lucha TV preview for weekend of June 23th

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AAA finishes up the Mexico City taping. The minis title match should air this week, but I have a suspicion the La Llave de La Gloria match will air instead. (Hope the missing match makes YouTube either way.)

IWRG is as iffy as ever; I don’t think they’ve aired this Sunday’s taping, and they might instead of the Wednesday show. (The best shot at seeing the Copa Higher Power is +Lucha, as always.)

For people who don’t want to deal with YouTube, this week’s Lucha Azteca should be really good.

The text preview and matches for this week’s Lucha Underground suggests this may be a Crane/Catrina/Muertes/Ivelisse??? focused episode. The police are there too though, and they shouldn’t go so long without addressing their status quo after Delgado’s death.

CMLL Domingos de Familiar: 2017-06-18 

Astral had this coming

Recapped: 06/19/2017


This aired live from Arena México on 06/18/2017.

Akuma & Espanto Jr. beat Astral & Sensei
(10:40 [3:37, 3:10, 3:53], 1/3, ok)

Dalys, Metálica, Zeuxis beat La Jarochita, La Vaquerita, Princesa Sugehit 
(14:05 [4:45, 4:09, 5:11], 2/3, ok)

El Gallito & Microman beat Mije & Perico Zakarías
(17:34, one fall match, below average)

Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Soberano Jr. beat Felino, Hechicero, Pierroth
(18:25 [8:15, 3:06, 7:04], 2/3 DQ, ok)

Marco Corleone © beat Terrible for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
(15:32 [4:14, 1:01, 10:17], 2/3, good)

  1. Terrible fujiwara armbar (4:14)
  2. Marco Aero Italia (1:01)
  3. Marco Powerbomb (10:17)


Dragón Lee, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. beat Ephesto, Mephisto, Shocker
(15:05 [5:07, 3:55, 6:03], 1/3, ok)

What happened: 

required micros stage dive GIF

CMLL aired the Father’s Day Sunday show without advertising it ahead of time. The Father’s Day show was built around seeing the edecanes; the edecanes dance numbers were removed from the show.

Marco Corleone made his first defense of the CMLL heavyweight title, defeating Terrible.

Princesa Sugehit and Zeuxis continued their feud with no obvious change brought on by Sugehit’s newly announced upcoming WWE appearance. This time, Zeuxis was eliminated, but unmasked Sugehit from the outside to set up the win for Dalys. There’s still no post-match microphone challenges; it seems like the mask match is happening, but they’re not close enough to put a date t it yet.

Gallito & Microman remain undefeated over Zacarias & Mije.


Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja still getting their teamwork back up to speed

Yes, I am annoyed they aired this show and not the one with Dragon Lee/Cavernario.

The heavyweight title match was the only thing you should spend any real time on here. We may not take the CMLL titles all that seriously, but the people holding them seem to consider them worth upping their games. Maximo had some of the best singles matches of his career when he was heavyweight champion and Marco and Terrible had a strong match in Marco’s first defense. Marco mixed up his offense a bit for the championship match, and Terrible always seems game if he’s in a singles match with someone who wants to do something. They had a few good near falls that got the crowd believing a title change could happen – the neck scissors submission looked good, the roll thru Aero Italia was a smart spot since it’s often a finish – and the fans reacted well despite Marco’s not being a usual favorite of these crowd. (Putting female favorite Marco against tough guys Terrible on Father’s Day probably should’ve backfired loudly.) Some of the punch spots didn’t go as well as usual and I think they can expand on this, but this was fine for a title match.

The micros seemed to have taken the some unfortunate lessons from their previous success. They went for more spots, more time, and ended up with more things not going well and less of the feeling of an actual match. This match seemed like it proved they’d be best showing up once every few months. The remainder of the show was the usual disposal b-show matches, with the distress of Pierroth feeling he could do Rush’s invisible football spot on his own.

TripleMania date change? Super X tonight


AAA has spent it’s entire year building to Psycho Clown versus Dr. Wagner in a mask versus mask match on August 26th in Arena Ciudad de Mexico. That day might be changing. Last night, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated “it appears they’ve already made the call to move it to August 27th.” This would be be because of Mayweather/McGregor fight taking place on August 26, and perhaps with the idea of airing on TV in Mexico. At the same time, Leo Riano’s column in Record says AAA had a plan of airing the show (or at least Wagner/Psycho) live on a Televisa network that day, and would still do against the fight. AAA has said nothing about moving the date, and would be expected to say nothing until they’re ready to make announcement.

It’s not totally clear if Riano is saying this was a done deal, just that’s a possibility, or somewhere in between, and he’s not been a reliable news source. That mask match would probably be highly rated, especially if it came on before the boxing match, but they’d be forfeiting some decent PPV revenue by airing it on TV. (It’s possible Televisa could be paying AAA some money for the rights; it’s been reported in the past that Televisa pays nothing for the weekly AAA TV show.) Airing it over the air in Mexico means AAA might as well air it free on the internet, because pirated feeds would be pretty easy to come by.

I’m skeptical the show will air on Televisa. It does fit AAA’s overall strategy of trying to increase the awareness. Nothing would make AAA seem like a bigger deal than if they were all over today that day. AAA’s also a company that seems be counting it’s pennies carefully and it should be hard for them to give up any revenue. I’m less sure about the date, but that seems like something they’ll want to decide as soon as possible just to make it clear. It’d be a good idea to announce they’re NOT changing if that’s decision too, and it’s noticeable that AAA hasn’t said that either.

