CMLL on 2016-09-30

everyone into the crowd
everyone into the crowd

Recapped: 09/30/2016

What happened: Cavernario won the Reyes del Aire by DQ, when he tricked Volador into fouling Tirantes. This sets up a title match between them next week.

What was good: The main event for sure. The third and fifth matches on the undercard were good, though the crowd didn’t seem to be into much but the main event.

Where can I watch it: I should have it up Tuesday

Match 1: Shockercito & Último Dragóncito vs Demus 3:16 & Astral
Arena México, 09/30/2016

  1. rudos
    • Demus reverse powerslam Shockercito (4:38)
    • Astral kneeling tirabuzon Ultimo Dragoncito (4:41)
  2. técnicos
    • Shocerkcito flipping armbar Demus (2:54)
    • Ultimo Dragoncito huracanrana Astral (3:24)
  3. tecnicos 
    • Ultimo Dragoncito German suplex Astral (3:06)
    • Demus running cannon ball (3:30)
    • Shockercito reinera Demus (3:53)

Winner: tecnicos (1/3)
Match Time: 11:58
Notes: Astral replaced Pierrothito. He played rudo the entire match.

Review: [ok] generic opening match, professionally done but not so interesting. Astral was technically fine on the rudo side but showed no extra personality in the unusual role. The best thing he did was flip into Ultimo Dragon’s German suplex, because that was a different spot than usual. All the other spots were very usual.

double spin headscissors
double spin headscissors

Match 2: Lluvia, Sanely, Silueta vs Dalys, Reyna Isis, Tiffany
Arena México, 09/30/2016

  1. tecnicas
    • Lluvia corner dropkick Dalys (6:49)
  2. rudas
    • Reina Isis standing hammerlock Sanely (4:01)
    • Dalys/Tiffany two woman bulldog Silueta (4:20)
  3. tecnicas
    • Sanely face first suplex Reyna Isis (4:07)
    • Silueta Anibalina Tiffany (5:17)

Winner: tecnicas (1/3)
Match Time: 16:26

Review: [ok] I was distracted by Dragon Lee & Kamaitachi finishing up during the first half of this, which might have been for the best. There were OK moments, but also a lot of spots that didn’t look sharp at all – the match itself wasn’t smooth. Reyna Isis had a less than average match and she and Sanely were the opposite of magic on their finish. Dalys looked the best in the match, and they needed more than her to make this work.

two woman bulldog
two woman bulldog

Match 3: Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Titán vs Bobby Z, Hechicero, Vangellys
Arena México, 09/30/2016

  1. técnicos
    • Titan el Inmortal Hechicero (5:31)
  2. rudos
    • Vangellys northern lights suplex Rey Cometa (5:16)
    • Bobby Z powerbomb Titan (6:04)
  3. rudos
    • Hechicero jumping knee strike Guerrero Maya Jr. (5:36)

Winner: rudos (2/3)
Match Time: 17:11

Review: [good] A little bit too predictable at times, but this group’s normal match is much better than the previous couple normal matches. Hechicero & Guerrero Maya didn’t get to mix it up as much as I’d hope when they were announced as captains, and were not on the same page when they first met in the third fall, but they’re so good that they could fix everything that was going wrong as it was happening. (Maya did his springboard armdrag almost by himself, it was cool.) This had a fast pace, especially near the finish, and never really many problem. Good TV match.

Maya near makes the first row
Titan ambush headscissors

Match 4: Johnny Idol, Marco Corleone, Máximo Sexy vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Niebla Roja
Arena México, 09/30/2016

  1. rudos
    • DQ Marco Corleone [Niebla Roja unmask] (6:34)
  2. técnicos
    • Johnny Idol springboard moonsault Niebla Roja (2:32)
    • Marco Corleone seated chinlock Ephesto (2:33)
  3. técnicos
    • Marco Corleone Air Corleone on Mephisto (3:10)

Winner: técnicos (2/3)
Match Time: 12:17
Notes: The first fall unmasking appeared to be unplanned, but was also impossible to ignore. The Ephesto/Idol feud seems to be dropped.

Review: [ok] Never really came together as being something special, though it was over and they had a couple of good ideas (they hid the setup for the Air Corleone really well.) The first fall DQ threw off the flow of the match, and this is an act more about making the big exciting comeback than a run of big moves. Rudos sold big for the técnicos the whole way.

Idol tope con giro
Idol tope con giro

Match 5: Carístico, Mistico, Valiente vs Euforia, La Máscara, Último Guerrero
Arena México, 09/30/2016

  1. rudos
    • Ultimo Guerrero pulpo Guerrero Mistico (5:16)
  2. tecnicos
    • La Mistica on Utimo Guerrero (1:47)
  3. rudos
    • Euforia tope plancha Valiente (4:56)
    • La Mascara modified cavernario Carisitco (4:56)

Winner: rudos (2/3)
Match Time: 11:59

Review: [good] this one felt a little bit generic, a little bit lifeless as they went thru the numbers. When it did get exciting, like the triple dive at the end, it didn’t stay that hot for long. The moves of the match seemed executed well, it was just missing something (and it’s odd to see Mascara in a regular Friday night match after months of angles.) The heavy casual amount of fans at this week’s show stood out here – they were booing Mistico to a volume he hadn’t been booed in months.

move! get out of the way!
he does this easily now
dives everywhere
dives everywhere

Match 6: Volador Jr. vs Cavernario in a CMLL’s Reyes del Aire Tournament match
Arena México, 09/30/2016

  1. Volador backcracker (1:42)
  2. Cavernario springboard middle rope splash (0:29)
  3. DQ Volador Jr. (18:09)

Winner: Cavernario (2/3)
Match Time: 20:20
Notes: seconds are Máximo and Mephisto. Cavernario tried attacking Volador early. That didn’t work. Cavernario grabbed Volador’s leg and pulled it up to foul Tirantes. Volador immediately got a cavernaria on Volador, Cavernario gave up, Tirantes broke it up, and gave the win to Cavernario by DQ. Volador immediately blew off the result as unimportant and demanded a hair match. Cavernario said no, and made it a title match for next week instead, with the hair following after if he wins. Volador agreed.

Review: [great] A match that kept getting bigger and greater through the finish, to the point where it felt like there was no moves left to finish either ugly – and that made sense, because the finish was no kind of finish at all. The lucha version of a Dusty Finish came off lame, anticlimatic, and heavily nullified any benefit Cavernario got out of beating a top guy like Volador. Not all matches need to end cleanly, but this wasn’t the moment or match for something where the referee is the center of attention at the end of the match. It’s too bad, because all the big stuff, especially in the last 7-8 minutes, came off as huge and the crowd was so hot for the finish. Volador looked super the whole way, and both men took lots of punishment. Cavernario seemed off at points during the match, most notable his struggles climbing the ropes for his big dive; maybe the pressure got to him, but it hasn’t seem to bother him in the past. He finished much better, but I think they have a smoother match in them. I’m not sure if they have any highspots they haven’t done, though. They’ll probably want to do something different next week, but Volador doesn’t do different that often.

Volador tope con giro
sunset flip bomb of death

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