lucha TV preview for weekend of October 15th


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Lucha Libre Retro, an hour show of matches from Saturday Arena Coliseo show, looks like it’s actually starting this week – it’s listed on the scheduled on Fox’s site. It’s airing the same time as the one good match on CMLL on Claro, conveniently enough.  The first taping mentioned for this show was September 3rd, but they could start any time after that.

AAA will have the rest of Heroes Inmortales. Hopefully all four matches! But maybe not.

We have no idea if/where Elite is taping on Friday. This is amazing. If you skipped out on the Elite show when it aired in Mexico, you need to go out of your way to watch Elite on Azteca USA this week.

IWRG on AYM might have the Lucha Libre Boom show – they’ve had it in the past – but there’s no telling for sure until Monday night (or Sunday if we spot the cameras.)

Lucha Underground‘s preview mentions Johnny Mundo and Sexy Star stuff too. There will be a big in-show announcement during the show this week.

Dia del Muertos, Drone, NWA LH cibernetico

CMLL (TUE) 10/11/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [+LuchaTV, CMLL]
1) Magnum & Reycko b Linterna & Sádico
Tecnicos took 2/3.
2) Soberano Jr., Star Jr., Stigma b Cancerbero, Raziel, Sangre Azteca
Tecnicos took 2/3
3) Luciferno, Misterioso Jr., Olímpico b Esfinge, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr.
Rudos took 2/3.
4) Mr. Niebla, Pierroth, Último Guerrero b Marco Corleone, Máscara Dorada, Máximo Sexy
Rudos took 1/3.
5) Negro Casas & Shocker © b Valiente & Volador Jr. [CMLL TAG]
12th defense. Rudos took 1/3,

Shocker & Casas couldn’t lose, so they couldn’t.

CMLL held a press conference yesterday afternoon. Their notes are here. There was nothing huge, but the usual mix of things which had been announced and small things which had not.

The press conference was built around the Dia del Muertos shows (10/28, 10/30, 11/01 – the 10/25 date has been dropped.) Hechicero presented the Dia del Muertos performers. The 10/30 10/28 show will have the finals of the Universal tournament, as previously mentioned, and Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero talked back and forth about that. Atlantis later told ESTO and El Sol de Mexico about how he doesn’t plan to retire any time soon.

The 11/01 (Tuesday) show will have Rey Bucanero defending the NWA Historic Light Heavyweight championship. Bucanero hasn’t done much with the championship (it didn’t even come up in the Crazy feud.) That’s after the Universal title final, which means title changes can start happening again. There’s no strong reason for Bucanero to be champion, and there’s a decent chance whoever faces him will win.

They’ll determine the challenger on 10/25 with a 12 person cibernetico. Stuka Jr., Valiente, Vangellys, Bobby Z, Gran Guerrero, La Mascara, Atlantis, Johnny Idol, Blue Panther Jr., Esfinge, Misterioso and Hechicero are the 12. Atlantis (national) and La Mascara (CMLL) are already light heavyweight champions and so are unlikely to challenge for another. If it has to be a tecnico to face Bucanero, that leaves Stuka, Valiente (who’s challenge Bucanero and lost), Johnny Idol, Blue Panther Jr. (unlikely) and Esfinge (unlikely.) CMLL seems excited about Johnny Idol at the moment, and he’d be a decent guess at the winner

The 10/28 10/30 (Sunday) show figures to have a special main event, but nothing was set up yet. Maybe the Marco/Shocker feud they started and stopped will end up there.

CMLL also introduced Drone (which their own press releases can’t decide if it’s meant to be “Drone” or “Dron”.) He’s got an elaborate outfit, says he’s from “the North” and was trained by Franco Colombo. I’m fairly certain this is an existing wrestler being given a new gimmick. We’ll have a better idea when he debuts on Tuesday.

Angel de Oro was interviewed talking about ROH and NJPW. Angel de Oro didn’t know much about his opponents. He said it was the first time he would be in a four way match. (He was in a four way match in CaraLucha.) Angel de Oro couldn’t remember how many times he’s gone to another country for wrestling, but he did remember the countries. (He figured this out later on by Informa.) Titan joined him to talk about their team for NJPW.

Rush was teasing a Ingobernable related surprise after his match on Tuesday.

TKD and CultIcon review this week’s Lucha Underground.

Rey Escorpion told Box Y Lucha he is not out of CMLL, but he’s so good the fans want to see him everywhere, so he’s just got to go other places right now. I think he still has a relationship with CMLL, but isn’t going to be working there while in Elite.

