TripleMania 25 live coverage

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  1. Totally shocked that Wagner lost his mask period. I never thought I would see him without it, but I guess all things come to an end. Thank you for the coverage, Cubs!

  2. It’s not shocking that he lost his mask as soon as the bell rang, but it is shocking the match even happened after it was announced. Makes me think Wagner got a huge down payment that he would never pass up. So now I’m wondering if this is only the beginning for Psycho Clown in these big stakes matches, and if AAA is willling to spend big bucks for more legendary masks.

  3. Wagner held the cards, I suspect until the end. No doubt he made $$$ on it.

    What is surprising (not really given their schizophrenic history) is them trying to build Psycho Clown up. He’s not good on the mic and outside of some charisma, not someone I would build a company around, which is what AAA basically did last night.

    The fact that LA Park and Wagner Jr. didn’t do the mask match is all the more baffling due to Wagner wanting to drop it.

  4. 3 questions:
    1. I only saw the last 3 matches,where can I watch the rest? The twitch stream seems over? Psycho Clown’s music a real song I can find on iTunes?

    3. Is there somewhere Americans can order the awesome shirts the wrestlers had last night? Wagner’s and Psycho’s shirts were both great.

    And I have to chime in and agree with everyone else,I almost cried when Wagner lost the mask. End of an era.

    In one year I watched Undertaker’s last match,Ultramantis Black’s last match,and Dr Wagner Jr’s last match (I assume)

  5. One can only assume that not only did Wagner Jr make a boat load of money, but it also hopefully included doing something with Wagner III. If Wagner has always been reluctant to drop the mask, there must be a reason now. Extra bit of money maybe makes sense, but given who he is, I would say the legend is more important than the extra money.

    If I were him, a deal for my kid to be given a program to avenge me, given a high profile platform to make a name, that beats the dollars any day.

  6. Sadly, his son is not as talented. I’ve seen him wrestle at least five times in person, nothing special. Hopefully time will be kind to him. At least he’s put on some size/muscle.

  7. Wagner III’s got the look, and height atleast. I think if he listens, and learns from the right people, then we might end up with a potential 3rd gen star.

    For starters, I would love to see him shipped to the New Japan Dojo for a couple of years.

  8. Sexy Star is just pissed her come back wasn’t what she expected. Like she thinks everyone will forget about what she has said in the past and her removing her mask without losing it. I think somewhere down the line she will get fired or walk away again. She should stick to boxing/MMA if she is going to be hurting people on purpose. I don’t know why but near the middle part of that match you could sense all 4 women were pissed at something. Sexy Star should be punished but I am sure like CF said nothing will come of it.

    I am too in shocked that Dr. Wagner Jr. chose to lose his mask. And yeah I agree part of the deal seems to give Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr a program somewhere down the line with Psycho Clown. I don’t know. If Psycho Clown was given to another person would it have worked out like it as for the son of Brazo de Plata. It’s just weird to see him main eventing and now being the person to unmaked Dr. Wagner Jr. I wonder if Dr. Wagner Jr still does Lucha Underground would he have to work without a mask now? (I always loved the Dr, Wagner Jr. mask design).

    Holy shit was the english commentator horrible. Those two couldn’t tell the difference between Scorpions and Dio. I do have to give them credit Dave The Clown should just change his name to Purple Hair Clown. lol

    The Torneo TripleMania was a clusterfuck full of WTF teams.

  9. LU’s social media was advertising the mask vs mask match so I think they would have Wagner be mask less if he came back

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