CMLL on 2016-12-30 

Friday night fights

Recapped: 12/30/2016

What happened: Nothing really. There were a lot of tourists in attendance and they worked a very tourist friendly show with no angles. Maybe the only thing that happened was the CMLL promo announcing Cavernario/Cometa, Último Guerrero/Valiente, Mephisto/Volador and Casas/Tiger/Puma vs the Panthers for next week. That’s way too good to be true.

What was good: I liked the main event and the lightning match was good too. This was a generally easy to watch show.

Where can I watch it: I’ve likely put up the links to the matches on Twitter by the time you see this, though the second match was messed up by some stream issues.

Match 1: Flyer & Robin vs Hijo del Signo & Metálico
Arena México, 12/30/2016

  1. rudos
    • Hijo del Signo nudo signo Flyer (8:02)
    • Metálico sit down powerbomb Robin (8:31)
  2. técnicos
    • Robin senton con giro Metálico (4:02)
    • Flyer Dragon suplex Hijo del Signo (4:21)
  3. rudos
    • Hijo del Signo Canadian Destroyer Flyer(4:14)
    • Metalico back heel trip cradle Robin (4:21)

Winner: rudos (1/3)
Match Time: 17:24

Review: [ok] a match with a few unexpected moves but mostly forgettable. No rhythm to it or chemistry to either team, and there were things in the third fall that didn’t look right. This was less than usual; maybe it’s an ‘ok” because I can’t be bothered to rate it lower. Signo’s mirror eyed mask looked cool. His character should be the last one to be doing Canadian Destroyers, but then I’m not even sure what he’s supposed to be.

Flyer, student of the dragon system

Match 2: Pegasso, Star Jr., Tritón vs Nitro, Sangre Azteca, Virus
Arena México, 12/30/2016

  1. técnicos
    • Pegasso reverse armbar Virus (7:48)
  2. rudos
    • Nitro piledriver Triton (1:59)
  3. técnicos
    • Pegasso casadora cradle Virus (4:00)
    • Triton moonsault bodyblock Nitro (4:05)

Winner: técnicos (1/3)
Match Time: 13:52

Review: [ok] A bleh match overall. The rudos were set on having their usual match and no amount of effort by the técnicos was going to change that all that much. Plus, the second match handcuffs were on. Another one where they didn’t screw anything up but there wasn’t much to actually say.

Star Jr.

Match 3: Rey Cometa vs Sagrado in a lightning match
Arena México, 12/30/2016

Winner: Rey Cometa (Spanish Fly)
Match Time: 7:36

Review: [good] A nice little lightning match. Could’ve been better if something hit better – the Brillo Cometa was a little shot and Cavernario seemed to be hitting light after it – but they had some good drama for the time. Sagrado has fun looking offense that how got to show off here, and Cometa is good at making the comebacks. I was surprised about the finish and would’ve actually liked to see it the other way to see what they could do in a title match.

a little short on this one
always GIFed
Sagrado started one place, ended up some place weirder

Match 4: Blue Panther Jr., Drone, The Panther vs Kráneo, Olímpico, Ripper
Arena México, 12/30/2016

  1. rudos
    • Kraneo hipsmash The Panther (6:00)
    • Kraneo legdrop Drone (6:20)
  2. técnicos
    • The Panther frog splash Kraneo (2:49)
    • Drone rope flip moonsault Olímpico (2:53)
  3. técnicos
    • DQ Ripper (Blue Panther Jr. unmasking) (5:29)

Winner: técnicos (2/3)
Match Time: 14:42 (feed went out, time is an estimate)

Review: [ok] Ripper was fired up, doing a senton off the stage, ripping at Blue Jr.’s mask early, and then pulling it off later. That’s all very strange, maybe he saw what Histeria got paid and just wanted to get on that. Blue Jr. looked a bit awkward in this match, Olímpico was his usual self and Kraneo’s had better matches too. Still, this was fine enough and the third fall ending dives were cool.

Ripper is crazy
double tope

Match 5: Ángel de Oro, Marco Corleone, Stuka Jr. vs Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible
Arena México, 12/30/2016

  1. técnicos
    • Stuka torpedo splash Rey Bucanero (3:44)
    • Angel de Oro casadora Shocker (3:44)
  2. TGR
    • Rey Bucanero Decapitacion Guerrera Marco Corleone (3:02)
  3. técnicos
    • Marco Corleone Air Corleone (3:02)

Winner: técnicos (1/3)
Match Time: 12:55

Review: [ok] good match for the audience, and they liked it a lot. They didn’t do much over normal, but the crowd was easily reacting to Marco and they went with it. TGR are still slow, but played their role well enough. This one of that matches which worked but I can’t think of a thing to say about it.

TGR making it too easy for Marco
combination dives

Match 6: Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas vs Carístico, Valiente, Volador Jr.
Arena México, 12/30/2016

  1. Peste Negra
    • Felino senton Carístico (2:35)
  2. técnicos
    • Carsitico casita Negro Casas (1:34)
  3. técnicos
    • Valiente Buster on Felino (6:49)
    • Volador Canadian Destroyer Cavernario (6:49)

Winner: técnicos (2/3)
Match Time: 10:58

Review: [good] Not quite a Sky Team showcase but a close facsimile. Just a fun match for a vocal crowd, with the técnicos showing off their big offense and the rudos doing a bit of comedy in between. They built to the big Monito/Zacarias spot at the end and it still came off as a surprise. Volador looked at the top of his game and his dive into the crowd was huge. Most everything worked – the only thing Carístico messed up was chatting with Zacarias when Felino and Volador were waiting for him to come back for the big headscissors – and they went farther than usual in the third fall. Needed a little more drama to it for me to take it seriously, but it definitely worked for the live crowd.

stop talking to Zacarias, Caristicio!
Volador meets the fans