1985 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

1985-06-27 (El Siglo de Torreon)

I added 1985 lucha libre lineups, mostly from the cities Torreon and Gomez Palacio, to the luchadb database over the last week. They’re integrated the different pages of this site, and they’re also just available here.

This is a slow continuing project to mine the El Siglo de Torreon archive for lucha lineups and results. It’s one of the few Mexican newspaper archives available online, and the archives aren’t hard to access. I did the usual keyword search for articles and looked thru the sports section every Thursday and Sunday for extra posters. I’m sure I missed a few, but it’s as complete as I get it. I’ve done these in the distant past and stopped mentioning with a post because there didn’t seem to be much interest, but I’ve come around to realizing this is a lot of work so I owe myself a post out of it, and not much interest in what I’m writing hasn’t really stopped me from writing anything else

This is where I’m at in this project

1940-1964 not started
1965-1967 kind of in the db?
1969-1979 not started
1980-1985 FINISHED
1986-1989 archive search done, need to be typed up
1990-1998 not done
1999-2005 FINISHED
2006-2006 weirdly not done
2010-2017 FINISHED

My plan was to finish typing up 86-89 and then alternate back to magazine work. But I’ve been thinking about Condor Dorado (Ultimo Guerrero) debuts in 1990 and it’d be cool to have some of those lineups found, so maybe I’ll change. Typing up the four years I’ve got done is going to take some time either way.

The 1985 ones generally follow the booking patterns ones from previous years: local feuds lead to apuesta matches when they lead anywhere, and title matches are almost non-existent. There’s a trios tournament that’s starts and ends without making any sense, so it’s normal.

3 bits from the 1985 lineups

  • The affiliations to the various Sunday arenas seem to change a little bit over time, but the Thursday Arena Olimpico Laguna is solidly with UWA/LLI/El Toreo. Maybe Dr. Wagner came up thru there and was more willing to go back, but it’s still surprising to see him and Solitario around their peak considering how stars almost never come up there now. Did they pay better then? Was getting there cheaper/easier? Did they just lose the booking connection when UWA went away? I dunno.
  • They’re well into Pantera del Ring being an exciting youngster who’s moving up the cards and it’s impossible to reconcile this with current day Ephesto. I know they are the same people but I’m not sure I believe it. He’s often partners with a guy named Megatron, who’s later end up feuding with him for years.
  • Business is good enough to have three local arenas running on most weekends, though which arenas are running various greatly

CMLL Universal tournament begins, AAA in Puebla, DTU versus X-LAW


DTU (THU) 06/29/2017 Arena Aficion [+LuchaTV]
1) Erwing & Irwing b Billy & Hard Boy
2) Toto b Príncipe CometaVoldemortAstroluxParduxBlack MetalDroluxRey Kingston
3) Camuflaje & Tony Iron b Aero Boy & Hormiga
DTU vs X-LAW. Tony Iron & Camuflaje are new members of X-LAW (which also included Halloween, ANgel o Demonio, Pesadilla, Dragon Yuki, Gio and Junior.) Camuflaje challenged La Hormiga to a title match.
4) Dragón Yuki, Gio, Junior, Pesadilla b El Exótico, Jimmy, Kevin, Príncipe Cometa
5) Crazy King b Markus CraneD-Pólux Jr.MoriaTiburón
6) Ángel o Demonio & Halloween b Paranoiko & Tóxico and Corsario Negro Jr. & Ovett
The other X-LAW members helped Halloween & Angel O Demonio won, then attacked Ovett & Corsario Negro Jr. after the match.
7) Cíclope & Miedo Extremo b Jimmy Lloyd & Matt Tremont
said to be very good match. Markus Crane & Crazy King both got involved. Miedo Extremo needed five stitches after the match.

About the usual turnout and changes for a DTU show. Super Mega & Mike Segura are the two notable names who were listed but didn’t end up appearing. +LuchaTV was at this show so we might see this on their channel. DTU is Queretaro tonight, with the GCW trio of Matt Tremont, Markus Crane and Jimmy Lloyd take on Ovett, Paranoiko and Toxico in the main event.

Both AAA & CMLL are active tonight. AAA is running it’s (about) annual June Puebla taping, while CMLL kicks off their own yearly Universal tournament.

