CMLL Universal Phase B, LU, Dalton Bragg retires


CMLL has the second half of the Universal tournament, which seems to have a straight forward result. There’s Ultimo Guerrero, and there’s everyone else. It’s a stretch to come up with reasons for anyone else. Let’s stretch!

  • Mistico: they did do Sky Team vs Sky Team just last year, maybe they can again, this Mistico hasn’t gotten much to do this year at all
  • Diamante Azul: maybe they had Atlantis already booked for the final and didn’t change plans, CMLL’s always irrational on him
  • Mephisto: has had well regarded final matches with Volador in the past, is a rudo, is probably the second best match option.
  • Marco Corleone: could help establish him as heavyweight champ, build something up for the Gran Prix assuming Marco’s on a team
  • Niebla Roja: if they’re going to go with him and Gran Guerrero in a major way, then one of them needs to get some big wins (and an upset over Ultimo Guerrero would do that). Mayeb third best option.
  • Soberano Jr.: maybe they just decided he’s Mistico 2005 now
  • Ephesto: shock win to set up the long over due mask match?

Yea, it’s still Ultimo Guerrero.

The rest of the show is not quite as interesting as last week. The tercera is the final Pierroth/Vangellys trios match before their hair match last week, previewing a bad singles match with a bad six man match. The real focus will be on whatever Rush is up to with the Fake Sombra tonight. (Though, don’t be surprised if it turns out to be a Fake La Mascara or something else this week.)

The segunda has Blue Panther and old friends Pegasso & Rey Cometa taking on Misterioso, Sam Adonis and Virus. The Fuerza Aerea pair haven’t been on the same team in Arena Mexico since December. Pegasso’s in trouble, he’s the only guy Misterioso can unmask tonight.

The opener is another Zeuxis/Princesa Sugehit focused women’s trios, with lesser seen women Jarochita, Silueta and Seductora joining Dalys to round out the match. Next week is the Copa Natalia Vázquez women’s cibernetico, so any big progress in this feud probably is going to wait a week. There still might be interesting women’s news when the lineup for that match gets revealed, as mentioned on the podcast. (The Copa Vázquez is two weeks away, not one.)

This show will air on Clarosports and probably the MarcaClaro Facebook page at 8:30pm. They finally got the feed working for the whole show last week, hope that keeps up. CMLL’s been putting up the show on their channel after the fact the last few weeks (so don’t look for me to be doing it.)

Elsewhere tonight, AAA has a show at Arena Lopez Mateos, Caristico and Volador have a singles match in Acapulco, and new Tijuana promotion Makina debuts in the Auditorio.

The MMM show had Kevin Kross on this week, who talks about convincing fans to let him go throttle Texano. Kross mentions he was first contacted to come to Lucha Underground in November (this show?) but it didn’t work out then. He was asked to come down about four or five days before Rey de Reyes and seems to have enjoyed what he’s been doing.

The show also talked about Season 4 of LU a bit; they’re definite it’s going to happen and go even as far to say that the warehouse that’s used as the Lucha Underground Temple is reserved for their use. However, they also pointed out it took about four months from LU to get the green light for Season 2 to actually start filming that season. October is less than four months away, so the talk of taping then seems already out of the window.

This is my piece: El Rey people have been saying they won’t make an announce about Season 4 while they still have Season 3 episodes to air. Season 3’s finale is in October, which would mean taping in February if the announcement took all that way long. (They could also start the ball rolling on things before officially announcing.)

This is weeks old but I just stumbled across it last night: the reason the Dalton Bragg/Joe Lider feud has been dropped from TV is Dalton Bragg is out of wrestling. It’s a “indefinitely hiatus” in his Facebook post, brought on by severe shoulder injuries needing surgery. He appears to still be living in Mexico City.

The outside of Arena Puebla is being repainted, which means a lucha libre grafitti mural on the outside is now gone. The painters say a new lucha mural will take it’s place.

Octagoncito talked about going to Impact with R de Rudo, says there’s a chance he could return there later as Mini Rey Mysterio.

RIOT on 07/29 in Arena Femenil Monterrey
1) Shane Strickland vs Fly Warrior in the first round of the Powerbomb.TV tournament.
2) Muerte Extrema vs Psicotico
3) Low Rider vs Sayrus – new

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