lineups/results from Lucha Libre 89 to 100 added to the luchadb

a photo of El Santo from Lucha Libre 100

Still going thru old magazines, but sturck on the idea of adding any lineup/results I get every 10 issues. They were added on Thursday. I’m using my long forgotten tumblr account to post notes and snippets of issues if I see something interesting, though there’s not one there every week.

The biggest story around this time period is Mil Mascaras finally debuting in Arena Mexico. He’d been rejected for a license the year prior and had spend the time touring around Mexico. He’s immediately on top, teaming with the top tecnicos. Lucha Libre, who created the character and have been running ideas for his masks ever week for the last year, are strongly advocating for him as the soon to be greatest star of lucha libre. Interestingly, they’re saying that title goes from El Santo to Medico Asesino to Mil – Medico’s place in that linage has been forgotten as his promotion has faded into obscurity.

The Friday night shows are built around Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde (as the lead rudos and team) and Ray Mendoza (as the lead tecnico, freshly promoted to that role), with others coming in and out. There’s a tease of a three way match, but instead Mendoza takes Lagarde’s hair on July 30th, and Guajardo avenges his tag team partner on August 20th. Both are said to be sell outs.

The strangest story to me is how Lagarde ends his seven year world welterweight championship reign. Huracan Ramirez wins the title for the first time in the now demolished Arena Isabel of Cuernavaca, on an anniversary show for the building. Except, Huracan doesn’t really win it as much as receives it, when Lagarde is disqualified in the third fall for excessive violence. Titles change hangs on DQs, so Huracan wins the belt because his opponent beat him too much. Such an odd way to do it, and they didn’t do it for a long reign – Lagarde wins the title back in the next few weeks after the ones I’ve covered here. Ramirez has a tour of Guatemala while he’s champion, maybe they simply wanted him to be champion while he was there.

You can see the ‘current’ Arena Mexico/Arena Coliseo lineups and results after the cut.

EMLL (TUE) 06/29/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 89]
1) ? & ?? vs ??? & ????
2) ? & ?? vs ??? & ????
3) Ruben Soria & Sergio Borralio vs Dick Angelo & El Leopardo
4) Espectro II & Huroki Sito vs Apolo Curiel & El Espartano

EMLL (FRI) 07/02/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 90]
1) El Espartano DRAW El Leopardo
2) Black Gordman b Tarzan Moreno
3) El Rebelde b Espectro II
4) Tony Montoro b Humberto Garza
5) Cavernario Galindo b Huracán Ramírez
best match of the night
6) Ray Mendoza b Karloff Lagarde
7) Black Shadow, Rayo de Jalisco, Santo b Benny Gallant, Henry Pilusso, Rene Guajardo

EMLL (FRI) 07/09/1965 Arena México [Lucha libre 91]
1) Benny Romero b Chico Veloz
2) Tony Reyna TLDRAW Luis González
15 minute draw
3) Alberto Muñoz b Rizado Ruiz
4) Vick Amezcua b Antonio Montoro [super libre]
5) El Gladiador b Rubén Juárez
6) Black Shadow & Rayo de Jalisco b Benny Gallant & Henry Pilusso
7) Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo DQ Cavernario Galindo & Ray Mendoza
straight falls, Mendoza DQed for coming back in after being eliminated

EMLL (TUE) 07/13/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 92]
1) Mishima Ota b Dick Angelo
best match on the show
2) Pato Soria & Toro Borrallo b Benny Romero & El Leopardo
straight falls
3) Apolo Curiel & Tony Reyna b Conde Negro & Espectro II

EMLL (FRI) 07/16/1965 Arena México [DJ Spectro, Lucha Libre 91, SuperLuchas]
1) Mishima Ota b El Muerto
2) Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo b Dorrel Dixon & Rubén Juárez [quarterfinal]
3) Cavernario Galindo & Ray Mendoza b Antonio Montoro & Antonio Posa [quarterfinal]
4) Beny Galant & Henry Pilusso b Huracán Ramírez & Rayo de Jalisco [quarterfinal]
5) Black Shadow & Mil Mascaras b El Nazi & Quasimodo [quarterfinal]
6) Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo b Cavernario Galindo & Ray Mendoza [semifinal]
7) Black Shadow & Mil Mascaras b Beny Galant & Henry Pilusso [semifinal]
8) Black Shadow & Mil Máscaras b Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo [final]

