lucha TV preview for weekend of September 3rd


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If you don’t know the deal with CMLL Friday by now: no live video, VOD on YouTube at 8am central the next day, we have no idea what it’ll cost.

Elite is still listed on the Azteca schedule despite not taping anything (and not answer questions.) Really, if they keep the time slot, it’s a pretty good sign for their future, but they can’t expect to keep it forever if they don’t get new episodes taped.

Lucha Underground returns this week. They’re airing last season’s Ultima Lucha leading up to the new episode. Like last year, it appears El Rey will only repeat the show once, directly after it airs. You’ll need to check your on-demand service or iTunes if you want to see it after that point.

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  1. You know Mas Lucha TV used to post highlights of ELITE shows before they got TV and it was all pro shot. It’s a long shot but if they want to air stuff with star power they could always dig up that stuff and just add commentary. The only thing missing would be the logo on the mat but even that disappeared 2 or 3 weeks ago.

    They could even just air undercard matches in full that only got highlights the first go around although that seems like an even bigger longshot as I don’t think a Principe Diamante match is hooking anyone to keep watching.

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