Volador is still hoping for the hair match with Cavernario.

This Sunday’s Arena Coliseo Monterrey show has La Parka, Canek and ??? versus Damian, Halloween and Nicho. Super Crazy turns up in the semimain teaming with X-Fly, or he’s at least listed as being there. A cross time, the Hijo del Santo & Santo Jr. vs Silver King & Silver King Jr. match comes to Arena Jose Sulaiman.

Lucha Memes has a 10/23 show in Coacalco (Chairo Bill Vol 2)
1: Hechicero vs Sammy Guevara – Hechicero replaces Titan (NJPW tour)
2: Impulso vs Mike Segura
3: Alberto Dos Rios vs Negro Navarro
4: Dragon Lee vs Ronnie Mendoza
5: Keira vs Silueta
6: Los Kamikazes del Aire (Alas de Acero, Iron Kid, Aramis) vs Soberano Jr., Star Jr., Flyer – this should be great

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.

AAA posted a backstage promo with Aerostar & Drago.

The new edition of Sopresea Es Lucha talks about Alberto del Rio, Rey Fenix and Dragon Lee versus Kamaitachi.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter says Lucha Underground is working on 10/23 Phoenix, 10/30 Houston, and 11/05 in San Francisco. Other dates have been mentioned. Shows would be free. I know wrestlers have been told, but I’m skeptical they’re happening because they’re so close and nothing’s been announced.

The NYCC Lucha Underground panel is part of Sam Roberts’ podcast. (Or at least it’s said to be; I’m linking to this blind.)

Black Lotus is pregnant. She’s due in Spring 2017. No “regular” character disappears for longer stretches than Black Lotus, so I think they’re fully capable of working around her absence if they need to.

The Gladiatores talks to Daga about defeating Heroes Inmortales.


CMLL (TUE) 10/18/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Explosivo & León Blanco vs Espectrúm & Ráfaga
2) Frezzer, Sensei, Starman vs Furia Roja, Grako, Sangre Azteca
3) Oro Jr., Soberano Jr., Stigma vs Nitro, Puma, Tiger
4) Blue Panther, Esfinge, Johnny Idol vs Bobby Z, Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora
5) Dragón Lee, Máximo Sexy, Rush vs Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Último Guerrero

Rush teaming with the brother he betrayed and the tag team part he betrayed. At least they’ve got Bobby Z with the trio he’s trying to join. Grako makes his debut in this building.

11/04 AAA TV Lineup (Aguascalientes)


AAA TV (FRI) 11/04/2016 Gimnasio Hermanos Carreon, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
1) Dinastía, Octagoncito, Venum vs Mini Histeria, Mini Psycho Clown, Mocho Cota Jr.
2) El Apache, Faby Apache, Mary Apache vs Mamba, Súper Fly, Taya
3) Argenis, Niño Hamburguesa, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Parka Negra, Pirata Morgan
4) Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Zorro © vs Averno, Chessman, Ricky Marvin [AAA TRIOS]
5th defense (3rd on TV)
5) Daga & Pentagón Jr. vs Brian Cage & Johnny Mundo
6) La Parka, Psycho Clown, Texano Jr. vs Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Pagano

Air Date: 11/12 & 11/19

This was the missing lineup in the run of shows. The complete taping cycle from Heroes Inmortales to Guerra de Titanes:

10/14 Tlahuelilpan
10/28 Tlalnepantla
11/04 Aguascalientes (right there above)
11/20 Ciudad Juarez

The TV tapings catch up with the Heroes Inmortales angles in the main event; that’s the only time Pagano is scheduled to team with Monster & Murder on TV at the moment.

Pentagon may not be facing Mundo at Juarez, but he is Aguascalientes. That might be the best match of this cycle.

Trios title match should be interesting too, though expect the Apaches to get involved until such time as they don’t. The undercard are just matches to have matches. Taya’s match will be her first on TV since before TripleMania (though she’ll be cornering Mundo on the other shows.) Pirata Sr. does get booked against after Heroes Inmortales, though it doesn’t look like they’re doing a Pirata versus Pirata feud, or really much with either guy. On the spot shows, Hijo del Pirata Morgan has been replacing Taurus, which is a slight move up for him.

The open could be very good. Venum might still be around! Or he could’ve quit and come back like Pirata, who knows.

No Australian Suicide. No Alberto. I feel sadder about one of those. Alberto was under the impression his next show would be an AAA show, but there’s no sign of one. I wonder if he knew/knows he was pulled off the Juarez show?

This run of tapings start tomorrow. The next date we’re looking for is Guerra de Titanes.