La Mascara makes his first post-CMLL appearance at Super Astro show

La Mascara/photo by Black Terry Jr.

Super Astro (WED) 05/24/2017 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), Estrellas del Ring, R de Rudo]
1) Demasiado & Diva Salvaje b Aramis & Demonio Infernal
2) Demus 3:16, Eterno, Rossy Moreno b Felinito, Hijo de Máscara Sagrada, Keira
Eterno replaces Samoano
3) Ciclón Ramírez Jr., El Bandido, Emperador Azteca b Diamante (Elite), Imposible, Metaleón
money thrown in
4) Súper Astro Jr. b Rey Horus, Laredo Kid, Golden Magic, Flamita, Jack Evans, Último Ninja, Xtreme Tiger
Super Astro Jr. didn’t look good, won anyway, was booed.
5) Daga, Garza Jr., Rey Fénix (US) DDQ Hijo De Dos Caras, Hijo de LA Park, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr.
Wagner & Fenix ended up with each other’s masks
6) Bestia 666, Damián 666, Nicho el Millionario b Cibernético, Silver King, Súper Astro
7) LA Park & Rey Escorpión (Elite) DQ Penta 0M & Zorro
La Mascara made a surprise appearance to attack LA Park.

Unsatisfying finishes to LA Park matches are a common thing, but at least this one had something to it. La Mascara came out in a hoodie to conceal his identity while he was attacking Park, before doing the surprise reveal. He’s still referring to himself as La Mascara and wearing the Los Ingobernables gear, which he probably can get away with on the indie level. He tried to go promo for promo with Penta0M, did not win, and attacked Hijo de LA Park so he could get something on someone.

He told the press he had lots of friends on the independents, and lots of quality opponents to face (mentioning LA Park and Alberto, but not Penta. and Penta.) Mascara insisted multiple times he wanted to be independent, not in any promotion. He may even mean it, at this point. He did not mention Maximo or Bobby Villa.

Ultimo Guerrero told Record he had no interest in running the union, has no idea what’s going on with it, and just wants to be a solider (not the guy running things.) He also claimed to not know why Mascara & Maximo attacked his car and so he would say nothing about it. This is hard to believe and suggests he just wants this story to go away.

Leo Riano’s Record column on the Alvarado/UG situation fits with other people who work for AAA, taking the side of Mascara & Maximo. He says those guys won by earning their earning freedom from CMLL and will get more work elsewhere. He also says Ultimo Guerrero shouldn’t press charges, because it won’t get his car back. Maybe everyone has information we don’t, but it’s so bizarre to see these guys treated like they’ve done nothing wrong; usually when it’s even a justified rebellion about something, the things they are rebelling against are well known.

(Amusingly, he goes from saying nothing should be done about this to saying AAA must do something about Kevin Kross chokeslamming Faby Apache.)

Mascara & Maximo are listed as part of the Vamper Revolution show today in Mexico State, though it would not be a surprise if they missed the show.

AAA officially posted the lineup for the 06/19 Nuevo Laredo taping. It’s the same lineup that had been out for a week.

Local promoters say the AAA 06/30 Puebla taping will have Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Psycho Clown. That’d be the fifth time AAA’s billed this match. We’ve seen it only once on TV (though it’s possible they may have done it as a dark match at other times.)

+Lucha put up the Angel de Oro vs Rey Horus match from the MDA show in Monterrey, so maybe the CMLL matches are going up out of order.

NJPW World is airing last Friday’s CMLL show for Japanese fans tomorrow. That was not a geoblocked show.

Box Y Lucha has an interview with Rey Bucanero & Terrible about their upcoming international dates.

I’m on the latest edition of the LuchaWorld podcast.

The newest Lucha Talk talks about the Alvarado situation.

RobViper was on the latest Winter Palace.


The Crash (FRI) 06/02/2017 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California
1) Arkángel Divino © vs Látigo [The Crash JUNIOR]
First defense.
2) Oraculo vs Black Danger, Jonathan, Black Boy, Último Maldito
3) Flamita © vs Rey Horus [The Crash CRUISER]
Fourth defense. Horuz won the title shot on the last The Crash show.
4) Jack Evans & Zorro vs Bestia 666 & Hijo de Pirata Morgan
5) Penta Zero M & The King vs Black Terry & Skayde
6) Daga, Garza Jr., Rey Mysterio 619 vs Damián 666, Mr. Águila, Nicho el Millionario

Full card for the Crash show, with the Jack/Zorro vs Besita/Pirata tag the most notable name. There’s no foreign names coming in but you can have a pretty good card with all Mexicans and this looks like one.