Black Warrior versus the Traumas, Puebla preview

IWRG (SUN) 05/28/2017 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Shaolin b Atomic Star
2) Rafy & Teelo b Miss Gaviota & Takle
Miss Gaviota replaced Maquina Infernal, first match back in three months
3) Aramis, Pantera I, Saruman b Ángel Extreme, Hip Hop Man, Pibe Alfajor
Angel Extreme (debut, maybe the same one as from Veracruz?) replaced Villano III Jr.
4) Oficial AK47 & Oficial Fierro b Apolo Estrada Jr. & Eterno and Black Dragón & Dinamic Black
Oficials want a hair match with Apolo & Eterno
5) Imposible b Máscara Año 2000 Jr.
Super Mega hit Mascara with a chair to set up the loss
6) Dr. Cerebro, Dragón Fly, Mr. Electro b La Mosca, Pirata Morgan Jr., Veneno
seems to be setting up another La Mosca/Dr. Cerbero match
7) Black Warrior & Súper Mega DQ Trauma I & Trauma II
straight falls. Black Warrior use brass knucks without being DQ, Trauma II used the same for a DQ. Challenges for Warrior & Trauma II

Given Warrior’s habit of dropped off the radar, IWRG’s hoping for a lot by having him feud with the Traumas.

CMLL tonight has Rush versus Mr. Niebla, a match with a lot of variance. It’s possible they’ll just clown around for eleven minutes, it’s also possible they start grabbing anything not nailed down to hit each other and CMLL scrubs the match from existence later. The match is much more likely to be in the middle, but it’s less predictable than most CMLL singles matches.

That’s the semimain. The main event is a rematch from Friday, Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja & Mistico against the Guerreros. The Dinamtias (Cuatrero, Sanson, Mascara 2000) take on Stigma, Stuka and Valiente in the fourth match. The tercera doesn’t look good with Arkangel, Canelo and Fuerza Chicano on the rudo side – they face Lestat, Rey Samuray and Starman. There’s two 2v2 matches to follow it: Black Tiger & Espiritu Maligno fight Ares & Metalico (Ares & Maligno were slightly feuding last week) and Asturiano & Zaeta Roja face Guerrero Espacial & Rey Apocalipsis in the superior of the two tag matches.

The show airs at 9pm on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

AAA is unsurprisingly still promoting the original lineup for Verano de Escandalo even though they changed the lineup on Friday. I was so annoyed about that that I didn’t even mention no La Mascara or Maximo at that show, that was kind of dumb of me. That must mean they’re getting enough indie offers to take those instead for now. Super Porky did an interview for CMLL this morning, so he must not have quit to follow them.

Highlights of Dick Togo vs Solar.

Martinez Promotions has Zack Sabre Jr. vs Ultimo Ninja on June 23.

Rush mentions his uncle Septiembre Negro Jr. is on Twitter. I don’t think we had those families connected before.

Flamita sings.