Mexico vs the World in Puebla tonight, IWRG, Pagano to DTU, Sexy Star

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG (SUN) 08/27/2017 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), The Gladiatores]
1) Power Bull b Celestial Boy
2) Demonio Infernal, Hijo Del Bombero, Shadow Boy b Lunatic Xtreme, Skanda, Toxin
3) Hijo del Pantera b Emperador Azteca
Pantera has now beaten Azteca in 3 singles matches since July 27th and, like both previous matches, Pantera wants a title match and Azteca was a mask match.
4) Bombero Infernal, Chico Che, Leo, Rafy vs Eterno, Gallo Frances, Internacional Pantera, Kanon
straight falls. Bombero wants a hair match next week but Etenro said no – in the ring only, because he was said to have accepted later.
5) Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Trauma I, Trauma II b Danny Casas, Golden Magic, Villano III Jr.
Golden Magic & Villano III Jr. had problems.
6) Mr. Electro DQ Villano V Jr. [IWRG IC HEAVY]
2nd defense. DQ win after all the Villanos interfered.

The main event doesn’t sound like it was good, but JMG says it actually was. Golden Magic and Villano III Jr. feuding somehow how set up a Villano III/Impossible match.

I thought AAA said TripleMania would only be up for 24 hours, but maybe they meant it’d be available 24 hours a day? I dunno, but I know it’s still up and most Twitch videos are up for 30 days. EDIT: The link still works, but you need to be Twitch subscriber ($5/month) to be able to watch it now.

The Mexico versus the World theme continues tonight in Arena Puebla. The main event is a 6v6 cibernetico previewing Friday’s Gran Prix, with Diamante Azul, Euforia, Rush, Ultimo Guerrero, Valiente, Volador Jr. versus Johnny Idol, Juice Robinson, Marco Corleone, Matt Taven, Michael Elgin and the returning Sam Adonis. Kenny King & Kojima aren’t in for the World side for a couple days, so Dragon Lee and Mephisto sit this one out and are in the semifinal instead. These ciberneticos are reliably good: they’ll get plenty of time but will still work at a fast pace because so many people are involved, and the eliminations make sure there’s a build to the end. Everyone kind of knows the outcome to this one, but it should be enjoyable to get there.

The semimain is scheduled to be Dragon Lee, Mistico and Niebla Roja against Cavernario, Mephisto and Negro Casas, in a rare Niebla Roja match not against Gran Guerrero. The rest of the match are 2v2 tag matches. CMLL has a booking formula based on scheduling a certain amount of wrestlers and matches. They ‘must’ still have five matches with a 12 people in the main event, but can’t book many extra people, so there’s midcard pairs matches. Drone & Guerrero Maya team up against natural team Sagrado & Misterioso in the one CMLL CDMX matchup, while Millenium & Rey Samuray take on Malayo & King Jaguar and Astro & Meyer face Ares & Joker in the opening bouts.

The show airs at 9 pm on CMLL’s YouTube as normal.x

AAA’s usual show Monday in Nuevo Laredo, run by the Cantu family, includes Laredo Kid & Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Mocho Cota as the main event. The semimain has Drago, Angelico and Aerostar in a three way match and there’s at least a chance it’ll turn up – matches from these shows were turning up on YouTube occasionally last year. That match jumped out at me for other reasons though; AAA found a spot on TripleMania for Dave the Clown but not Angelico (or maybe the spot was so nothing that Angelico just passed.) I’ve already written about not being sure Angelico is sticking around here, but he’s already been so minimized that I didn’t even notice he was missing. I supposed he’ll be fully missing soon, but he’s listed on shows thru September 17.

Speaking of AAA talent moves, Pagano on Facebook, said he’s going to work a NGX show in December, but is still with AAA. This is probably not much different than Rush working The Crash. If you follow WWE, can you imagine a highly pushed person – maybe the second hardest pushed guy over the last year in a half – announcing the day after their biggest show that he’s going to work a small indie in December?

DTU announced Jun Kasai will be coming to Mexico. He’ll work for NGX in Monterrey on 12/02 (probably the same show Pagano’s working) and 12/03 in Arena Lopez Mateos for DTU, which will likely be DTU’s Anniversary show.

Sexy Star was pulled from WrestleCade this upcoming weekend. She’s probably lost most of her American bookings for the time being, which are the things she really wanted all along; she’s been done with lucha libre out of shows where she can cash a big pay day like TripleMania AAA could’ve fired her and it wouldn’t have mattered nearly as much to her. It’s much more embarrassing for AAA to not have done something. Sexy Star was advertised for a New York WUW show on 09/09 with other Lucha Underground wrestlers – including Johnny Mundo & Taya – which always seemed strange. I can’t believe they’ll all be on it now.

Sexy Star’s only messages has been retweeting her sister saying Sexy was attacked first. On her own timeline, Sexy’s sister says everyone believes Rosemary over Sexy Star because they’re sticking with the English speaker over the Spanish one. This will likely be part of the reasoning AAA will probably go with to not do anything.

