the Vampiro/Mundo/Taya thing has probably been a storyline from the start

On this week’s TV, AAA aired a vignette with Johnny Mundo and Vampiro arguing over Vampiro taking the AAA Reina de Reinas championship from Taya. Among other things, you get to learn how AAA translates douchebag to Spanish.

The backstage segment appeared along side the matches AAA taped on June 30th in Puebla. There’s also a skit with Hijo del Fatnasma & Vampiro in that same room. I had assumed that, AAA had actually taped the vignettes later, to work off Twitter feuds and fill in storyline gaps, and then edited it back into the older taping. I assumed wrong.

A couple weeks ago, AAA aired two skits of Johnny Mundo calling Kevin Kross (as part of a storyline where Kross is splitting from Johnny Mundo.) Let’s look at the room

via AAA

It’s the same walls and the same duct work. I know, you don’t want to hear about duct work on Monday mornings, but here we are. These skits and the one with Vampiro telling Johnny Mundo he was taking away the Reina de Reinas title from Vampiro look to like they were taped in the same place. The Kross/Mundo aired on the July 22nd episode of AAA TV, the Aguascalientes TV was taped on July 27th, so it’s impossible they were taped in Aguascalientes. The previous time Mundo was in Mexico before that was – the June 30th Puebla show, which this skit aired along side. They had to be taped on June 30th.

Here’s what Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer in his July 24th edition, likely told to him by Johnny Mundo himself

The story actually dates back to when Johnny Mundo was being brought to Mexico for a photo shoot with all three of his belts. They said they were doing shoots with all the belts and asked Mundo to bring Taya’s belt with him when he came in. Then when he was there, they said they needed to shoot more photos with the Reina de Reinas belt, so asked him to leave the belt there so they could do that. Then, when they had possession of the belt back, they announced that Taya had been stripped of the title because she used a choke when she won the title from Ayako Hamada (which was back on 4/21 in Tijuana in what has been called the company’s best match of the year) and that the title could only change hands via pin or submission.

That can not be true if AAA taped those both the Vampiro & Kross vignettes in Puebla. Puebla was taped on June 30th. AAA didn’t announce the title was vacant until July 1st. Mundo taped a skit talking about AAA keeping the Reina de Reinas a day before he claims he knew AAA was taking them away. It does not add up as the truth, so it has to be a storyline.

What I think was supposed to happen is Taya was going to drop the title in Nuevo Laredo to set up the Sexy Star title win, couldn’t because of the car accident, couldn’t make it to another show to do it, they came up with this storyline to handle it, and it blew up way more than they were expecting. But don’t take my word for it, I’ve been wrong on this one – LOUD wrong on this one – from the start. It didn’t make sense to me why they would do some of the stuff they’ve done if it was a storyline and it still doesn’t really, but it looks to me like it was one from the start.

if I’m right, the practical things we can take from this

  • Johnny Mundo’s on much better terms than AAA than we thought and isn’t a certainty to drop the titles at TripleMania by any means
  • the foreigner that’s been hinted at added to the Lady Shani/Sexy Star title match at TripleMania might be Taya after all. That’ll make for a really heated match.
  • everyone in LU doesn’t really hate Vampiro and Vampiro isn’t as bad at his job as it seemed; he actually took a bullet on this one to get it over.
  • don’t tape all your vignettes in the same room if they’re supposed to happen in different cities

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  1. Te la vendieron y la compraste bien bonito. Tendrían que empezar a respetar a Vampiro y darle el crédito que merece.

  2. Oh, please, anon. Vampiro is still a tool given all the other dumb angles AAA are running. And the angle was mostly always seen as a work by AAA’s audience, most of them aren’t checking dirtsheet websites.

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