CMLL Friday preview and guesses at upcoming plans


CMLL’s main event tonight is centered around Caristico & Mistico teaming up, with Dragon Lee the third man on the team. CMLL preview pushes the idea of Caristico facing three of his biggest rivals from his glory days: Mephisto, Negro Casas and Ultimo Guerrero.  It’s the last one that matters, with Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero feuding the last couple of weeks. They’re likely having a singles match sometime this month, maybe as soon as next week.

The semimain has Mascara 2000 and Maximo again on opposite sides of a trios match. Terrible, Shocker, Volador and Marco are also part of it. It comes off like Mascara 2000 is around to lose his hair sometime between now and Three Kings Day. There’s been no sign of the usual opening match apuesta feud of the last few years, and Mascara losing his hair works as a replacement. Mascara will probably be better than Ramstein was last year, though that’s not saying much. It would’ve been nice if they aimed a little higher.

The other feud is in the tercera, where the women form odd teams. Female relevos increibles matches are rare. On Informa, and in a Plantilla Deportia interview, Estrellita’s talked about a “bomb” of a surprise coming. She’s also said she has no idea what CMLL has planned for this feud. I am confused by how those concepts work together. This definitely comes off like a cage match feud, with the relevos incredibles a way to get both rudos and tecnicos fighting each other to create the idea of everyone for themselves.

The CMLL calendar could line up something like:

12/16: Caristico vs Ultimo Guerrero
12/23: Dinastia Casas getting their trios title shot
12/30: women’s cage match
01/06: Mascara 2000 vs Maximo in a hair match

That’s just a guess. CMLL figures to run bigger than usual shows on Sundays 12/25 and 01/01 and it’s possible some of these feuds could be shifted to those days. Tonight’s show will confirm some of those matches will be happening, and I suspect there will be a press conference this upcoming Wednesday to sign contracts and put dates to matches.

The lightning match is Valiente versus La Mascara. Valiente is challenging twice for the same title soon, but that’s elsewhere and no sure thing he’ll win here. The second match is Fuego, Soberano, Pegasso versus Okumura, Puma and Tiger. CMLL’s done nothing important with Puma & Tiger since the tournament win. The opener is Stigma & Oro Jr. vs Sangre Azteca & Skandalo.

CultIcon also previews this show. The show will air on ClaroSports at 8:30pm CT. (This is the week where it usually aired on NJPW World, but it’s not listed on their schedule.)

Sangre Imperial replaces Oro Jr. on Tuesday. Oro is still listed on today’s show.

I’m planning on skipping watching this show live and heading to the Gringo Loco benefit show tonight in Berwyn instead. No matches are announced, but tickets are only $10.

TuriLuchas Puebla service in Puebla is going on “pause” for the next few weeks. They’ll resume running busses to Monday shows on 01/09. Guessing the bus might be needed for holiday service elsewhere.

Miedo Extremo lost the UWA Junior Heavyweight Championship right back to the guy he won it from. Miedo gets one last chance to win back the DTU title on 12/26.

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Two episodes of the Blue Demon series will air on Televisa’s Canal de Estrellas on Christmas Day. The complete series is on the pay VOD service Blim.