LuchaWorld has the latest news update.

Marty the Moth vs Argenis is on this week’s Lucha Underground.


IWRG (WED) 08/30/2017 Arena Naucalpan
1) Ángel Oriental vs Power Bull
2) Celestial Boy & Vórtize vs Demonio Infernal & Toxin
3) Alas de Acero & Aramis vs Glenn Calavera & Jerry Calavera
4) Diablo Jr., Freelance, Golden Magic vs Fulgor I, Fulgor II, Mr. Leo
5) Dragón Fly, Emperador Azteca, Imposible vs Arez, Fly Warrior, Séptimo Rayo

The top 3 matches are IWRG vs Indy Nation matches.

IWRG (SUN) 09/03/2017 Arena Naucalpan
1) Fly Tiger vs Guerrero 2000
2) Ángel Oriental & Celestial Boy vs Power Bull & Skanda
3) Demonio Infernal vs Lunatic Xtreme [super libre]
4) Aramis, Freelance, Hijo del Alebrije vs Gallo Frances, Hijo del Pantera, Internacional Pantera
5) Villano III Jr. vs Imposible
6) Black Terry & Diablo Jr. vs Black Warrior & Warrior Jr. [IWRG IC TAG]
3rd defense.

Card subject to change – that Eterno/Bombero match is missing. Traumas beat Oficials for a tag title shot in June which seems to be forgotten. Warrior and son won the main event here over the Piratas a month ago, which I guess is the setup for this.

CMLL (SUN) 09/03/2017 Arena México
1) Bengala & Flyer vs Artillero & Espanto Jr.
2) Acero, Stukita, Último Dragóncito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito
3) Ángel de Oro, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. vs Ephesto, Felino, Luciferno
4) Marco Corleone, Mistico, Niebla Roja vs Gran Guerrero, Kráneo, Mr. Niebla
5) Diamante Azul, Kenny King, Volador Jr. vs Kojima, Pierroth, Rush

What a rudo team. Once the clock strikes twelve on the Gran Prix, foreginers are back to being tecnicos and rudos. Kojima’s going to probably go on quickly (and save himself a bit) in Coacalco to make this show.

CMLL (SUN) 09/03/2017 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Amperaje vs Destructor
2) Capitán Cobra & Yaqui vs Mr. Apolo & Stress
3) Black Sugar, El Alteño, Javier Cruz Jr. vs Carlo Roggi, Linterna, Thunder Boy
4) Mágico, Metatrón, Star Black vs Exterminador, Joker, Sádico
5) Príncipe Kisho & Terremoto King Jr. © vs Gran Kenut & León Blanco [PC TAG]

These tag titles were a Sinaloa championship (though there’s a title of the same name in Mexicali too.) Gallo & Vaquero Jr. won the titles there, brought them back to Guadalajara for a defense, then had to go back to Sinaloa to actually lose them since Gallo isn’t working in Guadalajara any more. Kisho & Dragon are defending this title next month in Sinaloa, so a title change isn’t likely here.

1989 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

I added 1989 lucha libre lineups, mostly from the cities Torreon and Gomez Palacio, to the luchadb database over the last week. They’re integrated the different pages of this site, and they’re also just available here. I think this is the first one of these which isn’t bigger than the last one. This is a slow continuing project to mine the El Siglo de Torreon archive for lucha lineups and results. These results have been in there for days now, but I’m just getting around to doing this post.

This completes the set of five years I was working on. This is how it came out per year:

year events
1980 044
1981 049
1982 048
1983 047
1984 142
1985 150
1986 154
1987 152
1988 176
1989 188
1990 001

That’s 820 events found, most of which weren’t in any database any more. I really should go back to the 60s magazines, but it’s really tempting to start on the 90s. It’s going to be while before I get anything done on this score, either way.

I didn’t capture a lot of luchador notes – it’s much the same as the past few years, with UWA and EMLL people coming it at decent amount. One thing did stick out: an Octagon is working the early matches of cards this year. It fits the time when the famous Octagon would’ve taken the name, but it’s strange to see him out in Torreon in a non-star position. It’s Mexico, so there is definitely a history of people using the same name in difference places at the same time; a different luchador had a long career in Torreon as “Averno“, dating back to before CMLL came up with the name.

At this point, El Siglo de Torreon is carrying two different lucha libre columns. Neither appears to have a set schedule, but it’s more that they can appear multiple times a week than not at all. Tercera Caida writes about the local scene, while Los Superdioses de la lucha starts as a history column and then transitions into a Mexico City based current events bit. It’s a syndicated column from El Universal, which makes me think there might be a lot of lucha libre coverage there if their archives went back more than 1999. (They’ve digitized all their issues too, but it’s not public like El Siglo de Torreon) It’s also running on a bit of delay in Torreon, with lines like “today, Sunday” running in articles that don’t show up until seven days later.