Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-09-10

Extreme Tiger cleans house
Extreme Tiger cleans house

Recapped: 10/03/2016

What happened: I finally got back to recapping after a break. Elite taped their first show outside of Arena Mexico, moving to Arena Naucalpan for what would be a two week stint. This is their first TV show without CMLL, which is not acknowledged during the show. The show generally feels like they’re just putting out a card to fill out TV time, and haven’t yet figured out how the show is going to work with most of the Liga Elite guys no longer available. (Even near a month later, it’s unclear if they’re figured it out.) This show is really not notable outside of it being the start of the post-CMLL era; nothing really happens besides Rey Escorpion showing up at the end and Octagon & Fuerza having another singles match. 

What was good: Nothing much. There were good spots, but the action never held up thru a whole match.

Where can I watch it: The YouTube Liga Elite channel. Read More

Alberto, CMLL/ROH, Guadalajara results

CMLL (TUE) 10/04/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Martes de Glamour]
1) Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno b El Divino & Nautilius
Truenos took 1/3.
2) Joker, Metálico, Sangre Azteca b Sensei, Soberano Jr., Star Black
Rudos took 2/3.
3) Misterioso Jr., Okumura, Sagrado b Esfinge, Fuego, Rey Cometa
Rudos took 1/3.
4) Dragón Lee, Máscara Dorada, Mistico b Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
Tecnicos took 2/3. Mistica on Mephisto.
5) Atlantis, Valiente, Volador Jr. b La Máscara, Negro Casas, Shocker
Tecnicos took 2/3, setting up a Valiente/Volador vs Casas/Shocker tag title match next week.

Super Crazy was listed on Monday and Friday’s CMLL shows. He’s now been replaced by Felino on both shows. No idea where he stands. La Jarochita also replaces Estrellita on Saturday..

The Alberto story remains strange. Yesterday, in Record, Leo Riano explained what happened with Alberto to his readers. In this version, Alberto and Paige are leaving the restaurant when a homeless guy attacked him with a knife and stabbed him twice. Alberto was able to stop the attacker even while being stabbed, but Paige got hit in the fight (though not stabbed), Alberto checked on her, and the attacker got away. Alberto & Paige were at the police office and got medical attention until 11 pm, and Alberto couldn’t make his 6pm flight to Monterrey.

There’s two differences which jump out from the MLW version. For one, Paige was not mentioned on that version. There is an explanation there – on his podcast, Dave Meltzer mentioned he was originally told Paige was there, and Court Bauer excluded from his story for whatever reason. (Maybe simply privacy, same reason other details could be left out.) The other difference is MLW’s version had Alberto’s car being hit by another car with the driver attacking Alberto, and this version has Alberto walking to his car and attacked by a homeless person. That one is hard to reconcile.

(The 6pm flight is weird too. AAA seems to allow expensive foreigners to fly in on the day of the show – it’s messed them up with Jeff Jarrett a couple of times – but that would mean Alberto would’ve been arriving during the show. And it’d suggest AAA either knew he didn’t get on the plane or gave up on him showing up really quickly after his flight came in, since they switched the matches around fairly quick. I think the flight time is most likely wrong.)

Meltzer notes that the San Antonio police seemed to not know anything about the story. Ryan Satin mentioned he was told there were no stabbing reports this weekend. PWInsider was told there was one stabbing that weekend but it wasn’t Alberto (though it’s always possible it could’ve not been in San Antonio itself.) Local San Antonio news says they asked police and were told they couldn’t find anything without an address. They asked Alberto and his agent for more info, and did not hear back. (I could understand wanting to keep it private, but they invited more speculation by going to their friends in the media to get their story out.)

SuperLuchas had a story about the five different versions of this story, and that’s before the Record story.

Alberto is scheduled to wrestle today in the UK. The Wrestling Observer also writes about Lucha Ilimitado’s own issues with working with Alberto for their 10/12 show in Yakima. Alberto had them change his flight three times, pulled out of the show just an hour after they changed it for a third time (Jeff Hardy replaces him against Rey Mysterio), offered to pay for the publicity materials as a make good, then never paid. There were promotion who had similiar problems with Alberto during his previous trip into the indies too, though obviously not everyone had a bad experience. Alberto seemed to have no problem working The Crash, even over AAA’s objections.

