CMLL on 2017-04-21 


tope magno

 Recapped: 04/25/2017


All matches aired live from Arena Mexico. You can see them on my channel.

  1. Canelo Casas & Espanto Jr. defeated Flyer & Robin (12:01 [4:33, 3:31, 3:57], 1/3, ok)
  2. Drone, Fuego, Rey Cometa beat Nitro, Raziel, Virus (17:19 [6:11, 4:27, 6:41], 2/3, ok)
  3. Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Luciferno in a lightning match (6:22, Dos Caras Clutch, ok)
  4. Sansón won the Copa Junior semifinal cibernetico (22:36, good)
    • Star Jr. suplex into backcracker Artillero (8:20)
    • Forastero wheelbarrow suplex Stigma (10:18)
    • Sansón pin Star Jr. (12:12)
    • Blue Panther Jr. Canadian Destroyer Magnus (14:10)
    • Sansón springboard guillotine knee smash Esfinge (17:03)
    • Blue Panther Jr. inside cradle Forastero (18:47)
    • Sansón suplex Blue Panther Jr. (22:36)
  5. Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr., Valiente beat Mr. Niebla, Pierroth, Sam Adonis (8:45 [2:00, 1:33, 5:12], 2/3, ok)
  6. Cavernario, La Máscara, Negro Casas beat Carístico, Dragón Lee, Volador Jr.  (8:41 [2:47, 1:23, 4:31], 1/3 DQ, good)

What happened: 

Mascara’s best move is his superkick, so he does it all the time

La Mascara pulled off Dragon Lee’s mask to escape the hanging double stomp, then took advantage of Tirantes being knocked down to fake a foul from Volador for the win. Volador challenged La Mascara to a hair match. Mascara says no. Volador asks again, and Mascara teases coming back to fight, only to turn around and walk out.

A seeding battle set the teams for the Copa Junior. Star Jr. (now with dreadlocks?), Magnus, Esfinge (wearing a heavy hoodie for no good reason) and Forastero face Artillero, Stigma, Sansón and Blue Panther Junior. It goes about three minutes Forastero and Sansón don’t want to fight when they start off together, hugging instead. Sanson later pulls Stigma off of Forastero to save his cousin, who defeats Stigma moments later. That puts Sansón & Blue Panther 2 on 4, but they eventually beat the four on the other side to finish against each other. Along the way, Sansón steals a pin on Star Jr. from Blue Panther when Panther sets up for a moonsault. Sanson later attacked Blue Panther as he is about finish off Esfinge. Forastero does the same to Esfinge as he’s about to beat Sansón. The match turned into a two on one with just Blue Panther Jr. left, which at least made more sense than the usual odd three way at the end of a cibernetico. The Dinamtias grabbed and argued with Tirantes for not counting fast enough, Panther surprised Forastero with a cradle, and Tirantes count really fast (and ignored a kick out, which appeared to be playing off the bit.

around and around

Tiger claimed all the predictions had Luciferno defeating Guerrero Maya. He seemed to be doing a bit.

There’s no opening whistle for the first match because the regular rig announcers are elsewhere (doing a Boing ad?) and the TV announced don’t realize they’re supposed to blow a whistle or don’t have one. It would be embarrassing if anyone cared about such things. Pompin eventually shrugs and tells them to start fighting. Flyer and Robin wore matching outfits, as they occasionally do when they team.


Stigma Brillo Dorada

The main event was very much on the short side for this situation, but they worked at a super fast pace and everyone gelled. Volador, Dragon Lee and Carístico looked like a well coordinated regular unit, and the rudos worked really hard. Mascara tries a bit harder when he’s in a Friday main event rather than in a random Puebla match with Rush. Carístico & Volador did a bunch of teamwork spots for two guys who weren’t getting along so much a few weeks ago, but it worked out fine.

Diamante Azul attempted to destroy Sam Adonis’ flag before the match, which set of an early brawl.

There wasn’t much to the semimain, mostly just yet another Diamante Azul/Pierroth feuding match with the rest sprinkled in. Mr. Niebla is looking bigger than ever.

Both this week’s Copa Junior and this one are rated about the same, but last week’s was clearly more exciting. This one had more of a story with Forastero & Sansón getting along, which did more to get over their partnership as a concept than it did for this match. Blue Panther Jr. seemed like he was out of gas and never really stood out, just happened to be the técnico who survived until the end and could’ve just as easily been replaced by one of the others. Sansón looked good, Forastero really didn’t get much to do. Magnus & Artillero looked good in the only real important match they might get in CMLL this year, though they were eliminated so early that I’m not sure things like Magnus’ crazy senton to the floor stuck around. Star Jr. also had a nice night.

Star Jr. Asai tornillo

Maya & Luciferno had some good spots but arranged in no particular order. The big dives are two minutes in and then they just kind of trade moves after that part. It’s very forgettable.

The técnicos looked good in the segunda – Fuego & Cometa are among the best CMLL has at pulling in a crowd, especially the casual fans. It just was’nt all that much interesting of the match, and stuff like going for the triple dive and then just pulling up came off awkward. They built the match up in the last few minutes but this is an easy skip.

The opener was about usual for the that level, maybe a little better.. It’s impossible to take an opening match team seriously in CMLL, but the técnicos tried heard to get over the concept and worked well together. Of course they lost. Their opponents didn’t offer all that much. Espanto had Flyer beat after tossing him onto the barricade in the first fall, but drug him back in to do a running powerbomb anyway. He doesn’t seem to have much sense.

that’s a lot to lift