03/31 AAA TV Lineup (Neza)

Sanchez Lucha

AAA TV (FRI) 03/31/2017 Arena Neza
1) ? & ?? vs ??? & ????
2) Dinastía, El Elegido, Estrella Divina, Lady Shani vs La Hiedra, La Parka Negra, Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro
3) Lanzeloth & Máscara de Bronce vs Averno & Chessman
4) Niño Hamburguesa vs Australian Suicide vs Argenis vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan [AAA CRUISER, #1 Contenders]
5) Aerostar & Drago © vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria [AAA TAG]
3rd defense
6) Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr. vs El Mesías & Pagano
7) Murder Clown & Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Monsther Clown [Relevos Increíbles]

Air Date: 04/08 & 04/15

Now, I think this is a TV taping, but it’s not from AAA themselves. AAA changed the location of the taping on this day from Tampico to Neza a couple weekends back. It’s not listed as a TV taping, but the lineup is like a TV taping. It doesn’t look like an AAA TV lineup poster but of course it wouldn’t now, they let the guy go who was doing that. (It looks like a usual poster for Arena Neza; not sure if they’re just doing it because it’s the local arena and it’ll be on the local promoters now, or if they just did it before the AAA could get an official one done.)

This is the taping after Rey de Reyes, and reveals some of the plans. Murder & Monster will probably keep feuding with Wagner after Rey de Reyes, since the main event doesn’t work if they’re all friends. Wagner & Pagano’s break up is going to be dragged out longer. Cuervo & Scoria are going to pick up a tag title shot somewhere, though it could be this weekend in Apizaco or in Monterrey. Shani is on the tecnica side, so she may be turning at Rey de Reyes (or they may have just ran out of tecnicas for that day.)

The card may be subject to change. This is the weekend of WrestleMania, and Mesias is booked on one of the related shows. It’s possible other people are going too. Angelico’s not here because he’s working those shows.

That cruiserweight fourway really exposes the lack of depth on the roster. Nino Hamburguesa is a comedy opening match guy who doesn’t fit a cruiserweight mold, and he’s in there because they don’t have many better options. The other three guys haven’t been taken that seriously either, but are all just one win away from a title shot because there’s no one else. At least the winner might get a win, but that, and the oddness of OGT vs Lanzeloth and Mascara de Bronce (which could be good!), shows how few people they have around.

Estrella Divina has been with AAA since last 2015, working spots shows fairly regularly, and yet this is the exotico’s first time on TV. (Divina worked a dark match in Naucalpan when AAA seemed to be trying out Xandao for the spot as Psycho Clown opponent that eventually went to Pagano, and was on TV in a tryout match back in 2014.) My understanding is there was a storyline idea for Divina that got dropped when Konnan and AAA broke up, but Divina must’ve been well liked enough to keep getting work.

Match 5 should be good; the Aerostar section of the AAA universe is the best part of it, more so when he’s not trying to kill himself. Matches 3 and 4 could be good if things are laid out well.

The taping after this will be on 04/12 in San Luis Potosi.