AAA on Televisa: 2016-10-08 

business as usual for Aerostar
business as usual for Aerostar

Recapped: 10/27/2016

What happened: Monster Clown & Murder Clown betrayed Psycho Clown, who was figuratively and literally badly burned. Faby Apache got locked in a room (which turned out not to be so locked.) Aerostar & Super Fly kept the tag titles.

What was good: I liked the ladder match and had not a lot of use for the rest. I realized AAA main events are going to mostly be Psycho Clown getting beat, making a brief comeback, and then getting screwed for the next year straight (after happening for most of the last six months), and it is good that I realized that but not good for wrestling action.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel.

This is part 1 of Heroes Inmortales, so we get an Antonio Pena memorial video to lead into a show preview video, as they showed in the arena.

AAA Rewind is back to the first Heroes Inmortales, where Scott Hall showed up for some reason.

Match 1: Aerostar & Drago © vs Laredo Kid & Súper Fly and Damián 666 & Nicho el Millionario and Monsther Clown & Murder Clown for the AAA World Tag Team Championship in a ladder match
Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 10/02/2016

Winner: Drago & Aerostar
Match Time: 10:26
Notes: Super Fly & Laredo Kid are introduced as the founders of the Air Force; Zuniga mentions Nemesis and Rey Cometa by name as the other founders. Laredo has a slight more evil version of his usual mask. Super Fly wears a half mask and half face paint to the ring, and takes off the mask. (Not far off from Virus, but Super Fly looks better.) Champs don’t have their belts, because they’re hanging already.

The match is intended to end with Aerostar grabbing both belts and headscissoring Nicho off the side of the ladder. Nicho can’t take the headscissors (and brutally falls face first to the mat), and Aerostar couldn’t get the second belt free from the bar it’s held on. Aerostar, Nicho and one belt go to the mat, but Piero insists the match much continue. Aerostar starts climbing up, and Damian pops back to life to improvise something less obvious as a finish, which results in Damian taking an extra sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder. Drago and Aerostar set up the ladder one more time and fight off Nicho to finally grab the second belt for the victory.

Review: [good] better than I expected until the finish went totally awry, and even then I wanted to give them bonus credit for going along with it as best as they could. This was mostly 2v2 matches with the other teams disappearing (the Clowns and the Air Force might gone to the back minutes before the match ended), but they kept it pretty entertaining, there were a few good spots, and it didn’t really overstay it’s welcome. This seemed like the best case scenario for a match like this. Damian and Nicho took incredible punishment for being old and somewhat broken men, but the idea for the headscissors at the end was asking way too much. Murder’s 619 is better than Monster’s corner senton and it’s not even close.

this didn’t look like a fun time
this also did not look like fun!

Match 2: El Apache, Faby Apache, Mary Apache vs Averno, Chessman, Ricky Marvin
Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 10/02/2016

Winner: OGT
Match Time: 4:03
Notes: Before the match, we (and the people in the arena) are shown Faby looking for her family before the show, and somehow being magically locked in a room. OGT have new music. We’re shown El Apache and Mary without Faby backstage. It appears like Mary wants to go back and look, but Apache pulls her to the match. Mary’s strategy is to rush the OGT, this doesn’t not work out well. Hijo del Tirantes is referee.

An AAA official (Oscar Garcia, identified by the announcers) is shown hurrying to the ring less than a minute in, getting Mary’s attention and ushering her to the back. (Mary gets stomped by the rudos, but nothing more.) El Apache is left alone in the ring as the cameras follow Mary to the back. Mary easily opens a door (?) that doesn’t appear to be the same door Faby walked in (??) and it’s unclear why Oscar couldn’t have just done that himself (???). Faby is still in her street clothes as she and Mary run back to the ring, where the rudos are content to pose. Their offense includes a Mary headscissors on Ricky which goes so poorly that Arturo is reduced to laughter. The rest of the Apaches offense goes better, though there seems to be an edit before some dives. Faby and Averno are left in, with Tirantes Faby pins. Faby accidentally hits Tirantes, Averno fakes a foul, and Tirantes dances around before shoving Faby and raising Avenro’s arm. It’s about 2m30 from the time Faby shows up to the finish.

