CMLL on 2016-08-26

Ultimo Guerrero STRONG
Ultimo Guerrero STRONG

Recapped: 08/26/2016

What happened: La Mascara & Super Crazy left Dragon Lee & Rey Bucanero humiliated.

What was good: You should go out of your way to see Soberano vs Hechicero. Nothing else was really that great.

Where can I watch it: In theory, the main event is on Claro’s website, but they messed up and only put up the post match replays (again). I’ll have the show up no later than Tuesday. Read More

AAA on Televisa: 2016-08-13 

when in doubt, just put the GIF where Aerostar goes into the fourth row at the top
when in doubt, just put the GIF where Aerostar goes into the second row at the top

Recapped: 08/13/2016

What happened: Averno knocked out Mary Apache, Faby Apache broke a bottle over Averno’s head. El Apache made himself referee for that match. Pagano and Psycho Clown talked a lot.

(Looking back it, it’s amazing how much time AAA spent on the Apaches vs Chessman/Averno for it to open TripleMania.)

What was good: The main event was really good. The other matches were backdrops to the Averno & Chessman versus Apaches feud, which I’m starting to get concerned will just be lots of gimmickery.

Where can I watch it: It’s on AAA’s channel and my channel. As with most Toluca tapings, Entre Segunda & Tercera has handheld highlights as well.

Previously: Cage beat Wagner. Angelico & Jack won the tag titles back. Averno accepted the Apaches match. There was also a tag match. Read More

CMLL preview, AAA pilgrimage, IWRG 09/04 card


CMLL hasn’t sent out a preview of today’s show, which is just about right. They were busy with the photo exhibit openings around the country, and tonight’s Arena Mexico show is a bit of an afterthought after that and with the anniversary show next week. The main event is a special match on paper, with Caristico & Mistico teaming together with Dragon Lee against La Mascara, Negro Casas and Ultimo Guerrero, but it’s more likely to be a 9 minute sprint with mask pulling and fouls to build up next week. (Plus, Caristico didn’t look 100% in Japan, and Negro Casas isn’t a sure bet.)

The fourth match is also just there to be a setup for next week, with Super Crazy, Sharlie Rockstar, Golden Magic taking on Rey Bucanero, Gran Guerrero and Euforia. Outside the feud, Golden Magic has better rudos to face than he’s gotten previously, but the interesting thing to watch is how Elite is mentioned. This feud has been pushed as CMLL vs Elite for the last few weeks, so Elite should still be mentioned unless something’s going on. (Elite’s Twitter turned up Thursday just to say there’s no show this week, as if this was news when the week was mostly gone, but reassured their TV would still air this week.)

For what it’s worth, Teddy Hart is apparently out of Elite (at their choice), and was telling people he was going to get into one of the other Mexican promotions. He lasted three matches, two more than anyone would’ve figured.

The other matches are just matches. There’s some worthwhile stuff in them. Los Ingobernables? (Pierroth, Rey Escorpion & Rush) take on Maximo, Shocker and Terrible in a weird match. Soberano Jr. and Hechicero meet in the lightning match, their first match since En Busca de un Idolo. Fujin, Okumura, and Raijin continue their quiet war against the Panthers, with Fuego taking the place of Blue Sr. The opener is Sensei & Starman versus Disturbio & Sangre Azteca, so at least Disturbio will wear something weird.

CultIcon has a preview of the show.

The show airs today at 8:30pm CT. It will return to ClaroSports and will also air on NJPW World for IPs showing up as in Japan. There are reasons, but it’s strange to realize that both CMLL and AAA are much more actively marketing in Japanese than in English. AAA has a Japanese Twitter account that will post results and NJPW covers CMLL shows. At this point, NJPW is not covering the Anniversary show with video; no CMLL shows are listed on their NJPW World schedule for September as of yet. SamuraiTV might have an exclusive on it. They’re airing the last few Anniversary shows before showing this year’s one in a couple of weeks.

It’s good for CMLL to be back on ClaroSports – they make money off that deal – but I so much love YouTube better. It’s easier to get it on my TV and it’s possible to go back and watch later. It’s not especially clear if Friday shows are supposed to be available after the fact (last Fridays was pulled down, the week before is still up there), but it’s a much better experience.

I think I may not be around for this one? I have like three sets of plans and didn’t get back to people in a timely matter, so I have no idea. I am poor at time management this week (which is why the AAA & Elite recaps aren’t up.)

CMLL changed Sunday’s poster, but none of the tickets. It’s just the prices, with the closest seats going up 20-30 pesos. (Here’s the original. Here’s the new.) It also looks like they’re opening up more areas, so I guess they expect the trios title match and Niebla/Maximo to draw.

