduled to appear.

CultIcon finishes his history of CMLL pieces.

Atlantis, Shocker and Daniel Aceves were part of a food drive for those affected by the recent earthquake.

Lucha Libre in Japan

09/18 KDojo:
Sammy Guevara beat Taishi Takizawa, Daigoro Kashiwa and Dicky Maye
TAKA Michinoku & Black Terry beat Tank Nagai & Kyu Mogami
Douki beat Syrus in the main event

It sounds like all the lucha matches went well. Douki is going for the title. TAKA liked teaming with Terry.


XXX (FRI) 10/06/2017 Arena Naucalpan
1) Hijo De Cadáver vs Enjambre Jr.Hikuri
2) Broken & Dollar vs Golden & Hijo Del Ángel and Kroos & Terremoto
3) Mini Rey Misterio vs PentagoncitoBlack Shadito
4) Oriental vs Guerrero Siam
lucha libre vs MMA
5) Jack Evans vs Villano III Jr.TiagoGrond XXXBlack TaurusDecnnisSharly RockstarHijo del Lizmark [mask, hair]

This is a weird Naucalpan lineup that turned up over the weekend. I hope XXX Promotions means this a Gronda run show. I guess Tiago is the favorite to lose in the main event but Decnnis and Sharly aren’t impossible.