1980-1984 Coahuila/Durango lineups added to the luchadb

I’ve added lineups (and very limited results) for lineups from 1980 to 1984 from the El Siglo de Torreon archive. (If you follow the @lucharobot, this is what you saw earlier this week.) Most of the shows are from Gomez Palacio or Torreon. It’s not complete, because there are some days which are missing and we’re only limited to the shows which are advertised in the paper. An article in 1982 mentions Gran Markus having an incident with a 12 year old at Arena Olimpico Laguna, but that’s the only indication that year the arena exists. Still, it’s a few hundred more events added and some neat designs as they get into 1984.

If you’re someone who collects these lineups, I’ve broken them down by year. The files include the graphical cards when I could find them, which should make it easier to check my woeful spelling.

This timespan starts out with one show a week with almost all locals at the bull ring for 1980 thru 1982. That promotions either stops advertising or falls apart by the early 1983, and there’s months with no mention of lucha in the paper until Arena Olimpico Laguna (which dates back into the 60s) starts to advertise. 18 months later, there appears to be four distinct promotions all advertising: at the bullring (having come back from the dead), at AOL, at the Auditorium, and at the Palacio de los Deportes. Those locations are still in use today.

The AOL building is Promociones del Norte/UWA affiliated. The Norte tag team titles are the main titles in the building and the title pattern seems to make sense (and makes me wonder if those brand of titles are historically underrated because there’s enough research on them.) Negro Casas & Black Terry are among the UWA young wrestlers who wrestle in AOL. The Auditorio & Palacio also bring in Mexico City talent, but it’s more unaffiliated guys; Tinieblas is defending the AWWA title as big belt. It’s not until the Plaza de Toros promotion returns that EMLL guys have any regular presence (though some do come thru AOL.)

Some random stories I found thru

I plan on continuing on these later, because I got some interesting stuff out of it, I know more is coming as I get later in the 80s, and it was just more time consuming than difficult. However, the site has put up a paywall (or finally gotten the old paywall to actually work), it doesn’t make sense for me to pay for access until I’ve got a full month to work at it, and I probably won’t have that for the near future. I’ll try to get back at this in 2017.

DTU iPPV tonight, Elite off Azteca?, IWRG/GDL results

DTU tonight

CMLL (TUE) 12/13/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Martes de Glamour]
1) Explosivo & Sky Kid b Furia Roja & Sádico
tecnicos took 1/3
2) Grako, Maléfico, Metálico b El Divino, Robin, Sensei
rudos took 1/3
3) Esfinge, Soberano Jr., Stigma b Disturbio, Nitro, Virus
Tecnicos took 2/3
4) Kráneo, Olímpico, Ripper b Ángel de Oro, Johnny Idol, Rey Cometa
Rudos took 1/3.
5) Niebla Roja, Terrible, Último Guerrero b Atlantis, Tritón, Valiente
Triton replaced Maximo. Rudos took 1/3. UG fouled Valiente and got the pin. Valiente demanded a singles match.

Triton got a main event! because Maximo was off doing who knows what. The setup, and next week’s singles match being non-title, suggests Valiente is going to win next week. You do never know with UG.

Caristico & Mr. Leo defeated Rey Escorpion & Argos in Queretaro.

IWRG (WED) 12/14/2016 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Bambino & Voltar b Crezy & Crezy Tiger
2) Magic Dragón, Sombra Metálica, Último Caballero b Águila Enmascarrada, Kira, Rey Flecha
3) Fireman, Omega, Vardeus b Fly Tiger, Guerrero 2000, Vampiro Metálico
4) ?, Blue Monsther, Hijo del Alebrije, Shadow Boy b Adrenalina, Atomic Star, Keshin Black, Picudo Jr.
Atomic Star and someone else added to the match
5) Ángel Oriental, Atomic Fly, Cremosito, Keiser Drago, Kilvan, Lady Cat, Marduk Jr., Salchichita b Alas de Acero, Aramis, Araña de Plata, Barba Roja Jr., Cadilac, Demonio Infernal, Dragón Fly, Skanda [Torneo Fill]
Team FILL (Black Terry) vs Team Gym Zeus (Oficial 911), with Kilvan defeating Demonio Infernal with help from 911. Barba Roja Jr. replaced Black Dragon.

Leo Riano’s column says Elite is expected to no longer air on Azteca7. They’re still under contract at the moment, but it’s expected Azteca will not renew it. As guessed here, Azteca adding Combate Americas was them moving on to a different sort of combat sport. The Elite “season” came to an end soon after, which seems to back up Riano’s report. Riano says the lucha show wasn’t getting the ad sales the TV company was hoping for. I’d assume this means they will also be off Azteca in the US, when they complete their run or sooner. Riano is certain will get a new TV deal and doesn’t even bring up the idea that this might be the end.

Rafy gave his side of the incident with Alberto el Patron on the EN+CARADOS #3 podcast. Alfredo has a translated summary of it in the latest Lucha Report that I’m heavily cribbing from. Alberto’s story has been that Rafy groped Paige. Rafy’s story is he said “pass by, beautiful” to Paige and didn’t touch her at all. Rafy says Alberto flipped out and pulled off his mask, Rafy retreated to the locker room, and Alberto went in there to attack Rafy. Rafy says he didn’t win the fight, but the reports about how hurt he was were blown up. Paige later told Alberto that Rafy hadn’t touched her, Alberto apologized, Rafy apologized for saying anything, and they thought it was over until it got into social media.