Review: [below average] a joke as a match, basically advertising a match and not delivering it for no clear reason. I’ve thought that maybe Faby was injuried and this was a way around it, but she doesn’t appear to be hurt (Mary seems more off) and she doesn’t seem to be limited against Averno at the end, and she still takes a bump from Hijo del Tirantes. Maybe there could’ve been some commission issue, but that seems unlikely in Monterrey of all places and the women and men fight like anywhere else, just a lot less of it. It comes off as AAA building to a match and then deciding they didn’t want to do it, which is something you probably should figure out before building to the match. I didn’t really want to see this one after TripleMania, I’m just more confused why they even set it up.

no idea what happened
no idea what happened

An Antonio Pena video plays and he’s honored with a moment of applause. La Parka gives a speech on behalf of the luchadors. The Antonio Pena mass is also shown.

Match 3: Psycho Clown vs Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Pagano
Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 10/02/2016

Winner: Dr. Wagner
Match Time: 14:23
Notes: Pagano is wearing a NGX shirt around his waist. Dr. Wagner simply runs at Psycho Clown and hits him, and Psycho Clown has no real plan to defend this. The match starts with all three of them still on the stage. Beyond the numbers disadvantage, Tirantes is also somehow referee. AAA amazingly leaves in a shot where you can see Psycho take the blade out from his wrist gauntlet. Psycho runs while obviously holding something in his hand, and blades after getting hit by a chair. Wagner actually goes for a pinfall about four minutes in, but Psycho kicks out and than they go brawling into the crowd. They try a submission a couple minutes later, but Psycho won’t give up. Psycho hasn’t gotten any offense in at that point. Pagano works over the cut with a barbed wire bat, but Psycho’s stopped bleeding by this point. Psycho finally makes his comeback more than eight minutes in, and crowd is somewhat with him. Psycho throws Pagano in the crowd, hits Wagner with a chair, and rips at his mask. Pagano returns and Psycho has near wins broken up. Psycho takes out Tirantes with the bared wire bat, only for Pagano to foul him and Wagner to drop him with a lousy Wagner Driver. Wagner covers for the visual pin, but Monster and Murder run to the ring. They pull Pagano and Wagner away, set up a table in the corner, pour a metric ton of fluid on it, and lite it on fire. That last part takes a little while. They help Pagano up, and – well, AAA misses the moment where Monster & Murder they exchange Wagner signs with Dr. Wagner, but that seems to be what happened. Wagner kicks Psycho and gives him a death valley driver into the table. Psycho only touches the very heavy flames barely, and tries to roll away, but Wagner bring him back. And does it again. This time, Psycho lands not only on the flames on the table, but near the torch that’s been left at the base of the table (to keep the fire going?) That’s how Psycho gets burned – not from the table, but the torch, and the ill-considered nature of the repeated spot. Wagner covers, and Psycho’s immediately checking his shoulder. Announcers go nuts over the Clowns turning their friend. They touch fists with Pagano. An AAA person hands Murder the torch so they can take a photo with it, then takes it back and runs away. Other people have quickly put out the table, AAA shows many shots of Psycho Clown missing a chunk of skin on his shoulder. Wagner unmasks Psycho Clown while the others pose. Psycho is hurting bad, shaking in pain, and Tirantes breaks character to get and pour water on Psycho’s back to help with the pain. The Clowns pose on the stage while Wagner looks over Psycho Clown in the ring – it’s possible they’re meant to do more, but Psycho Clown is in too much pain. They take him away on a stretcher while Wagner poses (and they try to clean the ring.)

Review: [below average] tedious match with a shock turn (that the cameras miss, just because.) I’m not sure how much notice they had they’d be doing this match or how much time they had to fill, but this was way too long for the story they had; it’s unlikely this kind of match would’ve been something I liked in any circumstance, but I just lost interested after about seven minutes of Psycho Clown getting beat up. When the match runs so long that the person who started bleeding stops bleeding, it’s a problem (and maybe that you started bleeding too soon.) The AAA crowd got into more than I did, and they accidentally made Psycho Clown a very sympathetic figure by badly burning him. Psycho Clown shaking and kicking his legs in pain was a very real feeling thing on an otherwise unreal feeling show. They probably should cut out doing fire spots, but the one here surely leads to a coupe more down the road. There’s probably timing reasons why it happened, but airing a match where the rudos have a number advantage of the técnicos followed by another match with the same story is not optimum.

running noa noa driver
Psycho almost landed between them