CMLL Puebla: 2017-07-31 

Rush is supposed to grab Tirantes arm, can’t, so Tirantes just stops counting and everyone is confused

Recapped: 08/01/2017

All matches aired live from Arena Puebla


Arkalis, Espíritu Maligno, Rey Samuray beat Ares, Guerrero Espacial, Rey Apocalipsis
(14:27 [5:13, 4:56, 4:18], 1/3, ok, via

Rey Samuray came out spectacular in the first fall and the first two falls were generally interesting, but this match faded to a conclusion. They really should’ve mad the classic version of the Spanish Fly the last spot of the match but bringing back the hair feud we’ve all moved on from was deemed more important.

indie Rey Samuray must be fun

Amapola, Dalys, Tiffany beat La Vaquerita, Princesa Sugehit, Sanely  
(14:41 [6:10, 3:03, 5:28], 2/3, ok, via 

reason for GIF: I totally forgot Tiffany’s finisher is a reinera because she gets so few wins. And there was nothing else to say about this one.

Shockercito © beat Pierrothito for the CMLL World Pequeño Estrellas Championship (14:01 [3:23, 3:05, 7:33], 2/3, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

The minis title match was really good, as the two long time CMLL luchadors are really smooth working with each other. This is the advantage to having the same dozen people wrestling each other forever, they can get really good at doing it. Nothing went wrong in the match, and Shockercito threw him into big spots like his tope. It was missing a little excitement from me to go higher, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Shockercito tope

Rey Cometa, Soberano Jr., Stigma beat El Malayo, Puma, Tiger
(15:03 [4:04, 3:47, 7:12], 2/3, ok via

This was exciting and competitive. It followed the usual CMLL trios big match formula, but they were doing it at incredible speed. It really was moving fast at the end of the first fall and again in the third fall. This looked on paper like something to set up Malayo and Stigma, but they were bit players to the other four. Rey Cometa is the one of the most dramatic sellers of moves in CMLL; he was even selling his own rope flip Spanish Fly by the end.

Tiger tornillo

Dragón Lee, Mistico, Stuka Jr. beat Ephesto, Mephisto, Negro Casas
(11:08 [5:56, 5:12], 1/2, ok, via

Notes: Stuka and Mephisto went at it from the start. Stuka surprised Mephisto with a huracanrana in the first, in a fall the rudos were otherwise winning. Stuka took the second fall cleanly, setting up a title match for next week.

This not much of a match because of it being two falls and deciding to save more of Stuka & Mephisto for next week. They were alright, like they’re always alright, and I expect they’ll have (or had by the time you read this) a solid good title match. Negro Casas & Dragon Lee were the real stars here, chopping each other so hard that you can see the sweat flying off of them, and finishing a short exchange with an armdrag and a pose that sent Casas rolling up the ramp. I don’t know if Casas can go a dozen minutes whenever he wants not, but he can look world class in short sprints. That’s perfect for CMLL trios matches. Dragon Lee doesn’t take shows off. Mistico had some iffy spots, including messing up the boost dropkick near the end, but there was some good stuff here.

Seriously, they’re headlining a show next year. Write it down.

Carístico beat Rush
(10:48, ok, via 

  1. Rush corner dropkick (1:50)

  2. Caristica (4:06)

  3. DQ Rush foul (4:52)

Notes: Carsitico tried wait for Rush to come out the entrance, so Rush came out thru the crowd, and was laying in the ring when Carístico finally turned around. About 4 minutes into the third fall, Caristico puts Rush in a casita, and Rush just fails to kick out. He appears to try and grab Tirantes’s hand to stop the count, but he’s nowhere near it and Tirantes isn’t helping. Tirantes does tell them to ignore it, unlike any other match. Carístico does a weird look frogsplash, and they repeat the spot with Rush grabbing Tirantes this time. Rush fouled Caristico to end the mask, unmasked him, and him with the stretcher as the fans were walking out.

The main event was not as bad as I thought it might be, but the finish was fairly terrible and Rush barely got out of first gear. Rush works so much slower than everyone else, but it’s OK if he’s bringing something else. He’s bringing not great looking work (the La Mistica looked bad) and threatening to murder Tirantes repeatedly doesn’t make the match more compelling on it’s own.) Rush desperately trying to do moves to win the third fall right away doesn’t fit with him throwing away the match at the end, unless Rush’s character is supposed to be a guy who tries until it gets too hard and then looks for a way out. (Maybe that IS his character.) Carístico didn’t show much on his own, and he’s not really a guy who pull more effort out of people at this point in his career.

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