Before the fight, Alberto told the press he expects to be back in AAA in 2017, downplayed the injuries from the stabbing attack, and blamed the whole controversy on social media. Someday, Alberto will actually be responsible for something that happens to Alberto, but that day is apparently not today.

Tonight is DTU’s first ever iPPV, with a Negro Casas vs Flamita vs Ronnie Mendoza main event (though it’ll probably happen earlier in the show.) The full card is here, I wrote a long preview over on Voices of Wrestling about the matches.

The show starts live at 7pm CT. The iPPV stream scheduled to start around 8:30pm, though it might be worth checking earlier. You can buy the iPPV for $6 USD at dtu.com.mx. Make sure to create an account before you click on the banner to buy the show. If you don’t create an account, it’ll auto create one, and you’ll have to click on “Users” to find the Nombre de usuario, then “Editar perfil” to set up a password. If that still doesn’t work, contacting DTU on Twitter or Facebook will get you help in English. (Ignore the countdown clock, it’s off.) If you can’t watch it live, they say the show will be available on VOD.

There’s no way of knowing if this will work until it does. We’re all crossing our fingers. Really, in these situations, the issue isn’t the money. I’d rather have $6 than not have $6, but the aggravation is more the feed not working and no one involved letting you know what’s going on. I hope the feed works without a problem, but I also hope there’s someone there to talk about it if it doesn’t go well.

DTU put up the main event from the last Arena Aficion show, Negro Casas, Hormiga, Flamita vs Aeroboy, Black Fire and Negro Casas. An actual full match with Hormiga & Black Fire!

Facebook lucha site CuadrilateroTV says they’re doing a pre-game show live from outside the arena at 6:30pm. We’re planning on doing the opposite. I mentioned this on the last podcast and I think we might actually be able to pull it off: myself and Rob are planning to do a podcast recapping the show after it concludes. We’re planning to do it live on YouTube, so you’ll be able to listen to me stumble over names in real time. We haven’t really planned this out too much, it wasn’t until yesterday where Rob pointed out to me that we’re probably starting around midnight CT, but since the people ordering this show are the same people who are listening to the podcast, it makes sense to combine the two. Check Twitter for a link to the audio-only feed a little bit after the DTU show concludes (and I have no idea what we’re doing if the DTU show doesn’t work.)

Caristico & Rey Escorpion are in Cuernavaca today, where Magia Blanca and Colapso have a mask match.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, when writing about WWE signing of foreign women, notes people from England and from Australia are not starting until April due to the red tape in getting working visa. Zeuxis, if she has signed with WWE, could possibly be in the same situation. (It’s possible she has US citizenship from the Puerto Rican side, but her short visits to the US suggest she’s just come as a tourist so far.) That’s good news in that we’re probably at getting at least a few more months of flying double knees into faces, but also slightly hidden bad news. The best case about Zeuxis not losing her mask is it can’t really be her farewell while she still has a title belt (which has mostly gone unmentioned in months.) This timeline suggests 12/25 won’t be the farewell either, but gives CMLL plenty of time to put her in a title feud with whoever beats her for her mask, if that’s the plan. That scenario would also make Zeuxis losing to Dalys the less likely outcome.

Psycho Clown is falsely advertised for two shows this weekend.

GALLI has Steve Pain & Skayde Jr. vs Billy Star & Golden Dragon on Sunday. Pierrothito is in the main event, and wrestles Friday in northern Chicago suburb Waukegan.

Titan, Cavernario and Zacarias are in the Dominican Republic.

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara says Caristico will be on their 01/04 (oddly Wednesday) show.

TKD and CultIcon review this week’s Lucha Underground.

There’s a free Mexico City lucha libre commission party on Monday.

Kicids draws Caristico & Maximo’s Christmas wishes.


DTU Sanchez (SAT) 12/17/2016 Arena Neza
1) Flayer Boy vs Toto, Dragón Gold Fly, X-Boy, Drolux
2) Lokillo, Niño De Cobre, Pardux vs Camuflaje, Fandango, Moria
3) El Gio & El Junior vs Rafy & Teelo and Corsario Negro Jr. & Pólux Jr.
4) Gallego & Mr. Cóndor vs Jimmy & Kevin and Pandemónium & Pandemónium Jr.
5) Puma King & Tiger Casas vs Neza Kid & Ronnie Mendoza
6) Crazy Boy & Mr. Niebla vs Ángel o Demonio & Ovett and Maniaco & Psicosis II

Tiger & Puma join in for a show, which sets up a really good semifinal. I wonder what the reaction will be to Rafy this week.

CMLL Puebla: 2016-12-12 

double mini dive

Recapped: 12/13/2016

What happened: Último Guerrero beat Valiente, again. La Mascara cost Volador a match, setting up a singles match between them (again!) We seem to be stuck in rerun season.

What was good: Nothing. I think the minis match was the best on the show, but this was mostly another boring CMLL Monday/Tuesday show.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s channel. Read More