CMLL Martes de Nuevo Valores: 2017-03-14 

Rey Cometa sends Cavernario back to the stone age

Recapped: 03/15/2017

Show Data: All matches aired live from Arena Mexico. You can view the show on their YouTube channel. Also, we learned this week the mysterious MegaSports show that no one has ever seen is airing this show, so this show will air in front of a tiny audience at some point.

Match Results:

Eléctrico & Fantasy  beat  Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Olímpico (falls 1/3, 14:54 [7:34, 3:30, 3:50], good)

Drone, Metatrón, Starman  defeated  Arkángel de la Muerte, Canelo Casas, Nitro (falls 1/3, 19:34 [10:02, 3:23, 6:09], ok)

Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Virus defeated Esfinge, Fuego, Tritón (falls 2/3, 15:45 [7:11, 2:14, 6:20], ok)

Olímpico, Sam Adonis, Vangellys defeated Ángel de Oro, Guerrero Maya Jr., Johnny Idol (falls 1/3, 13:45 [5:24, 3:19, 5:02], ok)

Rey Cometa ©  defeated  Cavernario for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship (20:51, great)

  1. Rey Cometa Spanish Fly (4:03)

  2. Cavernario cavernaaria (1:44)

  3. Rey Cometa Canadian Destroyer (15:04)

Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy, Volador Jr. defeated  Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero, Terrible (falls 2/3, 6:23, ok)


thru the corner tope

Rey Cometa cleanly defeated Bárbaro Cavernario to keep the welterweight title. Cavernario was stretched out after the match (in what appeared to be the usual selling of a Destroyer in a big spot.) Drone replaced Magnus in the second match.


change of direction headscissors

Comera/Cavernario was another strong chapter in their rivialry. It was full of big dramatic moments in the match, even while leaving some of their most dangerous spots in the back. They’re skilled enough to cycle things out and showcase other spots – Cometa’s rolling cutter felt knew, the superplex hadn’t been a big part of their previous matches but got over well here as a near fall. They set up the new set up for the cavernaria in the last match, used it in the first fall, and used it as a fake out again near the end. They’re also better at selling than they get noted for; Cometa’s worn down by the end of a match, crumpled in the corner after a particularly hard Cavernario chop. This had the big dives, and they all look spectacular. It just didn’t have the crowd reaction. This was a match the Tuesday crowd didn’t seem to have a strong connection with, and it took them a while to really get into it where it might have gotten a longer and bigger reaction on a Friday. It didn’t quite feel as good as their best work, but it’s a fine follow up to the match they’ve done before. Hopefully this leads to more for them both, even if it’s not against each other.

One of the advantages to this new format is I don’t feel the necessity to save five different versions of “this was a forgettable B-show match, but [A] and [B] did something good.” That’s particularly useful on this show, which felt kind of dead outside the title match. It wasn’t helped by running very long (with Arkangel’s match going a lot longer than needed, as always), but the effort wasn’t particularly strong. Half the people in the fourth match looked like they’d rather be doing anything else, and it was hard to miss.

this was a nice strong moment from Electrico

The opener actually felt technically good, with Pequeño Nitro & Electrico having a few really good sequences. I couldn’t get into it himself – I’ve been numbed by the unending minis openers – but it was the obvious exception of people working harder than usual and might work better out of context.

Esfinge & Triton have a bunch of tag team spots, but seem to be running out of time to actually get a 2v2 match from CMLL unless Esfinge’s also going to Chicago. Drone being stuck back exactly where he was as Hombre Bala was some good gallows humor. Canelo looked halfway decent with him, but that’s a mirage. Starman’s finish is named the Starman Crash, and I didn’t even come up with that one.

gif: 848/1103/

this was not a strong moment from Olimpico
Cavernario collapses Cometa

Stuka/Hechicero, Dorian on LU, the Crash Tijuana lineup

CMLL (TUE) 03/14/2017 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Martes de Glamour]
1) Joker & Rey Trueno b Destructor & Magnum
Destructor replaced Sky Kid. Rudos took 1/3.
2) Oro Jr., Star Black, Star Jr. b Difunto, Hijo del Signo, Metálico
tecnicos took 1/3
3) Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther b Puma, Sansón, Tiger
Sanson replaced Okumura (still not back from injury). Tecnicos took 1/3.
4) Blue Panther, Stuka Jr., Titán b El Cuatrero, Forastero, Hechicero
tecnicos took 2/3, Stuka beating Hechicero in the third. Stuka asked for a title shot and Hechicero agreed.
5) Carístico, Mistico, Valiente b Felino, Luciferno, Mephisto
Felino replaced Ephesto. Tecnicos took 2/3. Caristico beat Mephsito, but there were no challenges.