(Arena Mexico debut of Mil Mascaras)

EMLL (TUE) 07/20/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 93]
1) Manuel Lucero DRAW Halcón Suriano
2) Cesar Valentino & Mishima Ota b Dick Angelo & Espectro II [torneo, final]
final of a tournament

EMLL (FRI) 07/23/1965 Arena México [Lucha libre 93]
1) Mario Rubio b Gorila Macias III
2) El Gladiador b Antonio Posa [NWA MIDDLE, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal]
3) Antonio Montoro b Espanto II [NWA MIDDLE, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal]
4) Rayo de Jalisco b Cavernario Galindo [NWA MIDDLE, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal]
5) Benny Gallant b Huracán Ramírez [NWA MIDDLE, #1 Contenders, quarterfinal]
6) Antonio Montoro b El Gladiador [NWA MIDDLE, #1 Contenders, semifinal]
7) Benny Gallant b Rayo de Jalisco [NWA MIDDLE, #1 Contenders, semifinal]
8) Antonio Montoro b Benny Gallant [NWA MIDDLE, #1 Contenders, final]
Montoro faces Rene Guajardo at a future date
9) Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo b Henry Pilusso & Mil Máscaras

EMLL (TUE) 07/27/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 94]
1) Mishima Ota b Espectro II
2) Cesar Valentino, Espartano, Tony Reyna b El Fantasma De La Quebrada, Jean Safont, Luis González

EMLL (FRI) 07/30/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 94]
1) Manuel Robles b Rayo Cortes
2) Raúl Reyes DRAW Sugi Sito
3) El Gladiador b Quasimodo
4) Henry Pilusso b Bobby Shane
5) Mil Máscaras b Benny Gallant
6) Rene Guajardo © b Antonio Montoro [NWA MIDDLE]
Rizado Ruiz seconded Rene, El Gladior seconded Antonio Montoro. Recap argues Rene should’ve been DQed, not sure for what
7) Ray Mendoza b Karloff Lagarde [hair]
Lucha Libre 97 says Karloff Lagarde was paid 13000 pesos in the loss, would’ve been paid 20000 pesos for the loss, and looks better with the new look anyway

EMLL (TUE) 08/03/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 94, Lucha Libre 95]
1) Halcón Suriano b Rubi
2) Yoyo Garduño DRAW Raul Guerrero
3) El Greco b Kirvan Kid
4) Pato Soria b Tony Grimaldo
5) Chico Veloz b Ángel Negro
6) Memo Rubio b Espectro II
7) Cesar Valentino, Espartano, Tony Reyna b Conde Negro, Fantasma De La Quebrada, Jean Safont

EMLL (FRI) 08/06/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 95]
1) Pato Soria b Espectro II
2) Dick Medrano b Cesar Valentino
3) Antonio Posa b Quasimodo
4) Bobby Shane b Espanto II
5) Antonio Montoro b Espanto
6) Benny Gallant & Henry Pilusso b Black Shadow & Rayo de Jalisco
7) Mil Máscaras & Ray Mendoza DQ Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo
Lucha Libre is sure the rudos were about to lose when Rene came back in after being eliminated

EMLL (TUE) 08/10/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 95]
1) Sombra Negra vs Tizoc
2) Yoyo Garduño vs Tony Sugar
3) El Greco vs El Vazco
4) Johnny Ceballos vs Ángel Negro
5) Pato Soria vs Muerto
partial name, lines were out of order
6) Mishima Ota & Toro Borrallo vs Dick Angelo & Rodolfo Ruiz
7) El Rebelde & Tony Reyna vs Conde Negro & Fantasma De La Quebrada

EMLL (FRI) 08/13/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 96]
1) Rodolfo Ruiz b Rudy Palma
2) Rafael Salamanca b Fantasma De La Quebrada
3) Raúl Reyes DRAW Rizado Ruiz
4) Sugi Sito DQ Bobby Shane
5) Rolando Vera b El Gladiador
6) Dorrel Dixon & Felipe Ham Lee DQ El Nazi & Henry Pilusso
straight falls
7) El Santo & Ray Mendoza b Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo
first time Mendoza & Santo have teamed. They took 2/3. Build to Mendoza/Guajardo

