AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-06 

Ricky Marvin

Recapped: 05/06/2017


All matches taped in Auditorio de Tijuana, April 21, 2017

  1. Monsther Clown & Murder Clown defeat El Mesías & Pagano (9:40, Murder splash Mesias, ok)
  2. Ricky Marvin beat Chessman (4:08, diving huracanrana, ok)
  3. Kevin Kross beat Hijo del Fantasma in a tables match (11:39, powerbomb thru in a table, ok)

What happened: 

This is going to be quite long.

Murder Clown is strong

Mesias & Pagano had apparently forgiven/forgotten the problems from the last match and were best friends again going into this match. Cuervo & Scoria run in with a bat again, this time before the match is over. They attack both Pagano & Mesias, leaving the bat with Pagano again. (The idea is Scoria distracted Piero from calling a DQ, which is hard to believe when they were both beating up Pagano on the outside at the same time. Also, Mesias & Pagano didn’t see their attackers) The Clowns pin Mesias, beat him up some more, and Pagano eventually runs them off with the bat. Of course that means Mesias again sees the bat with Pagano and thinks he’s got attacked by his partner again. Mesias is clearly an idiot if he really thinks Pagano is attacking him and keeps teaming with him, but he does make mean faces at Pagano.

Backstage, Averno got a phone call from Super Fly, with Fly saying he’s on vacation and won’t be there. At least Averno leads us to believe that happens, because he wouldn’t let Chessman talk to Super Fly for whatever reason. Averno could just be a jerk, it’s hard to say. La Parka was spying on this conversation.

Ricky Marvin has new music, wears an OGT shirt with the NO symbol thru it and has a new mohawk. He thanks the crowd for their support for a while to make it’s clear he’s a técnico. Averno taunts him to facing a real serious luchador tonight, takes of his coat to tease being that luchador and then announces Chessman as the opponent. Chessman is surprised but happy. Averno adds himself to the announce team and brags for a few minutes. Ricky gets in a DDT about two minutes into the match, covers, Tirantes counts two, and then collapses on the third count. He sells getting hit in the face, and I guess Chessman did it, but it’s impossible to tell from what we see and it just seems like Tirantes collapses for no reason. Averno wastes no time getting involved, and La Parka jogs to the ring for the save. It isn’t really much a save by the time he gets there, Ricky’s rolled out, but Parka still clears house while Tirantes remains down for an absurdly long time. Parka does his dive, leads into a huracanrana on Chessman, and Tirantes pops back to life for three.

Kevin Kross is a multitasker

Texano is interviewed in ring before the main event, and announces his neck is healing well and he’s be able to return soon, and he’ll come back to get this his title. Texano’s asked about his feelings about Fantasma, and says he has no problem with him, these things happen in title matches, and they’re still brothers. Texano joins the announcers and continues to insist he are best friends who would never betray each other.

The vignette explaining why Mundo isn’t facing Fantasma does not air, and there’s no real explanation of what happened there; they’re basically hoping you forgot. Announcers mention Fantasma was out six months after suffering two back injuries in a previous tables match. That’s the Lucha Underground Mil Muertes/King Cuerno match (and a real back injury), which I don’t think has been talked about before. It was not immediately clear what the rules were in a table match. The announcers refer to it as an extreme match, Fantasma covers for a two count, and then the announcers later say you must put someone thru a table to win. Fantasma goes for a pin about a minute later and Tirantes counts it like normal, with Kross either easily kicking out or Fantasma pulling him out. Kross uses a chair on Fantasma’s shoulder a lot and announced argue if that’s legal in a tables match. Kross spears a table when Fantasma moves and shoves him past, and Texano scrambles to explain that you have to put the other person thru the table to win, not by themselves. (Replay show Fantasma pushes Kross towards the table, but OK.) Kross takes back over with a foul and Texano loses it again. Kross threatens to throw Fantasma out of the ring into a powerbomb thru the table, but Fantasma’s rallies back. Fantasma almost kicks Kross of the apron into a table, but Kross escapes, confronts Texano, and moves out of the way as Fantasma accidentally topes his friend. Kross grabs Fantasma and powerbombs him thru that table for the win.