That’s a sudden left turn from Caristico/Mephisto. Hope Ephesto is around tomorrow.

Dorian Roldan did a round of interviews following the release of Lucha Underground on Netflix. MedioTiempo asked him if the wrestlers who left AAA would still be back in Lucha Underground by season 4. Roldan said Season 4 taping was a long time away, but all talent was welcome. It’s better Dorian says that than not, but it still sticks out that Dorian avoids mentioning the talent who left by name when talking about the stars of the show with PubliMetro (with the noticeable exception of Sexy Star.) In that interview, he mentions Netflix had the option to pick up season 3, and he guesses that will happen around the time they start taping Season 4. In previous interviews, Eric Van Wagenen had at least implied Lucha Underground held that option on season 3, or at least had the power to renegotiate the deal. Dorian told Notimex he believes WWE created a television program on Wednesdays just to compete again him; it reads like he means NXT (which started weekly before LU), but I think he means the Cruiserweight Classic.

For what it’s worth, this week’s WON mentions Paul London scouting talent for a Season 4 of Lucha Underground while in Germany for WXW this weekend, with the idea of taping this fall. Fall would be earlier than last “early 2018” rumor. I do not take rumors of a Seaosn 4 tape date seriously, for bad or for good, until they’re very close and something has actually been announced.

On +LuchaTV’s podcast, Demus said he heard a rumor that CMLL might be removing the minis division and moving all the wrestlers to the regular division. I suspect this is mostly wishful thinking, there’s no other sign of this and yet it’d be really good news for the guys going nowhere in that group. The central point behind it is right – no one really noticed when Robin worked a minis match this past week, because he (and others like Stigma) are the same size as most of the minis. I wouldn’t count on this happening though.

On CMLL Informa, Rey Cometa thinks he’s only got about seven or eight years left in him. He’d be 40 or 41 by that time.

Plantilla Deportiva says they’re no longer covering CMLL. In a video, their director explained CMLL has decided to reduce access for digital media, and they decided that was unfair and left.

Principe Sugehit says she’s defending the national women’s title for the first time this Sunday in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. She doesn’t mention an opponent, but ERLL’s Facebook reveals it’ll be Zeuxis.

WWE revealed Chik Tormenta is trying out with them. She’s likely a candidate for their women’s tournament, taking place a couple months from now.

FULL sent out a press release officially announcing it’s Alberto based tour. He’s being listed as “El Patron Alberto”, which might be because AAA trademarked the Alberto el Patron version. He’s wrestling on 05/19 in Toluca, 20 in Puebla, 21 in Mexico City, 26 in Queretaro (new), 27 in San Luis Potosi and 28 in Monterrey. Only the 21st show is Distromania and it’s the big show of the tour.

SuperLuchas has launched a new podcast with a Super Crazy interview. They actually have an audio feed for the audio podcast, I’m so happy.

The Super Apuesta Podcast talks about El Faraon vs Pirata Morgan

Taya says she’s not concerned who she faces this weekend, because she always win.

ESPN Lucha Libre visits the lucha exhibit at the Metro Guerrero station. They’re thrilled that it’s been up for months with no vandalism.


The Crash (SAT) 03/25/2017 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California
1) Mirage & Oraculo vs Black Danger & Último Maldito
2) Máscarita Dorada vs Séptimo Dragón
3) Flip Gordon & Mr. 450 vs Arkángel Divino & Black Boy
4) Bestia 666, Extreme Tiger, Laredo Kid vs Dezmond Xavier, Famous B, Shane Strickland
5) Garza Jr. & Sami Callihan vs Black Taurus (Elite) & Bobby Lashley
6) Daga & Rey Mysterio 619 vs Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson

Full card for the show. They could’ve probably done well with just the main event, yet added a lot of people in the undercard. Sami Callihan debuts here, the 10th Lucha Underground wrestler not based in Mexico to choose this promotion over AAA.

