03/31/2017 AAA TV Results (Neza) – new tag champs


AAA TV (FRI) 03/31/2017 Arena Neza [AAA, Estrellas del Ring]
1) Neza Kid b Némesis
Unadvertised match. Neza Kid appears to be Freelance this time.
2) Mamba b Estrella Divina
Unadvertised match; both were an atomicos originally. These first two matches may not air.
3) Súper Fly b Niño Hamburguesa
Super Fly interrupted the official start of the show by complaining about Vampiro restarting his match at Rey de Reyes. Nino Hamburguesa interrupted him, and Tirantes announced they had now been scheduled for a match (by Vampiro?). Super Fly won anyway.
4) Bengala, Dinastía, Joe Lider, Lady Shani b Dalton Bragg, Dave The Clown, La Hiedra, Mini Abismo Negro
Shani, who’s now a tecnica without explanation, pinned Hiedra. Dalton Bragg, who advanced to the semifinals of Saturday’s La Llave de la Gloria, also simultaneously advanced to a TV debut. All but the women and the minis were replaced in this match.
5) Argenis & Hijo del Fantasma b Averno & Chessman
Earlier in the night, Texano (Fantamsa’s original partner) announced he had a grade two neck strain and would be out for some time, but vowed not to retire. Argenis was subbed in (his cruiserweight title match was removed), and Chessman & Averno replaced Mesias (in Orlando) and Pagano. Ricky Marvin seconded the OGT team, but accidentally cost them match. Chessman & Averno attacked Ricky after the match, kicking him out and replacing him with Super Fly.
6) Australian Suicide, Dr. Wagner Jr., Lanzeloth, Máscara de Bronce, Psycho Clown b Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Soul Rocker
started out as Lanzeloth/Bronce/Suicide vs Soul/Mocha/Carta, then Wagner & Psycho ran in (to attack the rudos?), then Monster & Murder ran in, then Vampiro made it a 10 man tag. Wagner stole a pin from Psycho Clown to beat Cota.
7) Parka Negra b El Elegido
(inexplicable) added match. Elegido won, but Parka Negra had his foot on the ropes and the referee missed.
8) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria b Aerostar & Drago © [AAA TAG]
Originally a tag title match, then no longer a tag title match a few days later, then made for the title right before the match anyway. Drago & Aerostar fall on their 3rd defense. Cuervo & Scoria are 18th champions, Cuervo champion for the second time (first with Ozz.) Pagano showed up to congratulate the new champions, then attacked them.

Air Date: 04/08 & 04/15

Hold up a sec. Look at that card. Look at those results again. That is the story: not a single match advertised on this card happened as scheduled. Some of the changes were minor – anyone who had been following along could’ve guessed the tag titles would end up on the line  – but most of the card doesn’t resemble anything as advertised. The new creative team seemed to be in control when they announced the card, and it still didn’t resemble what they ended up doing. It’s good to know what the rules of the games are, and the rules here appear to be no matches on AAA TV lineups should be taken seriously at this time, just treat it as a list of names announced for the show.

This show was missing Mesias (which AAA should’ve known a month ago) and missing Texano (which may have been known in advance, and we’ll have a better idea if it’s an angle after today’s TV show.) Still, this is designed chaos, a choice to make changes without explaining them. AAA can’t exactly that Super Fly/Nino Hamburguesa is happening, since the story is it was a surprise match. AAA could’ve easily said Aerostar & Drago were now defending the tag team titles after the Rey de Reyes. They didn’t (and maybe didn’t need to, they sold out Neza anyway), but it shows they’re very much not concerned with explaining what’s going on publicly. It works if people leave happy and come back next time, but they’re taking some risks when Psycho & Wagner get shuffled into 10 man tags and they can’t find a match for Pagano while Elegido & Parka Negra are having a singles match (and program?)

A fan did tell AAA & Vampiro he didn’t like all the changes, and Vampiro explained that part of growing up is changing.

They do seem to explaining these changes behind the scenes. Dalton Bragg’s Facebook indicates he knew he was wrestling on this card a week ago, and was hinting about getting into AAA almost a month ago. Check that timeline; On Friday, Bragg was told he was getting an AAA match. On Saturday, he did the public tryout with AAA. Maybe he’s not actually a ringer in the competition, but I’d think that means the tryout didn’t really mean much for him. Maybe not others.

The ultimate problem with this strategy is the entire year is built around the idea that AAA is definitely going to do Dr. Wagner Jr. versus Psycho Clown, but they’re meanwhile not committing to do any other match. They may do any match, most of the matches announced at Rey de Reyes actually happened, but there always will be reason to be skeptical of Wagner/Psycho as happening as advertised until the moment one of them unmasks, and this gives pause to be a little more skeptical. At the same time, that’s the only feud that hasn’t been changed, continuing with them weirdly teaming up nowadays.

Super Fly added to OGT and Ricky Marvin out kind of explains why the trios titles changed hands. The Apaches may not get around to defending them, but OGT was just about out of changes to lose them. AAA not breaking up Pagano & Mesias might have been to set up them as new tag challengers based on the main event angle; they have to be setting up Pagano for something big for Juarez. The shifting matches obscures the fact that not a lot else seems to be happening. Maybe they’re actually doing a Elegido/Negra program, or maybe that’ll end as quick as it seems to for Cota’s group.

Next taping is scheduled to be on 04/12 in San Luis Potosi. Who knows what’ll happen there.