CMLL Anniversary one day away, not much today

here’s a reminder of Niebla Roja’s finish, in case it should become something you need to know later.

It’s a strangely quiet Friday. There’s no CMLL show, with the Anniversario taking place tomorrow. The bigger shows are outside of Mexico: the Rockstar Pro/Chilanga Mask show in Dayton, Ohio and a Rey Mysterio led show at a casino in San Diego.

Again, that iPPV is tomorrow in Mexico at 5pm CT. You can see the start time where you live here. There’s still plenty of floor seats available over on Ticketmaster.

MedioTiempo talks about the history of what day the Anniversary show has been held on. I write a little about this in a preview going up on Voices of Wrestling, but I wonder if CMLL might permanently attach this show to Independence Day. It would seem like a good idea if they can draw with this card, and most of their biggest shows are now held on or about holidays. The Dia de Muertos shows are coming up (and would be a logical place for an Adonis/Casas match if that’s the direction), and CMLL will also hold big shows on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 09/16 falls on Sunday next year, a more traditional CMLL day where they could pull this off again.

La Informa has an interview with Gran Guerrero, who sees Saturday’s match as a way to make his own name. The article claims Gran Guerrero wrestled as Ultimo Guerrero Junior briefly between being Taurus & Gran Guerrero, which did not actually happen. Princesa Sugehit sees her mask match as a way to cap an excellent year. Zeuxis says she doesn’t know how she’d go on without her mask.

In probably misleading statistics, CMLL’s Twitter post for Princesa Sugehit & Zeuxis got a lot more favorites & RTs than the one for Niebla Roja & Gran Guerrero. The women’s match and men’s match are much closer on Facebook (and much more responded to in general.)

AAA posted photos and video of their work with the Red Cross yesterday. 3 tons of products were donated.

One more team was announced for the Lucha World Cup

1: Mexico (AAA): TBA
2: Mexico (LU): TBA
3: USA (NOAH): Cody Hall & Quiet Storm
4: USA (LU): TBA
5: Japan (NOAH): Taiji Ishimori & HI69
6: International (IGF): NOSAWA & Kendo Kashin – new and not really international
7: International (LU): TBA
8: UK/New Zealand (FREE?): TBA

Sexy Star is also no longer appearing on these shows. That seemed certain once AAA took the Reina de Reinas titles back. AAA still hasn’t acknowledged this show.

Kaho Kobayashi won the REINA International Junior Championship (Keyra’s old title) on the REINA show today.

Impact/GFW teased holding their Bound for Glory PPV in England, which would explain why Super Fly mentioned AAA wrestlers would soon be going there – but PWInsider says it’s a weird fakeout and they won’t actually be in the UK.

An English language El Desperado interview on NJPW’s site brings up Coliseo Coacalco in passing. Desperado calls the ring and the locker room terrible as part of a larger point that it doesn’t matter how bad the situation is (with Coacalco being put up there as pretty bad), it’s still wrestling and he’s still giving it his all.

I happened to be getting thru some podcast backlog today and heard Drew Galloway/McInteyre on Chris Jericho’s show. Drew talks about all the difference places he wrestled during his hiatus and AAA immediately springs to mind when he’s talking about the worst rings. He worked a Lucha World Cup and those Viva el Rey tour shows in 2015. I think Mexican wrestlers are used to these situations because they haven’t experienced anything also, but they should know that everyone outside of Mexico has a poor impression of Mexican wrestling because of the conditions they’re asked to work in.

Voices of Wrestling has JR Goldberg writing about Negro Casas and El Hijo del Santo.

Aerostar faces Steve Pain in LA on 10/22. The two had what’s said to be a great dark in Lucah Underground and matched up well in AAA when Pain was still there.

Mecha Wolf/Mr. 450 was cleared in of domestic violence, stemming from an incident that happened back in March.

CultIcon continues his history of CMLL.

Sensacional de Luchadors continues interview Aeroboy with talk about ChilangaMask & CZW.

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