CMLL Reyes del Aire tonight, Ringo Mendoza tribute show, DJZ recovering


Tonight’s the 14th CMLL Reyes del Aire, CMLL’s kinda annual tournament of high flyers.

All Time Reyes del Aire leader board

3 Volador Jr. (2005, 2007-1, 2009)
2 Valiente (2008, 2012-2)
2 La Sombra (2013, 2015)
2 Angel de Oro (2011, 2012-1)
1 Barbaro Cavernario (2016)
1 La Mascara (2006)
1 Stuka Jr. (2014)
1 Virus (2007-2)

Sometimes you can forgot how long Volador’s been around, and then you see that he won his first Rey del Aires twelve years ago (and somehow hasn’t won another in eight years.) CMLL’s preview insists they’re just doing a normal cibernetico tonight, none of that final two go to next week. Quickly sorting out people into tiers of chances.

good chance: Místico (odd he hasn’t won yet), Volador Jr. (is Volador Jr.), Dragon Lee (is actually the best guy)

mild chance: Carístico (probably too high for a guy who never wins), Titán (good underdog story), Máximo (would make no sense, way over), Valiente (no UG to beat this time), La Máscara (would be annoying but could set up something), Hechicero (fits if they want to deal the same good working rudo steal the win story as last year)

no chance: Ángel de Oro (just got his one win for the decade), Bárbaro Cavernario (repeat unlikely), Mephisto (but a good shot at being in the final two), Luciferno (no), Niebla Roja, Euforia, Gran Guerrero (issues with the Guerreros will eliminate)

They’re going to do a battle royal to set sides, which works with the Niebla Roja situation: he can face his partners and Dragon Lee if they’re on the other team. Whatever sides they set up, this should be one of the best CMLL matches of the year.

The rest of the show looks decent. The semimain has Atlantis, Diamante Azul and Stuka vs Negro Casas, Kraneo and Ultimo Guerrero, which should be a good solid match. Sam Adonis gets his first lightning match, facing noted hero of the Mexican people Rey Cometa. The early stuff is questionable as usual. Princesa Sugehit, Sanely and Silueta face Dalys, Reina Isis and Metalica. The random minis match of the week is Aereo & Acero versus Pequeno Nitro & Mercurio.

The show will air at 8:30pm on ClaroSports. They’re back to the normal time, though you’ll only miss the less promising matches if you tune in late.

Okumura’s doctors found a fracture in the sixth disc in his neck and dislocation of six and seven discs. He’s going to have surgery soon.

Ringo Mendoza will be honored on a special Arena Coliseo (Mexico City) show on April 20th. It’s on CMLL’s site, so they’re running the show, a rare Thursday night Coliseo show. The last one of those was a tribute show to Texano back in 2005. Mendoza was honored last month in Guadalajara and there was a report having health issues.

The CMLL mascots did an interview to promote their match on April 30th, which is going to be a big deal if they’re going to promote it for four weeks. Micro Man revealed he’s actually the 18 year old son of KeMonito and will be debuting on this show. Zacarias claimed he was an exotic dancer in Monterrey before coming to CMLL. (He was wrestling in La Laguna, so that would’ve been a long trip.)

DJZ’s surgery went well. He’s going to be recovering and not wrestling in Mexico City for a while, but it reads like it could’ve gone a lot worse. Between this and the wrist injury, DJZ has has no luck of late.

Pentagon is off today’s DEFY show in Seattle due to a personal emergency. I suspect that means he’s also not in AAW tomorrow but it hasn’t been announced yet.

Lucha Memes/MDA has Chairo 10 on April 28 in Arena Naucalpan

The Crash now has tickets on sale for their 05/05 show in Tijuana with the Young Bucks vs the Lucha Brothers.

Mike Quackenbush has been announced as a trainer for the AAA/WWC/Vampiro tryout.

Hoy Los Angeles does the usual “lucha libre has died but we’re going to revive” it article for LA. Jesse Hernandez and Heredero Rey Misterio are interviewed.

Lucha Report has the latest news update.

lucha TV preview for weekend of April 6th


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I’ve taken Elite off the schedule since it’s just repeats of repeats. This feels like the fewest number of shows in some time, and the IWRG stuff is mostly hopeful than solid. AYM’s been flakey about actually airing the promotion of late.

CMLL has Reyes del Aire. And hopefully no blocks.

AAA starts the Neza taping, which looked completely weird reading the results and probably the same when we see it. Maybe we’ll get Parka Negra/Elegido or maybe the debut of Dalton Bragg. Or maybe a good match.

Lucha Underground’s dropped back down to airing only two episodes a week, which puts them right on schedule to run thru Season 3, with the last repeat episode airing before the first new episode. Not sure running episodes at times that weren’t advertised at all really served a purpose but you’ll have caught them all if you DVR a season pass.