2016 lucha db stats: CMLL appearances per day, matches per state, AAA TV records

I’ve done series of posts in the past deriving different sorts of records based on a year’s results. I’m going to combine some of the highlights in one post this year, just for brevity’s sake. (This could all just be called stupid database tricks.)

CMLL Appearances By Days Of The Week

Here’s the deal: Friday Arena Mexico is the show a CMLL luchador wants to be booked on. Everyone’s generally paid on the gate, that’s got the best turnout and usually the most expensive tickets. Tuesday Arena Mexico appears to be the polar opposite, with low crowd and low turnout. CMLL tends to split it up so people who work Fridays don’t work Tuesdays in that same building, so the Tuesday crew has increasingly become the dregs of the promotion, decent people CMLL doesn’t have a plan for at the moment, and a couple of names to make it not a total waste. Who’s working where the most?

Tuesday Arena Mexico: Guerrero Maya (31), Blue Panther Jr. & Blue Panther (26), Hombre Bala Jr./Drone, Fuego, Stuka (23)
Friday Arena Mexico: Volador Jr. (43), La Mascara (42), Ultimo Guerrero (39), Mistico (35), Marco Corleone (35)

Volador led Fridays last year too. Titan led Tuesday Arena Mexico, and that seems to fit the pattern of a near top tecnico who can fill a gap between the top and semimain spots and is over but isn’t given much to do on Fridays that’ll take him off the Tuesday shows.

Other tidbits

  • In Puebla, local star Stigma worked 33 shows. Black Tiger, who is just in Puebla, worked 31 (mostly boring) shows. Ultimo Guerrero wrestled on 29.
  • Esfinge worked the most Tuesday Guadalajara shows at 25. Maximo, Atlantis and Marco were right behind him at 24. Magnum (who’s in charge of programming for the arena) and Vaquero were the most of the GDL only group at 20.
  • Blue Panther worked the most Saturday Coliseo shows at 20. Valiente & Guerrero Maya worked 19, Hombre Bala/Drone and somehow Leono worked 18. Leono only had 47 matches, so over a 1/3rd were in this building alone.
  • Volador worked the most Sunday Arena Mexico shows at 23, with Maya & Marco behind him.
  • Jocker and Star Black, who seem like the top rudo and tecnico prospects of the moment in Guadalajara, each worked 26 Sunday Guadalajara shows (or half of ’em.)
  • Acero worked 22 shows Pequeno Universo worked 21 shows on the regular roster without ever getting booked on a Friday night. (That’s not changed this year.) Metatron actually worked 29 matches, but a lot of them were local Guadalajara matches.
  • Marco & Rush were never booked on a Saturday. Ripper worked no Sundays. Bengala, Sensei and Leono never made a Puebla trip.
  • Delta worked almost half his matches on Tuesday before he quit, which easily explains why he quit. (Super Halcon too, though we still don’t know if he actually quit.)

Here’s the full chart

You can see other oddities, like Super Crazy only working Fridays nights, or Sharlie Rockstar only working Puebla and Fridays. 284 people worked at least one match in CMLL. If you throw all the Puebla and Guadalajara only guys, and those who only worked one show (like the 09/16 Legends show or the Arkangel tribute Coliseo show), there were 158 people who worked at least two matches for CMLL Mexico City in 2016.

Events/Matches by States

Which states are running the most shows? I dunno. These numbers are sort of bogus, since they’re driven by which locations are more likely to put up posters some place where one of us can find them. Still fun!

Location Events Top Luchador Matches
Estado de México 921 Judas el Traidor 80
Coahuila 564 Antrax Jr. (Laguna) 80
Veracruz 551 Cronos (Veracruz) 76
Distrito Federal 512 Volador Jr. 123
Tamaulipas 500 Rey Ónix 58
Nuevo León 421 Mini Hator 81
Jalisco 417 Black Golden (Jalisco) 86
Chihuahua 340 Guerrero Escarlata Jr. 104
Hidalgo 272 Poético 54
Puebla 271 Black Tiger (Puebla) 49
Texas 248 Angelix 39
Durango 202 Piloto Suicida (Laguna) 45
San Luis Potosí 187 Steel Ángel 52
Baja California 176 Rey Cobra (Baja California) 44
Guerrero 159 Kid Silver (Guerrero) 51
Guanajuato 156 Black Evil 37
California 155 Rocket Boy Wilson 25
Quintana Roo 101 Caballero Galáctico 43
Guatemala 97 Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) 49
Morelos 89 Elecktro (Morelos) 30
Illinois 67 Skayde Jr. 26
Arizona 54 Psycho (Arizona) 42
Michoacán 53 Hades (Michoacán) 13
Querétaro 52 Lince (Querétaro) 21
Chiapas 48 Vértigo (Chiapas), Asgard, Lluvia de Estrellas 17
Sonora 48 Aztec 15
Oaxaca 47 Súper Águila (Oaxaca) 17
Yucatán 45 Halcón Rojo Jr. 19
Sinaloa 40 Relámpago (Sinaloa) 19
Tlaxcala 36 Merack, Juventud Azteca 10
Zacatecas 28 Serpiente India Jr. 15
Tabasco 26 Kiss 11
Colorado 19 La Puma, Zeven, Rayo Plateado 6
Nayarit 17 Loco González 10
Aguascalientes 13 Mamba/Pentagón Jr. 6
Campeche 13 Drackull, Necro Mysterio, Dr. Blood, Rayo de Plata 4
Colima 13 Ángel Star, Prodigy 5

These numbers give me many questions. I don’t have many answers. Guerrero Escarlata Jr. wrestling twice a week in Ciudad Juarez alone – not even counting any matches in El Paso! – is kind of amazing for a person who’s name I’ve never really noticed. That’s 1 out of 3 shows from the entire state. Black Golden is a non-descript on a week to week basis but seems to get himself booked twice every weekend. Rocket Boy Wilson is surely not the most prolific luchador in all of California, or even Los Angeles, but tends to work shows where full cards are actually listed on the poster (and that isn’t the norm.) Everyone who has  “(state name)” probably has it because someone else is or was using the same name elsewhere, but they’re all important enough people to be booked a lot in their home area.

I’ve only included States without at least 10 events. If someone’s running in Baja California Sur on a regular basis, they’re keeping it very quiet.

AAA TV Win Loss Records

The shows that really matter for AAA are the TV ones, so the results from them might be more useful than including the spot shows and other appearances. There were 28 AAA TV tapings last year, including the Lucha World Cup shows.

Most Matches: Psycho Clown (27) – he wrestled twice sometimes, but he almost made every single TV taping. Texano was right behind him at 23, and Pentagon, Faby and Wagner had 21.
Most Wins: Faby Apache (15). Weirdly, that entire feud is at the top: Chessman & Averno had 13 each, Mary is in a group with 12.
Most Losses: Psycho Clown (19), but you knew that if you’ve been paying any attention. He’s a useful argument for wins/losses alone not mattering on getting a guy over, I guess. Daga, Wagner, Mamba and Parka are behind him.
Best Win %: Lanzeloth win the year without losing (6-0), but Faby would be the best of those with at least 10 TV matches (74%).
Wort Win%: Mamba went 3-14 for a woeful 17% winning record. Of note, Daga went 5-15.