Kross starts to leave, then comes back to attack Texano. The fans decide to block his path, so Kevin convinces them he’s just trying to clear a path to get Texano out of there – then chokes Texano and tosses him off the stretcher as soon as he can. That’s actually hilarious. Announcers scream about how this could end Texano’s career. Kross removes the neck brace and chokeslams Texano thru a table of pork rinds. Kross keeps the brace and puts it on Zuniaga

all Fantasma’s fault

Noti AAA introduces us Niño Hamburguesa’s mom for mother’s day, who tells stories about a younger Niño Hamburguesa first falling in love with lucha libre and watching her son now. Niño thanks his mom for all his support.

The upcoming schedule bit doesn’t list (the canceled) Contla taping or the (replacement) Mexico City taping, so I guess they hadn’t figured out what they were doing when they put this together.

In a bonus segment, Faby Apache travels to a bar to meet Vampiro. Vampiro, like a ghost or Batman (or ghost Batman!) suddenly appears at the table when Faby’s looking the other direction. Vamp congratulates Faby for winning the trios championship and explains things and rules are changing in AAA (thanks to him) and she’s going to have to defend the trios titles against Poder del Norte next week, this time in an actual trios match. Faby points out her father and sister can’t actually wrestle right now, but I guess he’s got a week to find some partners. Faby looks away from the table and Vampiro vanishes. Some people might be spooked out by Vampiro’s magic tricks, but Faby’s seen some things here in AAA and just shrugs it off as normal.

Seven months after betraying Psycho Clown, Monster & Murder Clown have gotten their own music.

The EMW 1st Anniversary logo is displayed on the ad screen during the show, which doesn’t usually happen with the local promoter (but there’s also not usually a giant screen like Tijuana already has.)


Faby Apache has been thru so much that her boss vanishing in mid conversation barely phases her

The main event mostly about getting Kross over, which did need the help – the crowd didn’t seem to care about this match as much as the last two, or recognize him as a big deal during them. Destroying Fantasma and Texano should help in the long run but it made for a weird outing here. Kross’s selling, even by AAA standards, doesn’t seem so great – he recovered totally from being put thru a table a little took quick unless he’s supposed to be an indestructible android (and maybe he is.) The rules were about normal for a table match but their handling of them wasn’t great, and the story of this match didn’t leave a lot of room for this match to be all that great.

Marvin/Chessman was an absolutely nothing match, but Ricky’s dive was pretty cool so I’m not going to say no to it. I don’t have a lot of hope for the third different retooling of Ricky Marvin since he’s come to AAA, especially the way he was moving around here, but he did okay for a four minute match where he only had to wrestler two and half minutes of it. I’d rather see Parka just do his offense for one minute and then go away – I mean, if this wasn’t going to be anything good, at least it was short? I still don’t know what happened to Tirantes.

A rudo/rudo brawl with a lot of people you’d like not to see brawl for a while. This OK in the same way the second Tuesday match is ok, because I can’t be bothered to think of it’s worth it. It actually turns into a Pagano/Monsther Clown match for what seems like much longer than 80 seconds it lasts. Murder is so definitely better than Monster now, though it seem weird to have an opinion on that. Every time Pagano tries to do a tricky agile move to impress, it never actually positives impresses. He does try, while Mesias seems to be not at all interested in any of this. This storyline is so dumb nonsense that it’s approaching coming back around as entertaining.

2 thoughts to “AAA on Televisa: 2017-05-06 ”

  1. Weakest show since Vamprio took over

    Aids is more over than Kevin Kross. the inabilty of Cage, Hernandez, Mundo & now Kross to get over is incredible. Taya’s over more than the 4 of them combined. I’d rather see them get to the Texano/Fantasma fued ASAP

  2. The only place Kross seems to find work is where his buddy is in charge of things so that tells you all you need to know.

    He’s so awful even his buddy who writes AAA now has only been able to get him dark matches in LU.

    At the very least if you’re bringing in a new foreigner to be the top heel and eventually lose (I hope?), you’d think it would be someone with hair since that’s the Mexico way but I guess that didn’t cross the minds of the people in charge now.

    Just getting a friend a pay day. At least when Konnan was doing it his friends had talent.

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