09/16 AAA TV Results (Playa del Carmen) – Hard Rock Hotel


AAA TV (FRI) 09/16/2016 Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
1) Argenis, Dinastía, Faby Apache b Dave The Clown, Lady Shani, Mini Histeria
Hijo del Pirata Morgan was pulled from the show (on or before 09/12) after leaving AAA. Dave the Clown replaced him.
2) Aerostar & El Elegido b El Apache & Súper Fly
Taurus was pulled from the show (on or before 09/12) after leaving AAA. A mystery replacement was listed, but they ended up just pulling Suicide from the match to make it 2v2. Super Fly beat Aerostar via powerbomb, and said he’d win the tag titles at Heroes Inmortales.
3) Hijo del Fantasma © b Daga, Australian Suicide [AAA CRUISER]
Fantasma fifth defense. Australian Suicide added himself to the match. Fantasma pinned Daga to win. He and Daga fought after the match.
4) Brian Cage, El Mesías, Johnny Mundo b Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Misterio Jr., Texano Jr.
Dr. Wagner betrayed his team for the loss. Team Trump beat up the tecnicos after the match until Garza Jr. made the save, also kissing Taya to Mundo’s annoyance.

Air Date: 10/01 and maybe 10/08.

These Hard Rock shows started as specifically having no angles at all, and now they have all the angles. It’s the only show between major events, there’s not much you can do.

Everything builds up the already announced matches for Heroes Inmortales; Wagner’s now a rudo, Garza/Mundo is a thing that is happening, Daga/Suicide are feuding, they even built up the tag title match a token amount. Nothing surprising.

AAA struggles at doing singles matches for the Cruiserweight title; even when they tried to do so here, life got in the way.

Next taping is 10/02 in Heroes Inmortales. This taping is the only taping of the month, something which typically only happens in January or December.