Xavier is an flyer from Ohio who’s been a raising touring indie star the last couple years and is debuting in PWG in a couple days. (He’s a guy who’d fit in a theoretical LU Season 4.) Flip Gordon is lesser known guy working the east coast indies. Neither guy is going to sell tickets on the poster to this audience their first time out but should be help the matches be exciting.

Mr. 450 is just back from his knee injury this weekend in WWC and should start popping up in Mexico again. Arkangel & Maldito being in different matches is strange.

DJZ, Robbie E and Brooke had all been announced for this show, with only Bobby Lashley from Impact still on the show. I guess plans changed.

The Crash is teasing news later today. I have some theories, but I lean towards them just announcing the Mexico City card too.

CMLL Puebla: 2017-03-13 

I love this cradle so much

Recapped: 03/14/207

Show Data: All matches aired live from Arena Puebla. You can view the show on their YouTube channel (and, as always but not always mentioned, some of the matches from this show will begin to air on 52MX two Saturday from now.)

Match Results:

Cancerbero, Policeman, Raziel defeated Arkalis, Espíritu Maligno, Tigre Rojo Jr. (falls 2/3, 10:08 [6:17, 1:06, 2:45], OK)

La Seductora, Tiffany, Zeuxis vs Estrellita, Princesa Sugehit, Sanely (falls 2/3, 11:17 [5:39, 2:23, 2:51], OK)

Puma, Skándalo, Tiger beat Drone, Esfinge, Lestat (falls 2/3, 15:20 [5:10, 2:57, 6:12], OK)

La Máscara, Pierroth, Ripper beat Diamante Azul, Máximo Sexy, Titán (falls 1/3, 7:48 [2:17, 2:20, 2:47], OK)

Atlantis, Carístico, Dragón Lee beat Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto (falls 2/3, 12:20 [1:52, 3:12, 7:18], OK)


Sanely had a tough day

Caristico beat Mephisto cleanly with La Caristica in the main event. (The Caristica is his Mistica; the announcers haven’t picked up on his move name change.) Caristico pointed out Mephisto had defeated him before, but felt he earned another title shot based on the win. Mephisto screamed to agree.

Pierroth pinned Diamante Azul in a third fall of a trios match, maybe for the first time.

Zexuis defeated Princesa Sugehit in a trios mask. She challenged for a title match. Sugehit agreed and raised it to a mask match. (They’re having a match, but not with any of those stipulations.

Espiritu Maligno & Policeman continue to feud, though Policeman also continues to win every single match.


noooo Ripper

Main event was a typical b-show trios main event, with the two guys feuding doing a lot and the other guys just doing about a minute each. Next week’s match could be good but this wasn’t.

It wasn’t until the semifinal where I realized one of the biggest matches of the year is going to be built around a front slam as a near fall. What a weird feud.

The tercera was alright, best match of the night, but never seemed to hit a high gear. There are better matches with those people. The important thing here is I’m tried of moves and sequences having no names and I’m going to start (resume?) assigning names to things until someone stops me. That Tiger/Puma trademark -cracker ending sequence? It’s now Muerto a Muerte in my notes, because they’re mauling the técnicos to death.

The women’s match was one of those which really make you fear for the future if/when Zeuxis leaves. The four supporting people in this match were not any good. Sanely’s whiff on a springboard was the ‘highlight’, but Seductora struggled noticeably all the way thru and the others weren’t saving thing. It’s to the point where it’s getting hard to put Zeuxis in a wider context; the gap between her and some of the others in this division is so wide, it’s hard to how much is her being really good and how much is the bar being so low.

Policeman suddenly having a nightstick to bring to the ring and deciding it was a good idea to hit Espiritu Maligno was strange. It did give us the great visual of Raziel & Policeman trying to keep Tirantes from calling the fall by showing Espiritu out of the ring while blocking Tirantes’ path. It didn’t work. Having Espiritu lose every fall is odd, maybe someone decided he was a mini wrestling in the main division.

Dragon Lee