The Crash: 2017-06-02 

Fenix gets some help on this splash

Recapped: 09/09/2017

All matches were taped at Auditorio de Tijuana on June 2, 2017


Arkángel Divino © vs Látigo [The Crash JUNIOR]
(9:28, good, via

Felt like a CMLL lightning match of a few years ago, with a bunch of dives and some in ring action to space them out. (Usually didn’t have a C4 on the floor.) Latigo did a good job of working with Arkangel up until the finish, where the headscissors did not work at all. At least they kept the armbar on a while to make it look like that was the point. Arkangel doesn’t stick out as much without the super move he can only do with Último Maldito, but he did have a few other impressive spots and this was steadier than most singles matches they’d put out there for an opener.

Latigo’s corner tornillo looked nice.
a rare dive to this side of the ring

Oráculo vs Black Danger vs Jonathan vs Black Boy vs Último Maldito
(6:57, good, via

Usual Crash multman, where it has moments of looking really looking state of the art and moments where everything looks is missing. This time, it was the first few moments where everything seemed like it was clicking and things broke down a bit as they tired out. It didn’t go as long as other ones of these might, but they did mange to fit some good highlights. It’s hard to totally keep track of who is who given he video quality, but Jonathan is easy to ID because he’s the one with no mask and he did well, and I think it was Black Danger had a cool dive.

organized chaos to start the match

Flamita © vs Rey Horus [The Crash CRUISER]
(13:03, good, via

Flamita & Rey Horus worked the right match for the occasion. It’s rare to see rudo Flamita, but he did a great job with it and the crowd wanted to root for Horuz in this match when he finally made his comeback. They meshed pretty well together on their big moves. Thirteen minutes for a midcard singles match on The Crash show is an appropriate amount of time, but here it felt like way too soon. This was a borderline grade for me; they were getting to a great match but seemed cut short before they got there.

this is a simple senton done well and felt rudo-ish
Horuz over the post

Jack Evans & Zorro vs Bestia 666 & Hijo de Pirata Morgan
(9:00, good, via  

There was nothing extraordinary in this one, but it still was a solid indie lucha libre tag match. Bestia had a few misses and Pirata was probably not supposed to land really hard on his shoulder, but most things seem like they went like they planned. Bestia and Jack have good chemistry, though the crowd might not be behind who they want them to behind. Zorro seems a lot more interesting when you go months without seeing him: the cane shot flurry stands out as really good when you’re not numb to seeing it every other week. His dive was a surprise too.

Pirata lived
Jack twisting 450

Penta Zero M & The King vs Black Terry & Skayde
(15:02, great, via

What Happened: Máximo & La Mascara debut after the match to attack Penta and Fenix.

There were four men in the semifinal, all did pretty well, but Black Terry really shined. He took absurd amount of hard shots for a person of any age, and made his survival more convincing every moment. GIFs don’t really capture how hard those slaps and chops look, and he fought back harder. Fenix & Penta were obviously into working with the legends and gave them a lot, but Skayde & Terry felt like they belonged in there. The pace didn’t need to slow down to accommodate them, Fenix and Penta didn’t reduce what they did or tone done how they did it. The only thing was missing would’ve been a home crowd to root them on longer. (Terry/Penta in a singles match in Naucalpan would have crazy reactions.) It seemed like people were confused going into the finish and Terry might have been part of it, but it didn’t really matter much to me because his tough guy performance the rest of the match was so astounding to watch. The Mascara/Maximo bit was obviously the priority here but it was too bad it denied the a moment to give those guys an ovation before sending them off. This match had some flaws but is definitely worth a watch.

I’m not sure Skayde helped
Black Terry reclaims his move

Daga, Garza Jr., Rey Mysterio 619 vs Damián 666, Mr. Águila, Nicho el Millionario
(13:49, good, via
What Happened: Máximo, La Mascara and a masked X-Fly attack after the match, but X-Fly turns on Mascara and Máximo as do the rudos. After a standoff with the invaders, everyone ends up in the ring to honor Nicho for his final show before going in for surgery.

Review: The main event was more a legends tribute match than an interesting match on it’s own, a chance to do a little bit of Rey Mysterio/Nicho now because who knows where Rey will be by the time Nicho’s back in the ring. It was a slow paced match because Nicho’s not the only guy on his side not moving well, and it was mostly worthwhile for the nostalgia. Rey looked like the best guy in the match.

Mr. Aguila being weird
Daga & Garza do lame looking topes, Rey is much more cool