10/28 AAA TV Results (Tlalnepantla)


AAA TV (FRI) 10/28/2016 Lienzo Charro de Los Reyes Ixtacala, Tlalnepantla, Estado de México [AAA]
1) El Apache, Faby Apache, Mary Apache COR Mamba, Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker
OGT watched the match from ringside, distracted Faby and Tirantes quickly counted her out.
2) Dave The Clown, Parka Negra, Súper Fly b Aerostar, Máscara De Bronce, Venum
The debuting Mascara de Bronce (Gotita de Plata) was the mystery luchador and Venum did appear. Didn’t help – Super Fly powerbombed Aerostar thru a table as part of his victory.
3) Hijo del Fantasma b Drago, Angélico [AAA CRUISER]
Drago replaced Jack Evans. The tecnicos asked for this to be made a cruiserweight title match. Fantasma agreed. They used elimination rules this time, with Angelico beat Dragon and Fantasma beating Fantasma to keep the title. Sixth defense.
4) Averno, Chessman, Ricky Marvin b Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Zorro
Tirantes helped OGT win and officially is part of the group. Zorro offered them a title match.
5) Monsther Clown & Murder Clown b Daga & Joe Lider and Damián 666 & Pagano
Changed from a three way trios to a three way tag (Psycho/Wagner moved to the main event, Pentagon doubled booked in Tijuana.) Rudos just all teamed up and beat up the Perros. The traitor clowns got the win.
6) Psycho Clown NC Dr. Wagner Jr.
no finish when Pagano, Murder, Monster and Damian ran in, and Aerostar, Angelico, Daga and Lider made the save. Daga spoke out against the rudos. The TripleMania challenges were brought up again.

Air Date: a good question! This has grown from a one taping show to maybe a two taping one. It’ll definitely start 11/05 and it may be 11/12 (which would bump everything else a week back.)

I mentioned false advertising with Fenix on TripleMania. AAA appears to have done the same here, listing Pentagon in the main event and not telling people he was going elsewhere even as they were sending him to Pentagon. That is no bueno but they don’t seem to be changing it.

As a maybe make up, AAA did Psycho/Wagner – but then didn’t do a finish. This show also had two evil referee finishes and essentially a 4 on 2 handicap match. That can’t have been too fun to watch. In WWE, they might counterbalance this by doing a dark match 5v5 match with everyone in the main event, and Psycho beating Damian or whatever after a few minutes. That’s not how people see wrestling in Mexico, but it’d make for a more enjoyable show. All I can think of is, even before seeing a moment of the card, there’s only two matches which have a chance of being watchable and the rest of looks likes like stuff I’ll want to endure for as little time as possible. This needed a better balance between getting heat on the heels and having actual watchable TV.

We know Gotita de Plata is Mascara de Bronce because Gotita posted a photo of Mascara de Bronce on his Instagram, wrote about it being a new chapter in his career, and then attempted to change his Instagram name to Mascara de Bronce. (As of this writing, he has it as “Mascara de Bromce AAA”; it’s hard out there for a flying goat.) It’s nice to see him get a shot and I like what we can see of the costume, but the name is a little too generic for my tastes.

Aerostar versus Super Fly seems to be on once again. I downplayed the chances of the career vs career matches they were hyping, and you’ll end up right most of the time if you’re cynical about AAA midcard feuds, but it does come off as if they’re going somewhere with this. It should be good.

Random title defenses on AAA shows are good. The next title defense won’t be random; we already knew there was a trios title match between the Xinetez and OGT next Friday in Aguascalientes. Everything’s going OGT’s way – sometimes it means they’re about to stumble, but I’m more confident in them this time.

I bet I’m going to get so annoyed when Tirantes counts out Faby even though Mary and/or Apache are standing in the ring, but it’s an evil referee so it doesn’t have to make any sense. AAA leaning back heavily into the evil referee thing is annoying as a viewer. It’s seems solely part of the the OGT/Apaches/Xinetes storyline (which seems separate from everything else, probably because it’s being produced by those involved), so Tirantes will be normal in the rest of them, but adding the Xinetez now means it’s happening on a third of the card.