Super X runs tonight in Mexico City. Matches include Juventud Guerrera against Dragon Lee, Sam Adonis versus Super Crazy, and Mini Rey Mysterio (the recently ex-AAA Octagoncito) against a debuting Mini Juvnentud Guerrera. It’s a good bet for turning up on the usual fan cam YouTube channels. MedioTiempo has an interview with Juventud Guerrera about his career.

The Lucha Libre World/Todo x el Todo tour starts tonight in Manchester. Hijo del Santo says he’ll defend his WBC title on tonight’s show versus el Bandido. It’ll be his second defense since winning the title in 2007.

CMLL announced NJPW’s Juice Robinson will appear on their 09/01 Gran Prix show. He’ll also be wrestling for Lucha Memes.

CMLL wrestlers (The Panther, Blue Panther, Flyer and Stuka) participated in a panel discussion on blood drives.

EMW says their AAA house show on 07/21 will include a Pagano vs Mil Muertes EMW Heavyweight Championship match. The EMW title was supposed to be on a line on between Psycho & Wagner at the TV taping and I guess they’re assuming everyone knows Mil Muertes is Mesias. They’re also advertising a Taya vs Faby Apache vs Lady Shani Reina de Reinas title match.

KDNA is teasing announcing the lineup for the AAA TV taping on 07/16 in Arena Jose Sulaiman soon. The teaser they posted doesn’t show any foreigners, it’s mostly the usual lineup.

In addition to the normal names, Carlito is advertised for the 08/04 The Crash show in Mexicali.

ChilangaMask will run a show on 09/16 in Camden, New Jersey with Guerrero Maya Jr., Solar, Aeroboy and more.

Belial says he and Impulso said they’re looking for a new partner since Arez is hanging out with IndyNation now.

Hijo de Dr. Wagner picked up an injury, and is off a 06/24 show in Mexicali and 06/30 show in Torreon.

LG promotions (Xalapa) blamed economic conditions for lucha libre shows drawing poorly in Xalapa. They mentioned drawing only 4,000 people in the 6,000 seat Arena Xalapa last December as a sing they’ve started to turn it around.

DJ Spectro says Rey Neptuno passed away.

LuchaWorld has the latest edition of their podcast.

Segunda Caida reviews Virus matches.

LuchaTalk has a new edition of their podcast.

Liger Fever translates an El Dandy story.


MOBIL (SAT) 06/24/2017 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Javier Cruz Jr., Johnny Dinamo, Magnum vs Évola, Gran Kenut, Thunder Boy
2) Ángel Negro, Flash I, Flash II vs León Blanco, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno
3) Marcela, Silueta, Súper Estrella vs Chik Tormenta, La Comandante, La Pantera
4) Explosivo, Sky Kid, Smaker vs Exterminador, Furia Roja, Maléfico
5) Motor Machine, Power Diesel, Star Black, Vaquero Jr. vs Joker, Ráfaga, Sádico, Satánico

A show sponsored by a gas station company is a thing that happens when your government starts privatize the gas station industry.

CMLL Guadalajara: 2017-06-17 

Jarochita lived

Recapped: 06/21/2017


All matches were taped at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara on 06/13/2017 

La Comandante, La Seductora, Tiffany beat La Jarochita, Sanely, Skadi
(12:26 [5:33, 2:53, 4:00], 2/3, via thecubsfan, below average)

Ángel de Oro, Guerrero Maya Jr., Niebla Roja beat Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
(12:07 [5:03, 3:01, 4:03], 1/3, via thecubsfan, ok)

Carístico, Marco Corleone, Mistico beat Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero
(8:57 [3:24, 1:48, 3:45], 2/3, via thecubsfan, good)

What happened:

it stuns me Mistico does this outside of the streaming shows

Nothing really.

Whatever piece of software Televisa Guadalajara uses to block all non-news shows from airing on their internet feed failed and this full show aired for the first time in a long time. The promotion’s Facebook site neglected to post results for this show for about a week, so I decided this would be a good opportunity to get those results and see if they were doing anything noteworthy on this show. Those results turned up before I watched this, but it still felt easier than starting on another 2 hour plus CMLL stream.

This show was announced by the same crew who handle the Fuego en el Ring podcast (which might be a recent change; previous shows were done by the Super Libre radio group.) There’s in fall breaks for the tequila sponsors but not many adds in between the matches. The matches themselves seemed edit down, with time cut out from the beginning of each fall rather than condensing the matches, but they still find time to air the Ecos de Lucha Libre segments CMLL used to be airing on their Mexico City streams.


Jarochita is OK relatively when she’s not reliant on someone catching her

The matches themselves were not that interesting. The main event was the classic version of that match. They did just enough that it just barely crossed the threshold of a good match for me, though it totally felt like a nine minute and there’s plenty of longer/better versions of that sort of match. There’s not as many where the técnicos get cheered and the rudos get booed, and it made me wish we’d get a big match to slip thru under this structure, even with it being edited down.

The other matches were also exactly to form but to lesser results. The second match felt super generic, and their B- match isn’t at the level of the main event. Mephisto and Niebla Roja also had some iffy moments, as the Niebla Roja tecnico experiment is still obviously searching for the right formula.

The women’s match was full of rudas taking bad looking bumps (or being incapable of bumping at all) and the técnicos showing awkward offense, but just generally no good and not something that’d make for good GIFs – up until Skadi didn’t do much to catch Jarochita on a dive. That match was full with luchadoras who wouldn’t be in CMLL if the barrier to wrestling was based on performance, but Skadi still stands out as the least qualified. She’s more dangerous than any first match dive.