The WON mentions the original plan for the Rey Fenix/Mascara Dorada match was for Dorada to lose, but he refused. (It may have been his own decision, but WWE historically has pressured incoming wrestlers not to lose singles before they come in – that might have been the issue with the Cavernario match too.) When Dorada said no, Fenix also decided he wouldn’t lose, and that’s how they ended up with the double countout.

Dragon Lee noted on Informa that no one knew who he was when he came to ROH, but they were huge fans the next day. It was embarrassing how ROH decided to not to introduce Dragon Lee or promote his match with Kamaitachi at all. Maybe Dragon Lee opened more eyes than just the fans; ROH was asking people who else from CMLL they wanted to see yesterday, and said they were close to finalizing CMLL person for their 12/02 Final Battle show. Barbaro Cavernario, who was probably unaware of this conversation, said he was close to going to ROH. He would make sense as the pick.

(Dragon Lee is owed a TV title match, so it might be him too – but that also seems like a match that might play better on their WrestleMania weekend show. The WON review of the Lee/Fish match said it was not any good.)

IWRG is updating their Youtube channel for the first time in two years. They’re posting matches from when I was there, which is a while ago. It’d be great if they kept it up, since they’re going to get better looking footage than I can capture off of AYM’s low quality transmission.

Extreme Tiger vs Rey Fenix vs Fly Warrior was announced for 10/22 CaraLucha. He may be Rey Fenix, but everyone is using his Lucha Underground championship photo for posters.

Lucha Memes has a 10/23 show in Coacalco (Chairo Bill Vol 2)
1: Titan (or probably a replacement) vs Sammy Guevara
2: Impulso vs Mike Segura
3: Alberto Dos Rios vs Negro Navarro
4: Dragon Lee vs Ronnie Mendoza

Two things about names. One, CMLL trademarked Los Ingobernables and Dragon Lee on 09/02, the same day as the anniversary. That doesn’t mean a lot for making CMLL money, since they don’t do a lot of marketing, but it means someone can’t take those names elsewhere. Dragon Lee’s said he was invited to the CWC this past year; if he is again next year, he’d need a new name (like Dorada/Metalik.) It’d also make it impossible for Rey Escorpion to still be a Ingobernable in Elite (though he’s not trying to do that.) CMLL had long ago trademarked La Mascara.

Two, back in Mexico, we (or more Rob) actually asked Jinzo/Ronnie Mendoza/Raul Mendoza if being called three different names seemed like a big problem for him. He didn’t seem concerned, pointing out Lightning Kid/1-2-3 Kid/Syxx/X-Pac was known by different names and it worked out OK for him.

CultIcon reviews last night’s Lucha Underground

LuchaWorld has the latest edition of podcast and the news update.

AAA posted photos from the annual mass to remember Antonio Pena.

Hechicero says his goal is to headline an Anniversary show or a Dos Leyendas.

Ephesto wants the singles match with Johnny Idol!

Dragon Rojo writes about training the police.


Drago was added to 11/12 JAPW show in New Jersey. Aerostar was previously announced for that show, and both and Taya are on a show this Saturday in Minneapolis. Of the Lucha Underground group, we’ve seen Fenix & Drago work a lot of indies (and the most high profile ones), Drago & Aerostar get brought in a lot but more recently for smaller groups, and no one else from AAA really break out as of yet, at least thru AAA booking them. Taya, Angelico, Jack (& Rey Fenix now) seem to be booking themselves out and doing well, while guys like Texano, Mil Muertes/Mesias and Cuerno/Fantasma haven’t really gotten the benefit yet.

Thunder Rosa (Kobra Moon) and fellow California luchadora Holidead will participate in Stardom’s Goddess of Stardom tag league. The tournament runs from 10/23 to 11/11.