Jeff Jarrett to appear at AAA Rey de Reyes (confused emoji)

Hey! I’ve had a long weekend already, so this took a couple of takes to make sure I was reading it right last night

Jarrett and Anthem official Ed Nordholm have talked about coming to Rey de Reyes more today. AAA hasn’t said anything, just the usual bit every lucha show says about surprises. Guess it’s not the usual bit this time.

Here’s what we think we know

  • Impact has a talent exchange agreement with The Crash, bringing in Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. for the last set of tapings in exchange for Jarrett and others working The Crash shows
  • Impact has had a a similar agreement with AAA in past years, most recently sending talent to the Lucha World Cup
  • Impact pretty much just wants to book their guys out as much as possible to anyone credible who will take them, becuase it’s a revenue stream for them
  • The Crash & AAA don’t want to work with each other, and would prefer their partners don’t work with the enemies
  • Anthem works with Impact – the only place airing the AAA English language show that we know of is Fight Network in Canada. Anthem has had a relationship with AAA longer than they’ve owned Impact. We have no idea how well the AAA shows does, but AAA does have a show and The Crash does not.
  • Anthem’s also managed to work deals to air both CMLL and AAA shows despite both of those promotions probably preferring the other one wasn’t around.
  • if AAA still plans on running a Lucha World Cup, they probably needed to make a deal like this (but there’s been no mention of a LWC this year so far)

and then on a much lower importance scale

  • Rey de Reyes is going to draw the same with or without a not-advertised Jeff Jarrett, though maybe a surprise will help next time
  • oh no is this another Jarrett angle that goes either nowhere or to a lame match at TripleMania, those are the only two options they seem to have
  • Jarrett is probably not the mystery person in the Reina de Reinas match. (Probably not Karen either.)

Maybe Anthem/Impact has figured out something where they can make everyone happy in Mexico without being upset that other people are happy? That’s not how understand the lucha libre business to work, it seems like the priority is usually make someone else ad over making yourself happy, but who knows.

Rey de Reyes starts at 6pm Monterrey time, which means 7pm Central/Chicago time, 8pm ET, which means I’ve got plenty of time to take a good nap and hope this makes more sense when I wake up.