TripleMania Twitch notes, IWRG

IWRG (WED) 08/23/2017 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Dinámico, Dranzer, Puma de Oro b Bambino, Fly Tiger, Kraken
2) Guerrero 2000, Tromba, Voltan b Fireman, Príncipe Mexica, Príncipe Omi
3) Fly Star, Voltar, Vórtize b Adrenalina, Araña de Plata, Keshin Black
4) Celestial Boy, Chicanito, Odín, Shadow Boy b Black Puma, Lunatik Xtreme, Orión I, Orión II
5) Acero, Súper Brazo Jr., Warrior Jr. b Alas de Acero, Hijo Del Bombero Infernal, Kanon
6) Ángel Oriental, Aramis, Atomic Star, Black Dragón, Demonio Infernal, Dinamic Black, Power Bull, Skanda b Aero Boy (Arena 23 De Junio), Centella Salazar, Danny Barrio, Homerito, Payachucho, Richy Beda, Último Conde, Xcorpio [Torneo FILL]
Gym FILL (Black Terry) vs Gym Cuautitlan (Robin Maravilla). Black Dragon beat Xcorpio for the win.

Gym FILL gets a win after losing a couple of these to Indy Nation. I wonder if a year long league of these school versus school matches would generate some interest; 6-8 schools, maybe everyone gets home and home and a big winner at the end. It requires way too much organization for indie lucha libre to ever actually happen.

Very close to calling this Aero Boy “Fake Aero Boy” just to make my life more amusing.

Kevin Gill and Gabriel Ramirez will be the English language announcers for TripleMania. Ramirez runs Pro Wrestling Revolucion in California. Gill calls those shows, other wrestling promotions, and also is part of Konnan’s podcast. I’d expect they’ll be professional announcers, a step up already, but I have no idea about their product knowledge. TripleMania’s big matches aren’t hard to get up to speed, but it’s a deceptively tough show to call – the Torneo Triplemania will have roughly a million people involved, and even I’m not claiming to know all the people in the La Llave a La Gloria matches. The ladder match has 3 people involved, but about 8 different angles and a bunch of people who could run in for different reasons. Prepping foreign language announcers is not a big priority for any wrestling promotion, so I hope they’ve done their homework.

The Twitch event page for TripleMania in English has a couple of unexplained details about the lineup. The La Llave a La Gloria competition will be two matches. (With 14 people, maybe that’s an atomicos and a trios.) Pagano vs Mesias is listed as an Ultimate Consequences match, whatever that means. The main event seems to have a little more consequence. Even that lineup doesn’t know who’s going to be the GFW team.

They also have a list of matches scheduled to air on the marathon. This is the list, but hold up after reading it

  • Triplemanía I: Perro Aguayo vs. Máscara Año 2000, mask vs hair
  • Triplemanía IX: Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs. Héctor Garza Vs Heavy Metal vs. Latin Lover
  • Triplemanía XVII: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. El Mesias – AAA Mega Championship match
  • Triplemanía XVIII: La Parka vs. L.A. Park – Winner uses “La Parka” name
  • Triplemanía XXI: Cibernético vs. Hijo del Perro Aguayo, hair vs hair
  • Triplemanía XXII: Taya vs. Faby – Reina de Reyes Championship match
  • Triplemanía XXIV: Psycho Clown vs. Pagano, mask vs hair

Ok, now that you’ve scrolled past the list, know that’s probably not the full list. AAA says it’ll actually be a top 20 TripleMania matches of all time marathon, which means a lot more matches will be airing and probably none of them in full. There are some weird picks up there, but if they’re breezing them in about 90 second each, it doesn’t matter as much that you’re showing a match where La Parka got clowned.

The preview makes it sound like the English announcers will be calling these matches too, which hopefully will be taped in advance if true or they’ll have a gigantically long day.

AAA announced Aida Cuevas will sing the national anthem at TripleMania. She’s a famous Mexican singer who also has a new album coming out a couple days after the show.

Lucha Underground is now available on DVD and BluRay – in Germany, only. Lucha Underground’s Facebook current says Ultima Lucha starts on Wednesday, September 23rd. There is no Wednesday, September 23rd. They mean the 27th. El Rey announced some new programming which starts Septmber 5th, but there’s still no word on Lucha Underground’s future.

Vampiro, King Cuerno and Drago were added to the October Tokyo AAA/LU shows. AAA still has not acknowledged these shows as happening.

Puma, Misterioso, Soberano and Fuego had a match in a tiny ring at a bartending contest. The match starts about 24:00 in.

Low Ki is still being advertised as coming in for the 09/02 The Crash show, which may not turn out to happen. He seemed to be coming in thru GFW, only he’s not in GFW any more after the latest set of tapings.

The REINA International Junior championship – the one Keyra had – will now be decided in Japan in a match on 09/15 between La Jarochita and Kaho Kobayashi.

Real Aero Boy talks about how got into lucha libre.

CultIcon continues his best of TripleMania countdown.

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The new edition of AAA Zona Ruda has the Perros del Mal as guests.