AAA’s annual pilimigrance was yesterday. I’m told Fenix was there, though I could not find a photo of him. That would suggest he’s good to go for TripleMania. I did find a photo of the mysterious Chiva and someone I can’t even recognize.

During the day, Lady Shani posted a photo with Taya accompanied by a nice note about how much Taya’s helped her, with Shani it’ll be tough when Taya’s gone. Taya’s repeatedly said she’s not actually leaving AAA, just commuting from Los Angeles rather than Mexico City, but R de Rudo isn’t buying it. I tend to believe Taya, but have doubts AAA is going to use people as much when they have to fly someone in. Cage is used on some of the tapings, not all of them, a guy like Mundo is used even less, and both are treated as bigger deals in AAA than Taya. (Which is more AAA dropping the ball on Taya than Taya’s fault at this point.)

El Economista has an article on an AAA business development, as they often do. This one is about the deal with Panini for the sticker albums. Panini says they were looking to expand their line of albums, and have been surprised about how many of their distributors around the world were interested in an AAA line. For now, the 200 sticker album is only available in Mexico, but they’re working on other countries. The album will be sold until December, they’re hoping to make an annual thing, they don’t have a specific date for the next edition, but they plan to do it strategically. Maybe bet on an annual TripleMania schedule. I wonder if they can be released in US – if there’s some Lucha Underground deal that might preclude it.

Lucha Memes Chairo 5 on 09/25 in Arena Naucalpan.
1: Volador Jr. vs Rey Horuz
2: a Lucha Memes vs IWRG Torneo FILL (8v8 cibernetico).
IWRG: Black Dragon, Kanon, Atomic Star
Lucha Memes: Astrolux, Garrobo Punk, Baby Star Jr.
Black Terry says he’ll announce someone who hasn’t ever been in one of these before tomorrow.

Segunda Caida has a quick review of the Black Terry vs Judas el Traidor super libre match.

CultIcon writes about Antonio Pena.

Texano agrees with me that Dr. Wagner Jr. is not to be trusted.

Justiciero is back at home after two weeks in the hospital. He had surgery on August 11th for fluid on his lungs and has been recovering since; they’re still trying to figure out the cause.

Skayde won the GALLI championship in Mexico City on Saturday.

The Gladiatores has interviews of Chicano and Pantera I, who wanted a mask match with Imposible on the already announced 09/04 show.

There’s may be a CMLL tie up with a Mexico City 10K run in October (or they’re just doing a homage.)

Mil Mascaras faces Nosawa on 11/28 in Korakuen Hall. This was a change after Terry Funk said he was unable to be involved.


Cara Lucha (SAT) 09/03/2016 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
1) Fiero, La Jarochita, Tiago vs Fly Star, Keira, Toxin
2) Pardus vs Maldad
3) Toro Negro Jr. vs Danger
4) Guerrero Mixtico vs Black Terry vs Heddi Karaoui
5) Herodes Jr. & Mocho Cota Jr. vs Trauma I & Trauma II
6) Hechicero & Máscara Dorada vs Ángel Blanco Jr. & Flamita

Mascara Dorada & Flamita has been previously announced for that show. Angel Blanco Jr. is in from the Santo shows; CaraLucha reps were at the Crash, so there may be some tieup there. A bit surprising to get Herodes & Mocha Cota on the same show as CMLL guys, but maybe they’re not counted as AAA guys to someone. Toro Negro/Danger was set up on the last show.

Cara Lucha’s schedule has been a bit ragged of late. If they continue running every two weeks, the next show would be on the 17th, the day after CMLL’s mystery show.

IWRG (SUN) 09/04/2016 Arena Naucalpan
1) Alas de Acero, Aramis, Diosa Atenea, Dragón Fly vs Araña de Plata, Demonio Infernal, Lilith Dark, Skanda
2) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Pantera I vs Diablo Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Violencia Jr.
3) Leo, Mike, Rafy, Teelo vs Hanaoka, Hip Hop Man, Killer Jr., Yakuza
4) Heddi Karaoui © vs Imposible [IWRG IC MIDDLE]
second defense, first since August
5) Hijo De Dos Caras & Trauma II vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Toscano and Herodes Jr. & Mr. Electro and Chicano & Veneno [IWRG IC TAG, #1 Contenders]
6) Canis Lupus vs Trauma I [mask]
Canis Lupus’ second will be Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Mr. Electro will be Trauma I’s second.

We knew about the mask already. The tag four way has four teams who are not regular teams, so good on that. Imposible does indeed get his middleweight shot. If he wins, they should’ve waited for him to vacate the title until he won (or at least he got the match.) If he loses, everything is dumb. Should be a fine time. This is a very loaded card for a show with pretty much only IWRG regulars.