Taven outsmarts Rush, Freedoms beats DTU in Aficion, The Crash tonight in Tijauan

Sugehit escape armdrag

CMLL (FRI) 03/24/2017 Arena México [CMLL, SuperLuchas, thecubsfan]
1) Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito b Eléctrico & Shockercito Eléctrico & Shockercito vs Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito (posted by thecubsfan)
15:52. Rudos took 1/3.
2) Dalys, Reyna Isis, Zeuxis b Princesa Sugehit, Sanely, Silueta Princesa Sugehit, Sanely, Silueta vs Dalys, Reyna Isis, Zeuxis (posted by thecubsfan)
18:05. Rudas took 1/3, Zeuxis defeating Sugehit again.
3) Hechicero, Kráneo, Ripper b Máximo Sexy, Stuka Jr., Titán Máximo Sexy, Stuka Jr., Titán vs Hechicero, Kráneo, Ripper (posted by thecubsfan)
11:44. Rudos took 1/3. great match.
4) Niebla Roja b Dragón Lee [lightning] Dragón Lee vs Niebla Roja in a lightning match (posted by thecubsfan)
6:49. Niebla Roja won with a modified Canadian Destroyer
5) Ángel de Oro, Mistico, Valiente b Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas Ángel de Oro, Mistico, Valiente vs Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas (posted by thecubsfan)
8:54. Tecnicos took 2/3.
6) Diamante Azul, Matt Taven, Volador Jr. b La Máscara, Pierroth, Rush [Relevos Increíbles] Diamante Azul, Matt Taven, Volador Jr. vs La Máscara, Pierroth, Rush in a relevos increíbles match (posted by thecubsfan)
6:32. Straight falls. Pierroth was DQed for unmasking Diamante Azul in the first. Taven snuck in a foul on Rush in the second. Those two agreed to a match next week.

I really liked the third match, it was strong all the way thru. Roja/Lee had a good match but it still felt like a taste of what they could do. Taven/Rush for next week was a surprise. Zeuxis is winning all the matches but the big matches.

DTU (FRI) 03/24/2017 Arena Aficion [+LuchaTV, DTU]
1) Hard Boy, Masizito, Toto b Drolux, Luigi, Químico Torres
2) Dr. Pólux Jr. b Colmillo Blanco, Lokillo, El Exótico, Hormiga, Paranoiko
Los Masizos confronted Polux after the match. Polux had said he wanted an extreme match, and they offered him one against Crazy King.
3) Ayako Hamada, Moria, Niño De Cobre b Aero Boy, La Magnifica, Pesadilla and Jimmy, Kevin, Zuzu Divine
4) El Gio & El Junior b Corsario Negro Jr. & Crazy King
5) Ovett & Takashi Sasaki b Miedo Extremo & Violento Jack
Miedo offered Sasaki a title match whenever he wanted one. Sasaki invited the DTU wrestlers to come back to FREEDOMS any time. Money thrown in
6) Daisuke Masaoka © b Cíclope [KOF CHAMP]
Match will have 10,000 thumbtacks and other extreme weapons and was made a title match earlier in the night. Very good match. Second defense (in two days in two hemispheres!) for Masaoka.

Didn’t look like as good attendance as the December show but the last two matches sound like they went well.

Ultimo Guerrero beat Wotan in the main event of the Ancla show last night in Arena San Juan. Separately, Herodes is behind the OMLL promotion, and says they’ll be back in Arena San Juan on 04/01. WMC ran two shows their last month. Arena San Juan seems like it’s getting up to a show a weekend, and not as much Cara Lucha.

There’s no AAA TV taping or big CMLL show this weekend, but it’s still pretty busy. AAA is conducting it’s second La Llave de la Gloria tryout right now. (Super Fly is one of the trainers, and it does look like he got his head shaved in Monterrey.) CMLL’s Saturday show has Dragon Rojo defending his title against Angel de Oro (with no real thought of a title change.) Sunday has nothing of note. Everyone else is busier.


  • The Crash returns to Tijuana. The main event is Rey Mysterio & Daga versus the Young Bucks. The Bucks are said to be coming back in about six weeks, so there may be an angle out of that. It’s a big main event for Daga, who’s the mostly unknown guy in the US and could start to change that with a good night.

    The semimain on a loaded card is scheduled as Garza Jr. & Sami Callihan versus Black Taurus & Bobby Lashley. However, last night Impact released a video with Karen Jarrett pulling Lashley from the show. James Storm will replace him. The video plays this up as a storyline where Garza Jr. will get a shot at Lashley and his title if he can get a win over Storm. That would be a logical main event for a Crash/Impact PPV, and probably would be announced tonight if it is happening in three weeks. Amusingly, this video paints Impact as an evil promotion messing around with The Crash, which certainly plays into the deal with AAA. This might be the opposite; Impact being helpful by explaining Lashely’s absence from this card (for whatever reason) and giving them a storyline to build to whatever match they were going to do anything.

  • AAA wrestlers will be on WUW show in New York. Matches didn’t seem to be announced, but Psycho Clown, Pagano, Drago, Lady Shani and Lady Apache are scheduled for tonight’ show
  • Lucha Memes runs in Puebla’s Arena Coliseo San Ramon. Centella de Oro, who was great when he was a regular in Arena Puebla years ago, faces Hechicero in the main event of a five singles match card.
  • The FREEDOMS duo head to Monterrey for an NGX show. They’ll face Aeroboy & Violento Jack.
  • Pentagon, Rey Fenix and Alberto are in Peru for a loaded show.


