AAA on Televisa: 2016-11-05 

Super Fly has had enough of these guys trying to dive on him
Super Fly has had enough of these guys trying to dive on him

Recapped: 11/14/2016

What happened: Wagner/Psycho set up a singles match (for next week). Fantasma kept his cruiserwieght title. Mascara de Bronce debuted, and lost. Super Fly is set on ending Aerostar. A mystery person has now trapped the Apaches twice.

What was good: Nothing really? The title match and the opener worked less than you’d expect. The main event was actually better, but the expectations were pretty lose there.

Where can I watch it: It’s no AAA’s channel in much better quality than on mine.

Previously: Hijo del Tirantes helped the OGTs beat the Xinetez and beat up the Apaches.

Dr. Wagner Jr., in a t-shirt hoodie, comes to the ring. He’s seen many things on social media by Psycho Clown, angry about the traitors. Dr. Wagner explains he saw the growing success of Psycho Clown as a threat to his own legacy so he had to stop it. This seems edited a bit. Psycho Clown interrupts the catchphrase. Psycho is there to complain about how stupid the main event is – eight versus one Psycho Clown, in his mind. (I guess he didn’t buy the Perros del Mal siding with him on the taping.) Psycho’s teaming with Murder & Monster, which obviously is an issue. Psycho is OK with going on 1 on 8 but thinks the people deserve better – Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner, 1 on 1. Wagner says he’s going to take Psycho Clown’s mask anyway, but they agree to have this one singles match before the mask match. Psycho thinks it’s happening now, but Wagner bails.

Match 1: Aerostar, Máscara De Bronce, Venum vs Dave The Clown, Parka Negra, Súper Fly
Lienzo Charro de Los Reyes Ixtacala, Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, 10/28/2016

Winner: rudos (Super Fly running powerbomb Aerostar)
Match Time: 11:41
Notes: Mascara de Bronce (Gotita de Plata) is a surprise luchador, debuting as a new character. The look is siad based off a cartoon character, kind of a space thing but it makes him look really skinny and young. Jesus Zuniga introduces Bronces as a new luchador, congratulates Aerostar for his performance in Japan, and then says this will be Aerostar’s last match because Super Fly is going to end him.

Ludxor appears to be hurt after Super Fly catches him in a dive and throws him in the crowd. Super Fly powerbombs Aerostar thru a table after the match (and it mostly breaks!)

Review: [ok] almost a recommendable match; the Aerostar/Super Fly stuff works well and there’s the crazy dives. Bronce’s tornillo looked good, but he didn’t stand out much. The outfit doesn’t really work at this point and there was very little done to make him a star; he’s obviously the replacement for Venum and will be getting more attention than Venum. Dave the Clown is not any good and it’s obvious he’s not the right guy for something like this after seeing him struggle doing anything with Venum. I can only imagine how bad the spot was with Bronce that it had to be cut out. Aerostar turning himself 90 degrees on the mat because Dave forgot to lay him on the mat correctly is fun. It’s hard to see how Dave is the best choice they have for these things. There were small other issues, this is not totally on one guy, but this is probably an easily recommendable match with a better person in Dave’s spot.

required Aerostar dive into the crowd
Mascara de Bronce
table actually kind of broke!

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma vs DragoAngélico for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Lienzo Charro de Los Reyes Ixtacala, Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, 10/28/2016

  • Hijo del Fantasma Thrill of the Hunter Drago (7:28)
  • Hijo del Fantasma Thrill of the Kill Angelico (11:39)

Winner: Fantamsa
Match Time: 7:28
Notes: Drago wears the AAA tag title belt to the ring and challenges Fantasma to put his title on the line. Fantasma says titles are meant to be defended and agrees. Before we get started, Fantasma clarifies that it’s elimination – if they’re so good, they got beat both people.

Review: [ok] I really wanted to like this match, and it was a let down. The match gets a little bit better when it’s down to two people but it never really comes close to the promise. It wasn’t helped by the atmosphere Crowd didn’t care about any of this, not reacting to the big moves or the pinfalls for a long time, and then randomly booing something else. This seemed like a matchup that should get a good reaction, but it didn’t connect at all, and the luchadors didn’t play to the crowd to bring them either. AAA TV crowd need people to cheer or boo, and there wasn’t even subtle signs of how to pick. that’s on the wrestlers; Fantasma seemed to especially be a zombie.

This wasn’t a great match being ignored – about the time Angelico rolled out after a dropkick only to get pulled right back in by Fantamsa, it was clear they weren’t all on the same page. Maybe they didn’t know what they were doing they were doing until they got out there; it felt that way. But even going in cold, there wasn’t the same crispness or coldness to their moves. This match would’ve gotten over more in the US, but I think people there would’ve been left a disappointed with the match as well. These guys were just back from Japan, and I wonder if jetleg or exhaustion was an issue – they didn’t seem themselves or as good as they were a couple days prior.

step up huracanrana (though slower than usual)
step up huracanrana (though slower than usual)

Noti AAA

  • AAA’s remembrance of deceased luchadors
  • photos of AAA in Japan for Star Battle, including visiting the embassy
  • recap of Faby being locked in a room at Heroes Inmortales, then an explanation of why El Apache didn’t help his daughters in Tlahuelilpan: he’d been attacked by a mystery person and locked in the bus.
  • Averno claims to know who the mystery person is and ask Zuniga is good at keeping secrets. Zuniga says he is. Averno says he is too! Averno talks about beating the Xinetez without cheating – Zuniga pushes back on that – and the OGT are going to be the new trios champions.

Match 3: Monsther Clown & Murder Clown vs Daga & Joe Lider and Damián 666 & Pagano
Lienzo Charro de Los Reyes Ixtacala, Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, 10/28/2016

Winner: Psycho Circus (Murder Clown top rope splash Daga)
Match Time: 5:16
Notes: Jesus Zuniga making up lyrics to a Pagano song is one of the best thing he’s ever done. “Donde estas Perros?” is funny, because the answer is “Pentagon’s in Tijuana even though he was advertised for this show.” The other six guys were scheduled to be in the main event Psycho was complaining about to start the show. For no particular reason, the rudo teams tease breaking up for about two seconds, then get back together. The Perro make a brief comeback soon after anyway. It doesn’t last long, but Daga & Lider are not completely squashed. Kahn-Del-Mal – who now has gear – gets in the ring and gets belted a few times after the match.

Review: [ok] better than usual for this sort of thing because they made it less boring; Lider & Daga got in a few moments of hope before getting beat so it wasn’t just a long one sided deal. It also just wasn’t long; they didn’t need to go more much more than five minutes, and that’s what happened. There was no point to a phony rudo breakup, and they didn’t really do one of those either. The match itself wasn’t really anything to write about, but it made sense and I’ll take that where I can get it. Pagano appeared to drop his leg right on Lider’s face on a top rope legdrop; it’s sucks to be Joe Lider.

this didn’t go quite right

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