CMLL on 2017-04-07 – Angel de Oro wins Reyes del Aire

dives everywhere

Recapped: 2017-04-07


All matches were taped taped on Arena México at 04/07/2017, and aired on ClaroSports. They’re on my youtube channel.

Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro (2/3) Acero & Aéreo (14:46 [6:45, 3:41, 4:20], ok)

Princesa Sugehit, Skadi, Silueta (1/3) Dalys, Metálica, Reyna Isis (14:43 [7:15, 3:40, 3:48], below average) 

Sam Adonis  defeated  Rey Cometa in a lightning match (9:10, powerbomb w/feet on the ring, good) 

Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr. (2/3)  Kráneo, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero (9:03 [2:29, 2:30, 4:04], OK)

including a GIF strike exchange in Reyes del Aire, I dunno

Angel de Oro won the 2017 Reyes del Aire (29:44, great)
taped on Arena México at 04/07/2017

06:14 Volador backcracker Luciferno
10:15 Cavernario mammoth dropkick Titan
12:01 Máximo rope walking plancha Gran Guerrero
14:32 Hechicero cradle Dragon Lee
14:32 Volador quebrada Mephisto
17:39 La Mascara double knee smash Valiente
18:22 Mistico Mistica on Cavernario
19:57 Hechicero conjuro Maixmo
20:25 Carístico Carsitica La Mascara
21:41 Volador backcracker Hechicero
23:41 Euforia Soberana Carístico
24:15 Niebla Roja middle Furia Roja Mistico
24:47 Volador top rope headscissors Niebla Roja
29:35 Euforia Soberana Volador
29:44 Angel de Oro mecedora Euforia

What Happened:

Titan takes out everyone with the moonsault

Angel de Oro won the 2017 Reyes del Aire. Yes, Angel de Oro. For the third time. He submitted Euforia a second after Euforia submitted Volador.

Carístico and Volador got into a fight with each other during the match, with Mistico trying to play peacemaker. Niebla Roja and the Guerreros didn’t seem to be friendly, but Roja otherwise fought as normal rudo. (The match had been billed as having a battle royal, but they cut it out.)

Atlantis submitted Último Guerrero in the semifinal and challenged for a NWA Middleweight Championship match next week. UG accepted.

Sam Adonis defeated Rey Cometa, using the ropes to get the pin.

CMLL announced a Copa Junior Nuevo Valores would begin next week.

Skadi replaced Sanely in the women’s match.


Valiente Special

The main event had some incredible stretches of action, sequences as good as they’ve done in any one of these crazy ciberneticos. The pace was incredible most of the way and very compelling; I couldn’t find time to make any notes beyond keeping track of eliminations because I didn’t want to take my eyes of the screen. The lower level of the last five minutes – from Niebla Roja and Volador both nearly landing on their head on the headscissors slip thru the finish – hurts this from being a match of the year contender, and Angel de Oro as the winner also doesn’t help. Still, this is a match you really ought to see just to be amazed. Valiente looked great during his portion, Hechicero got a few big moments, there was a finisher move melody that came off fantastic, all the Misticos and Volador doing dives in a row was cool, and Carístico & Volador was a great touch that works even if they never bother to follow up on it. Endings are overaly important to me, and you may get more out of this if that doesn’t concern you, because there was about 20 minutes of incredible action in this one.

The semimain seemed super rushed, as if CMLL was mostly worried about having enough time for the main event. (They did!) Atlantis and UG is a well trod feud, so it doesn’t really matter they didn’t do all that much to build up a title match here. Diamante Azul stole the match, looking more impressive tossing around Kraneo than anything he did with Pierroth. His ramp dive at the end looked awesome too. It also felt more like build to the Kid’s Day show, with Zacarias & Mije beatup por Monito.

Their were some iffy moments in the lightning match – the Canadian Destroyer didn’t look right, Adonis couldn’t find the ropes with his other foot stood out – but I thought it was still a good effort for the first single’s match they’ve given Adonis. Adonis took most of Cometa’s offense well, had stuff he could do on his own, and the crowd was really into the match. Cometa seems to have a knack to play the heroic Mexican better than most guys in his spot, and comes off sympathetic easily.

he lands on his feet on this, amazing

The women’s match was messy and not up to even the usual level for these things. Metalica & Skadi worked a lot together here it and it was compelling, not always for positive reasons. Some exchanged looked bad, some looked surprisingly OK, and sometimes it looked like Metalica was really getting kicked in the face. It’s strange they trust the people who display the less skills do more dangerous spots in this second match.

The técnicos tried hard to make the opener something noteworthy. It didn’t quite work, but the first fall was pretty good for this position. The rudos did go with the big spots and Pequeño Nitro took a big bump to the floor, but Mercurio also clowned around a bit. This match mostly proved Aereo is much better than Acero and might be useful in an environment where he was allowed to do things. Acero can do things too, but he can only do them slower than average and not as gracefully. This was good on the sliding scale of openers but I think it needed a little more for me.