The Crash: 2017-05-05 

Daga & ZSJ counters

Recapped: 08/07/05

All matches took place in Auditorio de Tijuana on May 5th. I switched between MAC Vazquez & MegaKakashi619’s videos depending on the match. Kakashi has better sound and picture, but also the head of the person in front of them blocking the action sometimes.


Douglas James, Oráculo, Serpentico beat Black Danger, Jonathan, Último Maldito
(10:17, Oraculo reverse rana Black Danger, good, via

A more coherent version of a The Crash opener, where they were clearly doing the normal A-B-A structure – but then just kept on going to do more stuff. (You need really need to do the tower of doom superplex, trust me.) Douglas James is not a name that seems to be on these shows a lot but looked impressive here, and this was generally better held together action than usual. Oraculo’s finish looked messed up and he had a headscissors before it that didn’t go well, but they’ve got many months more to get better chemistry.

James dropkick

Arkángel Divino, Astrolux, Black Boy beat Diamante (Elite), Famous B, Látigo
(7:00, Arkangel Divino C4 Diamante, good, via

Anoher good action match, thought his one suffered from feeling too sameish, as if I was seeing the same moves everyone does, but it happened to be with these guys instead. This is one that actually came thru a lot better on the 126f hard came than the ringside, because the moves just look more impression from a typical camera angle. (And because no one’s head was in the way).)

Astrolux headscissors
Latigo gets some revenge

Garza Jr., Jack Evans, Último Ninja beat Bestia 666, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Jeff Cobb
(12:55, Jack Evans bridging backslide Bestia 666, good, via 
MAC Vazquez)

Review: [good] another solid enjoyable match, though it suffers a bit from being the same style of match three in a row (and more coming) and being a little bit slower match. Cobb throwing people around is definitely different, but the match feel is the same and they didn’t go as crazy as the other matches. A fair bit of the Tijuana crowd is very eager to boo Garza, the show after they used him as the big hero and months before they actually turned him.

Cobb is strong
Jack Evans dive

Flip Gordon & Ricochet beat Mr. 450 & Sammy Guevara
(20:25, Ricochet shooting star press Sammy Guevera, good, via
MAC Vazquez)

The best version of this year, helped by having less people (so less turns needed to be taken) and Ricochet coming off as a cut above everyone else on the show. The other guys were not far behind him but he radiated as the big star here. There was a bit of the sameish feeling here again but they did a lot more flying in this one to stick out. This one felt like it connected a lot stronger live than it did for me, but it was still good.

Guevera SSP
Sammy swung at the king, missed.

Daga beat Zack Sabre Jr.
(20:46, anklelock + cruz nipona, good, via
MAC Vazquez)

Review: [good] this is the match you want it to be, Daga trying to figure out a way to fight ZSJ’s match and beating him. They didn’t stay just on that mat but it looked good when they did and the finish was a nice big of entanglement, and it felt like a lot of people had to work very hard for the win. I think the people for videotaping this show but I couldn’t take the fans commentary during the match. This is one where I’m sure I would’ve liked it more pro shot because it was just too distracting this way.

Daga forearm

Penta Zero M & The King vs Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson
(19:25, spike package piledriver on Nick, via
MAC Vazquez)

Review: [great] Just like the other matches, it’s a lot of action for quite a while. The two teams match up pretty well, and I think the Bucks ended up doing a couple lucha spots they probably don’t do normally (unless they’re always doing the headscissors/ardmrag combo and I’m mistaken.) This was a generally smooth match up and one of that gave the fans what they wanted to see. It did feel a little all star exhibition and not as if it was big match at times, but they weren’t taking it easier.

lots of moves and the only GIF I took was the mid match dancing


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