CMLL’s Universal tournament usually goes to one of the top stars of the promotion. Last year, it went to Valiente, who was treated as a top star for a few months and then returned to being Valiente. It does make it more uncertain who’s got a chance this time, since CMLL has shown more people are in contention (and it matters even less.) In this block:

Normal finalists: Volador Jr., Negro Casas, Dragon Lee, Valiente
Outside Chances: Shocker, Hechicero, maybe Angel de Oro
No: Luciferno.

Another way to look at it

Good Idea For Three Matches Tonight: Volador Jr., Negro Casas, Dragon Lee, Hechciero
OK Idea For Three Matches Tonight: Valiente, Angel de Oro
Still No: Lucifierno
please no don’t do it this would be bad for everyone: Shocker

This could be a fun series of (short) matches if CMLL plays it out nicely, but it’s dependent on how much CMLL in in denial Shocker. He still gets a reaction of people recognizes him, and CMLL hasn’t moved him off the top matches, but he’s struggling back fro his latest injury and was already greatly diminished by prior injuries. CMLL should be aware that putting Shocker in multiple matches is bad for him and bad for them, but they’re doing a Pierroth/Vangellys feud so I’m not sure how much they care about bad matches. Today’s also is the Copa Bobby Bonales, and that should be the thing Shocker wins

The undercard has good matches, though some things are going to have to be cut short to fit everything in. The semimain is Misterioso, Pierroth, and Rush versus Vangellys, Rey Bucanero and Terrible, which seems like something that should go two falls to build up that hair match in two weeks. I wonder if Misterioso still remembers when Pierroth & Rush buried him and Sagrado for being lazy. (The CMLL preview slightly references that.)

The rest is rivalry-less trios which all have some promise. Atlantis, Blue Panther and Gran Alterantiva winner Soberano take on Dragon Rojo, Mephisto and Sam Adonis, which seems like Soberano’s reward for winning the tournament. The second match has the great combo of Guerrero Maya, Rey Cometa, Titan taking on Polvora, Ripper and Virus, who’s won six of his last seven matches. The opener looks extraordinary for that position, with Drone teaming up with the Panther and Pegasso against the Nueva Generacion Dinamitas.

The show will air on ClaroSports and probably on Facebook. Hopefully it’ll air complete, I think we’ll all be frustrated if it starts late again and we miss that opener. I want to go on Twitter and ask them to make sure to start the feed on time this week, but I don’t think I can do it without sounding annoying.

AAA taped tonight in Puebla. Like all shows, we have a card and an expectation that none of the matches will happen as listed. It’s going to be more of a problem than usual, since the show was hyped locally around three singles matches (Psycho/Pagano, Mesias/Wagner, Mundo/Texano). None of those matches make sense with current AAA storylines.

I made a dumb mistake a couple days ago: I said Johnny Mundo wouldn’t be on TV for months, but he’s listed on the TV taping tonight. I guess I could still end up being correct – Mundo hadn’t mentioned the AAA show as of this morning – but AAA at least has him scheduled for tonight.

The undercard makes a little more sense than the main event: Poder del Norte is supposed to face the Aerostar/Drago/Raptor, and that match is actually supposed to happen based on what they said up on the last show. There’s not telling about the rest. The show is listed as starting at 9pm, and we probably won’t get notes on the show until about 40 minutes later. AAA’s a month ahead on taping, and these matches won’t start airing until 07/29. Maybe there should be an expectation of some TripleMania announced since the card will probably announced before the following taping airs, but that’s not the way AAA has worked this year.

PWInsider has a report saying Drago & Hijo del Fantasma are allowed to appear on Impact because AAA hold the rights to their characters, any character AAA hold the rights to can appear on Impact, and Lucha Underground had nothing to do with the deal.

This report, which seems sourced from Lucha Underground production, does not fully make sense. It’s not “AAA” who owns the rights to Drago in the US, AAA gave those rights to “Lucha Libre FMV”. That parent company owns all the AAA LU names and all the LU names the same. It’s in the US trademark search and not hard to find.

If the only issue is who has the rights to the character, then Ricochet or Sami Callihan or anyone should’ve been allowed to appear on Ring of Honor or NJPW’s US show under their non-LU characters. Both have indicated on Twitter that they were told no to showing up on TV elsewhere, because the actual human beings can only work on TV for LU. This sure seems like AAA & LU rewriting contracts to their own advantage. I’m open less cynical explanations.