Today’s AAA TV show will air the Reina de Reinas elimination match, Mesias & Pagano vs Cuervo & Scoria, Psycho Clown & Dr. Wagner vs Murder Clown & Monster Clown and the Rey de Reyes torneo. That means next week will have two titles matches and the mask versus hair show, one of the bigger AAA TV shows in some time.

Vampiro did an impromptu Q&A livestream on AAA’s channel. The video wasn’t archived (which may just be a YouTube stream thing) and I didn’t have a chance to see it live. My hunch was this was a correction for accidentally questioning the possibility of Wagner/Psycho.

The KDNA promoter in Monterrey was teasing a Impact/AAA/Ricochet show on 04/09 opposite The Crash’s debut. There’s nothing to this, they just wanted to get people to hold back from buying tickets to The Crash.

A lucha libre exhibit opened in Xalapa.

(a) La Parkita says he’ll retire if he loses his mask in an upcoming mask match.

Fuego en el Ring has a new edition of their podcast.


CMLL (FRI) 03/31/2017 Arena México
1) Stukita & Último Dragóncito vs Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro
2) La Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit, Skadi vs Amapola, Tiffany, Zeuxis
3) Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther vs El Cuatrero, Máscara Año 2000, Sansón
4) Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy, Volador Jr. vs Kráneo, Mephisto, Pierroth
5) Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero
6) Matt Taven vs Rush

Taven had said he was going to the US on Friday. Maybe really late on Friday. Maybe we’re just Saturday Friday now.

I was very happy for no more Diamante Azul versus Pierroth until I noticed Pierroth was still getting booked.

No Lee/Roja, but Sugehit/Zeuxis is still going. It seems like it’s happening rihgt now just by process of elimination, but there’s still time to change directions and drop things without explanation.

CMLL on ClaroSports.com: 2017-03-24 

Titan versus the Invasors

Recapped: 03/24/2017

This aired on ClaroSports live, but was region blocked outside of Mexico. It is on my YouTube channel.


Valiente super armdrag

Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito defeated Eléctrico & Shockercito (rudos 1/3, 15:52 [6:33, 4:34, 4:45], OK)

Dalys, Reyna Isis, Zeuxis defeated Princesa Sugehit, Sanely, Silueta (rudas 2/3, 18:05 [9:03, 4:38, 4:24], OK)

Hechicero, Kráneo, Ripper defeated Máximo Sexy, Stuka Jr., Titán (rudos 1/3, 11:44 [3:54, 3:12, 4:38], great)

Niebla Roja defeated Dragón Lee in a lightning match (Takahashi style Canadian Destroyer, 6:49, good)

Ángel de Oro, Mistico, Valiente defeated Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas (técnicos 2/3, 8:54 [2:54, 1:46, 4:14], good)

Diamante Azul, Matt Taven, Volador Jr. defeated La Máscara, Pierroth, Rush  (técnicos straight falls, 6:32 [2:45, 3:47], ok)

What Happened:

Shockercito & Demus

Matt Taven used a distraction and a foul to beat Rush in the main event. It was a straight fall win, after Pierroth passed up the first fall win to unmask Diamante Azul earlier. Taven challenged Rush to a rematch of their September match next Friday, and Rush accepted.

Zeuxis defeated Princesa Sugehit again. She got a little help from a trip from the outside to land her big dropkick.

Niebla Roja also picked up a pin on Dragon Lee. It felt like build to another match, but there were no challenges.

The ring announcers and edecanes did live skits to promote the Boing apple drink/cup giveaway


Sugehit escape armdrag

The tercera was the match of the night, a match which looked good on paper and was much better in reality. They started off with a dynamic Titan/Hechicero battle and kept a fast pace throughout. Maximo’s kiss spot was clever, and slamming a big guy (and falling down) alwayss gets over. Titan might have cleared a new height record on his moonsault and was part of a really good moonsault. Even the rudos winning didn’t deflate the crowd much.

Dragon Lee & Niebla Roja was good while it lasted, it just didn’t last as long as I hoped. They showed good chemistry here, with Niebla Roja looking as good as he’s ever looked opposite of Dragon Lee. They left it really unclear if this is meant to go anywhere, but any Dragon Lee singles loss should go somewhere at this point.

The crowd enjoyed the semimain and the finishing sequence was well done, but it felt more routine and less to it than the earlier men’s trios. I didn’t realize how short it was until checking the clock, but it explains why I didn’t see as much in this match. Still fun to see Negro Casas do Negro Casas things and he was in good form here.

Dragon Lee coming at ya

The women’s match was shakey. It’s good to see Silueta still exists; she can be an average luchadora and that’s better that most people here. She might have been above average here, because she managed to have a problem free exchange with Reina Isis to start. Reina Isis later messed up a handspring back elbow, if that was what it was. Sanely did not have a great match either. Sugehit/Zeuxis was the fulcrum of the match, but it didn’t feel as strong as before, not like a pending big mask match.

The minis match wasn’t those guys “A” game, with the rudos not really into it (the more biting, the less Demus cares) and Shockercito seeming invisible until the third stretch. They had a lot of time, too much for what they were going to do.

Diamante Azul

The main event was the usual Diamante Azul/Ingobernable thing. Diamante Azul did his double clothesline, Volador had a nice tope con giro, but I’m tuned out on this now. Taven winning via foul was an actual surprise. Seems unlikely he’s getting the win next week, but it’s obviously positive indicator about how much CMLL loves Taven. They don’t give two singles matches in three Fridays to pretty much anything; it’s a timing issue here, but also an endorsement.