EMLL (FRI) 08/20/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 97]
1) Jean Safont b Ray Cortez
2) Alberto Muñoz b El Enfermero
3) Felipe Ham Lee b Bobby Shane
4) Dory Dixon b El Nazi
noted as Erick Bouloff first match as a referee in a while
5) Rayo de Jalisco b Henry Pilusso
6) Espanto I & Espanto II b Black Shadow & El Santo
7) Rene Guajardo b Ray Mendoza [hair]
Rene took 1/3

EMLL (TUE) 08/24/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 98]
1) Pato Soria DQ Dick Angelo
best match of the night, bloody match
2) El Rebelde, Mishima Ota, Sergio Borrayo b Benny Romero, Conde Negro, Rodolfo Ruiz
3) La Momia b Chico Veloz

EMLL (FRI) 08/27/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 98]
1) Espartano b La Momia
2) Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo b Black Shadow & El Santo [quarterfinal]
fight in the crowd to end the match
3) Mil Máscaras & Rayo de Jalisco b El Nazi & Henry Pilusso [quarterfinal]
4) Antonio Posa & Rolando Vera b Cavernario Galindo & Rizado Ruiz [quarterfinal]
5) Espanto I & Espanto II b Dorrel Dixon & Felipe Ham Lee [quarterfinal]
6) Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo b Antonio Posa & Rolando Vera [semifinal]
7) Mil Máscaras & Rayo de Jalisco b Espanto I & Espanto II [semifinal]
8) Mil Máscaras & Rayo de Jalisco b Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo [final]

EMLL (TUE) 08/31/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 98, Lucha Libre 99]
1) Cesar Valentino & Mishima Ota vs Pato Soria & Sergio Borrayo and Espartano & Memo Rubi and Benny Romero & Dick Angelo and Ángel Negro & Conde and El Muerto & La Momia
other teams scheduled for the same torneo
2) El Rebelde & Tony Reyna DRAW Huroki Sito & Rolando Ruiz [final]
no word on the cause of the draw. Huroki and Ruiz bled. Fans want a rematch. Roland appears to be a sub for Rizado Ruiz.

(said to be the third straight show with a tag torneo, so 08/29 must’ve had one too.)

EMLL (FRI) 09/03/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 99]
1) Sergio Borrayo b Vazco
2) Huracán Sito DRAW Tony Reyna
3) José Azzari DQ Rizado Ruiz
referee was Quiroz
4) Rubén Juárez b Scorpió
5) Rolando Vera DQ Cavernario
6) Espanto I & Espanto II b Mil Máscaras & Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
Espantos took 1/3.
7) Black Shadow & El Santo b Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo
tecnicos took 2/3

EMLL (TUE) 09/07/1965 Arena Coliseo [Lucha Libre 100, Lucha Libre 99]
1) Raul Guerrero vs Poppy Cabrera
debut of Poppy
2) Tisoc vs Al Hernández
3) El Greco vs Tonny Grilado
4) Johnny Ceballos b El Muerto
5) Mishima Ota b Ángel Negro
6) Benny Romero & Dick Angelo b Ruben Soria & Sergio Borrayo
7) El Rebelde & Tony Reyna b Huroki Sito & Rodolfo Ruiz

EMLL (FRI) 09/10/1965 Arena México [Lucha Libre 100]
1) Dick Angelo b ?
Dick Angelo’s name is listed as both winner and lose by typo. The loser is from Guadalajara.
2) El Rebelde b Fantasma De La Quebrada
3) Alberto Muñoz b Jorge Allende
Munoz is lightweight champion still
4) El Gladiador DRAW Tony Stone
very good match, Stone’s debut
5) Ham Lee b Cavernario Galindo
bloody match
6) Black Shadow & Huracán Ramírez b El Nazi & Karloff Lagarde
straight falls
7) El Santo & Mil Máscaras b Espanto I & Espanto II