This is generally unimportant, since LU & AAA can do what they want to do and disadvantaged LU wrestlers will probably just continue to try to wait them out because it’s too costly to fight legally. Maybe important is I’d assume Impact would like to have AAA officials at Impact to promote the international partnership – if Dorian Roldan is there, we’ll probably get at least one good story of him and Konnan “reuniting.”

Penta & Fenix are missing this weekend’s Defy shows, after Penta was mugged on the way to the airport. His visa was taken in mugging, so he can’t travel until that’s resolved. Penta is listed as wrestling on the Arena Neza show on Saturday and the Crash show on Sunday.

The Crash announced they’re running in Torreon soon.

AJPW officially announced Caristico, Sam Adonis and Diamante will appear on their 08/19 Lucha Fiesta show. Caristico will also hang around to appear on their 08/27 show.

Diamante Azul says he’s aiming to win the Gran Prix and the heavyweight championship while in Mexico. He says his (three) children are going to come visit Mexico for a couple months.

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.

Segunda Caida watched CMLL June 16

CMLL Puebla: 2017-06-26 

things are happening

Recapped: 06/29/2017


Asturiano & Vega beat El Perverso & Joker
(15:26 [8:04, 4:43, 2:39], 1/3, ok?, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Amapola & Dalys beat Marcela & Sanely
(10:53 [2:37, 2:37, 5:39], 1/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Espíritu Maligno, Fuego, Pegasso beat Ares, Arkángel de la Muerte, Black Tiger
(10:57 [5:09, 2:24, 3:24], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Felino, Puma, Tiger beat Drone, Johnny Idol, Stuka Jr.  
(12:14 [4:08, 2:52, 5:14], 1/3, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Dragón Lee  beat Negro Casas in a lightning match
(7:16, hanging double stomp, good, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

Niebla Roja, Rey Bucanero, Terrible beat Pierroth, Rush, Último Guerrero  in a relevos increíbles match
(9:26 [2:02, 2:20, 5:04], 2/3, ok, via VideosOficialesCMLL)

What happened: 

Marcela double knees look like the hurt much more than the stomp

Ultimo Guerrero fouled Niebla Roja once again.

Dragon Lee beat Negro Casas to end their feud.

Ares and Espiritu Maligno feuded all match, with Maligno getting the pin as a surprise. They set up a hair match for next week.

Dalys beat Marcela with a powerbomb and a handful of the ropes. They also made challenges for next week.


Dragon Lee es fuerte

This was a better Puebla show than usual, because it actually had multiple good matches.

Dragon Lee/Negro Casas was fun while it lasted. Negro sprung on Dragon Lee from the start and they kept up the fast pace thru the seven minutes. It was much heavier striking match than normal for lucha libre, and one without the loud impact noises this match might have elsewhere. Some of it looked like it wasn’t quite close enough, but enough of it worked. They didn’t do dives, they only di a few holds, but they had the intensity the whole way and Negro took big bumps like ever. Casas’s quickness at this point in his career is amazing; he doesn’t move like a 50 year old. This is worth watching.

The fourth match was really good too. Drone does really well in these Puma & TIger matches, but everyone seemed out and the match was laid out nicely. The second fall finishing minute was really well done, and Stuka accidentally landing the splash on Idol was an unexpected twist. (Maybe Puma & Tiger want to cover and then pose instead of the other way.) Drone putting his arms on his tope like he’s a plane is a great development. I liked this match more than the lightning match and it was not that far off from being great.

Both the opener and the women’s match weren’t far off. The opener was close to as good as it’s going to be with the first match limitations. It started out slow, but the rudos showed good personality – this is the first time we’ve really seen that much out of Perverso – and the tecnicos did all they could. The women’s match worked quickly and the rudas were nicely aggressive in their match. They didn’t go too long while still doing a tease for Marcela/Dalys next week. Sanely tries, but she’s got timing issues and seems to forget exactly what they’re doing at times. She’s not hopeless but there’s room to improve.


It took me most of a fall to notice Black Tiger was a rudo in the second match. He was as boring as usual. The crowd was into to Ares/Espiritu at the end, so it’s good it’s those guys who are paying and not me. The main event was mailed in; Rush doing the corner charge bit twice in a two minute fall was amazing in it’s laziness. Not sure why they did the finish with Niebla Roja & Ultimo Guerrero when Niebla Roja iasn’t back here next week, but probably because they don’t care if it makes sense.